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Bloomberg Is Not A Kinder And More Accountable Giulliani

by Teresa Montez (writer), , June 24, 2009

Despite popular beliefs, Bloomberg is just as tyrannical as former mayor Giulliani

Bloomberg is not a kinder and more accountable Giuliani!!!

Mayor Bloomberg recently called a reporter a disgrace for asking him a question about his justification for running for a third term. The question was a legitimate one; Bloomberg was claiming that the economy was rebounding. The reporter asked whether this undermined his theory that under these tough economic times, Bloomberg was the only one who could pull us through with his business savvy. He deflected the question ,looking mildly annoyed, and then when he didn't think anyone was looking he got his revenge. He looked dead at the reporter and snarled through closed teeth "your a disgrace" Huh? Wasn't this the man who we thought was moderate? Well you know compared to you know who. The thing is he is not a kindler, gentler Giulianni. This was the real person. He had his guard down. Condescendingly enough, he had a representative apologize.

Bloomberg consistently refuses to answer reporter’s questions about the campaign for a third term that he is imposing on New Yorker’s. Although we voted on term limits and he undid our vote, he now refuses to answer questions about it. He has already spent $18 million in advertising the campaign in 2009. I suppose the only message we should here about his campaign is one that has been properly spun and one that we cannot respond to.

When asked by a reporter if he would consider capping spending to create an even playing field he responded that this was “one of the most ridiculous things he ever heard

"Quality of Life" arrests are even higher under Bloomberg than they were under the famously tyrannical Giuliani. After a dip in 2002, the number of "quality of life" summonses rose under Mayor Bloomberg to more than 700,000 in fiscal 2004. They’ve declined since then to 527,000 in fiscal 2008—still higher than under the previous mayor.

Under Bloomberg’s leadership we’ve seen taxpayer’s money and police time wasted on such ridiculous initiatives such as lucky bag: The police leave an abandoned bag of goods in the subway and then arrest the first unsuspecting person who picks it up.

Another show of contempt for the people of NY under Bloomberg are Prostitution arrests at video stores. Young handsome officers approach older gay men and offer them sex, when they agree they are arrested and charged with engaging in prostitution : At least 52 men were arrested this way since 2004 some after having refused the officers advances, most took guilty pleas on the advice of their attorneys.

Under Bloomberg, NYC boasts the highest marijuana arrest rate in the country, probably the world, average 97 marijuana arrests per day. Between 1997 and 2007, 52 percent of those arrested were black, 31 percent Latino and only 15 percent white.

The people of NYC have been living under a tyrant for the past 16 years. The tyrant of the past 8 may be smart enough to not go around picking fights with PTA moms and he may be more soft spoken but he's a tyrant just the same. This November will we stay home because we believe the spin "Oh he's got too much money, no one can defeat him." Or will we seize this golden opportunity to take back New York? Can we really be brave enough to envision a return to he NYC that we loved? I have faith in my people.

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By Teresa Montez on June 24, 2009 at 12:04 pm

Yes, yes, yes, all of us who live here and have seen our neighborhoods turn into condo hell or disneyland for the rich have him to thank. Not suprisingly it was the real estate developers,  and the coporations that got sweet contracts from Bloomberg who took out an ad in support of Bloomberg's third term.  I don't remember all the details from the Chavez referrendum, but I thought Chavez respected the people's vote.  Thats how I remember it but I'd have to look it up.  Yes that was the slimiest move, he basically said to us all who voted for term limits. Yes I know you voted but I actually have money so I know better than you. I don't think we should give up hope, when I walk around and talk to people they are all energized against him. I think we can get him out of office just on the third term limit alone.  The worst thing we can do is believe his ad campaigns that he's got it won and stay home on election day. 

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By Teresa Montez on June 24, 2009 at 10:10 pm

Thanks Morgana for commenting, this is exactly what he is. NYC for the corporations, NYC brought to you by time warner etc. 

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By cristogianni on June 26, 2009 at 01:14 am

How true, Teresa. If I was to sum it all up in two words, I'd say: "Money talks." Great article.


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