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The Real Talk Behind Foodstamps

by Lakwyia (writer), rock hill, sc, June 25, 2009


Are people twisting the word "abuse" when it comes to others using Foodstamps?

Okay, now I have heard it all when it comes to foodstamps and how people abuse the system to get them. But for this young lady in another state who thinks abusing foodstamps means you cannot go to the store to buy quality foods, well I do not think that is what abuse means. This so called person, (well we will call her Nancy for now) goes into a store one morning on her way to work to get her something for lunch. A young man in front of her had four or five steaks worth at least $75. The cashier asked whether he had debit or credit and the young man stated he had EBT which is a card used for buying food. Nancy says the man couldn't remember his PIN number so he had to go out to the car to get it. She felt the man was in no hurry and obviously assumed he did not have a job so she had to put her items down and leave. Nancy also stated that she has worked on her job for 30 years and hasn't bought steak in quite a long time. She feels that she has to work to not be able to buy steak and thinks the government should monitor what gets bought with the foodstamps. Well first things first. Foodstamps is used to purchase ANY food(excluding hot foods) or drinkable(excluding alcoholic beverages) items. That is a very clear statement. On the other hand, just because people have foodstamps, doesn't mean they do not have a job. There are many who have jobs and still get them to give themselves some type of boost. Times are hard and people do have to eat no matter what it is or what they use to spend for their food at the store. That is not abuse. When a person abuses foodstamps means that they are using them under fraudulent intensions other than what or who it is intended for. So if clients wants to go to the store and buy quality foods, then that is their personal business. Not anyone should judge others on what is done with the foodstamps other than what is allowed. Now that is the real misuse of foodstamps for all do not understand and let the government deal with the rest.

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3 comments on The Real Talk Behind Foodstamps

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By Teresa Montez on June 25, 2009 at 05:09 pm

Great article Lakwiya, in our society, low income people are always popular targets of derision. No one looks at corporations such as American Express, Time Warner and wags their finger at the corporate welfare they receive and asks them how they spend it.  Thank you for telling people to keep their nose out of other people's shopping carts! 

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By Ken Pope on June 25, 2009 at 09:57 pm

I am against all forms of welfare.  It is not right to involuntarily take earners' money and give the money to those who did not earn it.  This socialism is theft.

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By Teresa Montez on June 26, 2009 at 02:19 am

If you  live anywhere in the U.S. have street lights, have your garbage picked up, get tax credits, etc then you get welfare. Think low income people don't pay taxes? you are wrong, many low income people are working poor they pay taxes on their earned income and sales tax. If you don't think earner's money should go to those who did not earn it then why is my money from my earnings going to subsidize AIG, & American Express, among others?  They did not earn the money in fact they lost money and we are rewarding their failure. Think anyone looks in their shopping cart and then shakes their head, makes snide remarks and gives them dirty looks? 

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