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Briiliant Artist Who Loved Children, Or Crazy Pedophile?

by baynurse (writer), Novato, California, June 26, 2009

what was Michael Jackson's motivation for having children around him. was it pure love for children and giving them joy, or was it a ruse to get them to share his bed? Will we ever know?

I have many times thought of Michael Jackson as a brilliant and gifted artist.  Since his childhood he was a superstar and gifted talent.  As brilliant as he was, he had so many accusations and cruel jokes aimed at him.  Was he crazy, eccentric, perverted, confused, comical, abused and traumatized into insanity.  How many of us, have every think in our lives scrutinized to the point of having our garbage looked at. How many of us have been so rich and so famous that a simple day outside your door was impossible or stolen from you. what freedom did he have to live a life of what we call normal and plain.  We the people rob celebrities of this freedom to just be, just live, just exist in a world as a human being with thoughts, wants, and needs and desires, and curiousity, and freedom to live in the ability to make choices for ourselves.  Did Michael write those amazing songs full of good intentions and powerful words to be a millionaire and be living his life hiding from fans and foes constantly being attacked for his outwardly outrageous ideas.  Movie stars have surgery to lose hundreds of pounds and look and feel better for themselves and their fans, but God forbid a nose job!  Billionaires build casinos and restaurants, but God forbid one builds a childs fantasyland, yet he be called a pedophile.  Celebrities adopt children all over the world, yet try to be a single man with a desire to have a child of his own, yet he be called bizarre and egotistical.  Anyone different or affluent has been subjected to scrutiny for being such.  How many of us would be sane enough to survive such wicked words and accusations and intrusions into our lives, our quirks, our secret hopes and desires. Let he who is without a single wicked thought or desire, that if known by anyone would die of embarrassment, throw the first stone, on top of this man's grave.

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By cristogianni on June 26, 2009 at 02:07 pm

So true: Judge not lest ye be judged. Personally, what I like best about Michael Jackson: Off the Wall, and Thriller. I don't know what's true about this man's private life, and honestly I don't really care. If it ends up that he did actually molest some children, I'm sure it will eventually come out.


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