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An Essential Rhythm Excursion...

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, June 10, 2009


Lacquer, Modules, Notes, Quotes with Full Bass, 88 keys, Drum and Percussion incarnate

A show presented with Clayton/Hamilton candid configuration. The Clayton/Hamilton Trio exposed all the essence of Jazz for a sold out crowd of passionate followers, May 24, 2009 at the celebrated "Jazz at the A Frame" in Los Angeles, CA.

John Clayton - Bass - the ultimate on bowing, strumming, plucking, and serenading with his fingers.

Gerald Clayton - Piano expounding on all 88 keys...too many arpeggios and soulful changes to count.

The musicians played a few old time Jazz favorites and some choice gems from Gerald's soon to be released masterpiece - "Two Shade".

The instinctive and remarkable Clayton splendor was laid out on each tune by Gerald infusing a hint of the forbidden classical touch while inquiring a question and answer exchange between John on Bass, and Jeff on Drums.

"Alone Together" and "Body and Soul" were two pieces performed with an abandonment of the trio's soul to ardent audience that reciprocated with love and devotion.

The sheer complexity of the music immersed the room with such an array of emotions, it is almost impossible to articulate the pleasure.

Not to mention watching the interaction between Gerald and John which was more than Father and Son - a true spirit connection with each other's every fiber of the music. Intermingled this with Jeff’s unabridged and free-spirited mode, the trio is interlocked with a message of freedom, passion, ingenuity, great joy.

"Sunny Day Go" and "Boogablues" are two of Gerald's latest compositions.

Gerald left nothing without cover as his fingers moved expertly, utilizing space, time, and all 88 keys, if you please. It was glorious to experience.

John, the Sage - on Bass was a beaming Father that matched the passion and velocity, while adding a taste his own enchanting elegance that was irresistible.

Jeff the Lion and the Cat - gave a mesmerizing implementation on every piece often taking us through a journey of deep spiritual call and response to funky grooves with Jazz accents layered at every turn.

What a gratifying excursion!

There were other Jazz favorites unselfishly shared during the two sets of music by the trio that brought the A Frame Jazz House of aficionados and aficionadas to their feet in applause.

We experienced many shades of Joy were that afternoon at Jazz at the A Frame. 

A heartfelt Thank you and much love goes out to an incredible host, Betty Hoover.

For future concert information, please contact: Betty Hoover -

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