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On The Air With Radio Talk Show Diva Kim Smith


Interview with Kim Smith, talk show hostess for the ever popular radio show, Introducing WRITERS Radio Show.

Talk show diva Kim Smith wears many hats.  Not only is she the hostess of the high demand radio talk show for authors, Introducing WRITERS! Radio Show, but she is also the author of the zany Shannon Wallace mystery series and the new romance novel, A Will to Love, all available from Red Rose Publishing.

How does she do it all?  We’re about to find out!

We interviewed Kim to find out more about her wonderful career as talk show hostess, author, and all around diva who loves to help authors promote their books.

Thank you for this interview, Kim.  First of all, how do you do it all?  You give up your time night after night to interview authors, you write, you blog, what haven’t you done? 

Kim: hmm… I haven’t done sky-diving yet! Seriously, I really do not know HOW I manage all I do. I guess when you want to do something you just do it. You make time for it. Or you stop doing so much. I am not ready to stop anything yet, but I am ready for a vacation!

Tell us how you got started with Blog Talk Radio and how do you make it all seem so effortless?  What’s in that diva go-go juice?

Kim: When I was first published with Red Rose (Avenging Angel, A Shannon Wallace Mystery, Dec. 2008) I wanted to help out my fellow authors with a promotional means. I found BTR and decided this was something that I wanted to try. The Blog Talk people make being a host really simple and easy, and I enjoy it a lot. LOL, the diva go-go juice is mostly just determination to make a name for myself in some way.

How many authors have you interviewed since you started and do you have any memorable moments you’d like to share?

Kim: I have hosted 78 authors, had many, many book blurb shows, drawn over 5700 profile views, gained 42 friends, received 4400 listens, and all this since last December. It would be hard to pinpoint any memorable moments, but I will tell you, I love authors. I call myself a writer groupie and I really am.  I feel so honored to have authors like Jodi Thomas, CW Gortner, Karen White, Charlotte Hughes, Wendy Wax, and others on my show. I get really nervous before shows with bestselling authors probably because I respect them so much, and because I would just die to be in their shoes. But they are so neat! Jodi Thomas is just a down to earth Texas gal, and Charlotte Hughes has deadlines that she stresses over just like any author. I love them all!

What’s a good tip to give to authors who are planning on being interviewed over the radio?

Kim:  First of all, help out your host or hostess by providing them with whatever they need to be best prepared for your segment. Many of my authors get their book to me in advance so I can read it and have a feel for their style of writing, characters, setting, or non-fiction platform. It’s so nice to be so well prepared that way. Also, don’t be shy about emailing me (or whomever) to make sure you have all the necessary info prior to the show. And above all, DO NOT BE SCARED!!! Radio shows are so easy and low-stress. And GREAT ways to promote!

You have a book that was just released.  Would you like to tell us about it?

Kim: Of course! It’s called  A Will to Love and it is a contemporary romance novelette. It’s meant to be a sort of long short story, and readers can get it all in and done in one sitting. I have had several really wonderful reviews and I am pretty hopeful it will make it to the publisher’s bestseller list so that I can get it out in print. So you guys, GO BUY!!!

I guess the biggest question of all – how do you combine writing and radio interviews and still have a life?

Kim: Well, I also work forty plus hours a week at a full time job, and own and operate my own photography/videography business, so I really do not have much life. I hardly ever go out anymore unless it is with my hubby who is my business partner. I miss enjoying social outings a lot, and so when one of my writing friends has time to meet for a cup of coffee and a chat about writing, or whatever, I am too thrilled.  Again though, I have to say that if you want to do something or more than one something, you will find time for it. Something may go lacking *Glory do not ask to see my house!* but you will do what needs doing.

This has been a wonderful interview.  Thank you, Kim!  Would you like to tell us what your future plans are and how people can find you on the web?

Kim: Certainly. I will have a short story coming out in September called Love Waltzes In, as a member of the Forever Young Anthology, and in December I will have the next Shannon Wallace Mystery entitled Buried Angel out in ebook. Both will be at Red Rose Publishing. Readers and fans can find me at or at my writing blog at and I hope they will friend me at Facebook and Twitter, and Myspace as well. Also, be sure to check out the radio show at where the segments are always call in shows and available as podcasts at Itunes. And if you want to download any of my work, go to or or and get one. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them for you!

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