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What Is Love?

by baynurse (writer), Novato, California, July 10, 2009

What is really inside this 4 letter word?

I asked my mother, What is love?  She said, A mother is love.

I said, what if you die? does love die too?

I asked my friend, What is love? She said it is when we feel each other even when we are far apart.  I said, but you live far away, you are busy all the time with your job, your family your other interests...  She said, yea, but sometimes love is like that.

I asked God, what is love?  He said, I AM LOVE.  I asked, so how do I know your love?

He said, I gave you my Sun.   She is a powerful, bright, constant source of warmth and light.   She was the first of my imaginings and has been here since the beggining of time, giving light endlessly and consistently, without anything in return for herself.  She is the source for all loving things, froms seeds to weeds, from flowers to food, she shines on everyone and everything, without fail, even on cloudy days and during storms she is behind them waiting for them to pass so that she may continue shining.

She shines on the planets that revolve around her in perfect order, she shines on the moon at night, illuminating the darkness till the daytime comes. She shines on the rivers and oceans.

She is loved and worshipped by some and cursed and taken for granted by others, yet she continues to shine on them all.  That, my dear, is Love.

Ah, I see, you gave us your sun as a symbol of your love and how we are to love each other.

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