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Speaking In Music

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, July 01, 2009


Locked in a suspended sensation on every song

No Sheet music needed at Catalina's Bar and Grill in Hollywood for the Monday night gig that was raging with complexity arousing attentive ears, eyes, bodies, souls, and hearts on June 29th.

Tim Garland and his Lighthouse Trio gave a performance that will not be erased from anyone's senses that experienced it.

The Trio's home base is the United Kingdom. They have been touring in the U.S.A. at various venues from East to West Coast for the last several weeks.

Asaf Sirkis - Percussion including Drums, Hanging Drum, Udu,  and Shakers

Gwilym Simcock - Piano

Tim Garland - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Bass Clarinet

The set began with an original piece, "Old Man Winter".  An interesting and beautiful instrument - "Udu" was played by Asaf Sirkis. The Udu has a refreshing and cool sound almost comparable to wind chimes or the Orcarina combined, releasing a impassioned and exquisite sound.

This beautiful piece was followed by a tantalizing gem "Hang loose" that featured a "Hanging Drum". Asaf Sirkis passionately presented us with an array of extremely soulful rhythms. The interaction between Gwilym on Piano and Asaf was both magical and captivating. The "Hanging Drum" has a sound unlike any other drum piece...It can give the tingling vibes, dissonance, a certain subtlety and vigor that is enticing.

The effect of the hanging drum with piano accents was select in delivery and adding Tim's reflective mode on Bass Clarinet was an encounter of sheer pleasure repeated over and over.

As Tim continued persuading the spellbound audience with Bass Clarinet and Soprano Sax, he shared an uninhibited union with Asaf and Gwilym. It was wonderful to watch trio members. They allowed each other to burst forth with their own uniqueness while intermingling.

The trio was an impenetrable force on "Frontier" a piece that the trio performed originally with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

"Break in Weather" another original piece that offered a splendid forecast and mysterious feel with a locked-in groove. I would say the climate was unblemished and uncontrived for the comfort of all listeners.

I especially took joy in the manner the musicians played off each other and shared a truly spontaneous bond. The smiles that broke out from Tim when Asaf or Gwilym took solos or accompanied him on his was winning.

Tim shared the majesty and versatility of the Tenor Sax on several pieces of music.

Likewise, Asaf and Gwilyn emerged with on that same page with one another and Tim.  A conduit that was admiringly effective and tight. Gwilym playing in an absolutely amazing fashion totally engulfed in a continous sea of gorgeous progressions and statements of his own making. He often played half seated, leaning over the piano as if speaking words of love through his finger tips to the keys.

The trio obtained well deserved applause, ahs, yeahs, and shouts of delight throughout the night. The revered style in which the trio individually and collectively approaches each tune denotes perceptive allegiance to the art form of Jazz.

Tim Garland and The Lighthouse Trio concluded the evening with a Kenny Wheeler piece that began introducing a bit of tango "Sly Eyes".  This song evokes even more elation for us to remember all the way home.

If you are looking for an enchanting experience in music listening, I highly recommend this trio. Check out the trio at Pick up the latest CD.

If the opportunity presents itself for you to see this group, please do not hesitate to do so either in the U.S or Overseas!

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