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"shake, Shake..shake That State"

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, May 21, 2009

Northern or Southern California... doesn't matter sooner or later you will be affected by the shakes this state has to offer.

California. Home of beautiful coastlines, beautiful trees, beautiful people, but also home to beautiful big earthquakes.

Every so often we are reminded that this earth is not ours to do as we please and I think mother nature gets a little shook up and let us know.

I've experience many 'quakes, including the San Francisco Earthquake in 1989. As a California resident, born and rasied I know that these are prevelant and even can gauge how high on the ricther scale they are.

Last Sunday as I was in my kitchen cooking, I felt vibrations. At first I thought it was just my boyfriend running around the house terrorizing my cat.  The house is on a busy street, so when large trucks roll by, or when heavy footed people are in my house I think nothing of the small shakes. Then I looked over and saw my picture topple over and heard my framed picture crash from the wall to the ground. I later found out just how close I was to the epicenter.

No matter how many times these occur, there is always the inital deer caught in the headlight reaction. In that moment I forgot the "duck and cover" rule as my boyfriend was frantically looking for shoes, and keys to head outside. (yes, as you guessed it he's not from here). I grabbed the cat and put some shoes on and ran outside and  realized I forgot to turn the stove off (gas). So ran in (yes, dumb) and decided what the hell it was over, until the nice aftershock hit. Being as I live in Torrance, there are lots of powerlines that "sing" at night, especially in the summer when everyone's a/c is on. So as I thought of that I was reminded of the actual use of my dining table. Not to eat on but to go under.

Anyhow, my friend in Canada tells me one day he will open up the paper and see that California just fell off the map.  That may be the case, but until then I'm going to enjoy the best of what I have and deal with mother nature, after all she was here before all where and it is the trade off that we take.

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6 comments on "shake, Shake..shake That State"

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By Carol Young on August 02, 2009 at 06:25 pm

Here in Nevada we're going to feel that earthquake also.

At first I thought it was just my boyfriend running around the house terrorizing my cat. 

Time for a new boyfriend.

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By wolviela on August 03, 2009 at 01:33 pm

ahh a fellow cat lover, Yes!

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