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Aloha Presented In Musical Format For Late Night Pleasure

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, June 15, 2009


Jazz Standards away from the touristy track

If you're on Oahu and looking for a place away from the crowded cove, then head over to the North Shore of Haleiwa, HI for relaxation on the beach, Matsumoto's Shave Ice, dinner at a local restaurant. Then head back to town in time for soothing standards by way of the Halekulani Hotel's - Lewer's Lounge.

Ahh!!! The perfect setting for a late night rendezvous with Jazz.

On this particular balmy evening, we were serenaded by a tranquil Pianist who had a very cool blend with the audience. Tennyson Stevens.

I walked in on what must have been the final set of music for the evening, welcomed by a most efficient host who found me a perfect seat in the full lounge.

Mr. Stevens was essentially sagacious in his style and tune selection. He performed Jazz favorites that brought satisfied sighs to our souls.

Harry Warren's "At Last" once performed by the unrivaled Etta James was displayed in a velvety mode as Mr. Steven shared his take on love.

"Unforgettable", made famous by the great Nat King Cole and Jules Syne's "Time after Time" was performed with a wonderful attention to harmony.

Duke Ellington's "Satin Doll" brought on Mr. Stevens vocal chops complimenting the Piano precision.

Indeed, a very cool swing of a groove.

One of my favorite standards, Hoagy Carmichael's "Skylark" was shared with soul-connection rendition that expressed warmth, love, and longing.

A beautiful tribute to Mr. Stevens’s brother linked us to his soothing and expressive mode.

A distinctive technique coupled with alluring vocal and chord progression, arpeggios, and creative licks gave way throughout the night.

Mr. Stevens took time to sing "Happy Birthday" to a guest and move into a Latin channel of his own on Harold Arlen's "A Sleeping Bee".

Another real gem for me was the quintessential tune, Neal Hefti's - "Girl Talk".

Ohh! Sexy! Jazzy! Soulful! Poetic! and Glorious.

Halekulani's Lewer's Lounge is a perfect place to get away from the tourist chatter, experience an exquisite Margarita, Mai Tai, Glass of Wine, Appetizer, Cup of Coffee and Dessert, and chat with a charming and capable Bar Attendant.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, you can have an encounter with the waves of Hawaii and authentic Jazz by way of Tennyson Stevens’ musical excursions and vocal ingenious.

If you're on Oahu, I strongly suggest dropping by the Lewers Lounge nestled inside the Halekulani Hotel at


2199 Kalia Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
Main Telephone Number: (808) 923-2311

A Friday or Saturday night with Mr. Tennyson Stevens is an affair not to miss.

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