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Racism Re-packaged And Re-branded

by Lumiere (writer), NYC, June 24, 2009


Exploring how the Psychiatric Industry and Codex Alimentarius have roots in Racism.

      When the German chemical company IG Farben and Buna Oil Company in Auschwitz, were dismantled due to corruption for Nazi war crimes committed during World War II, they still had many western allies. In 1941, an investigation exposed a marriage cartel between John D. Rockefellers United States based, Standard Oil Co. and I.G. Farben. There were also agreements between Dupont (Monsanto Chemical Company), and U.S. Industrial Alcohol. Having failed at the Holocaust, the IG Farben team of award winning scientists, chemists and allies came up with Codex Alimentarius, a series of 42,000 treaty guidelines that currently seek to control food and food production internationally but not pharmaceuticals.

Well why would IG Farben take such a strong interest in food and not pharmaceuticals? Controlling the import and export of food, food production, food guidelines, legally toxifying and industrializing food would just make people sick, by naturally compromising their immune system. No nutrition, no immunity to diseases or viruses. Just take a look at Kim Jong II and his method of food control in North Korea. The man just loves to starve his own people. Then they get sick, and big pharma and his corrupt government can make millions. Sounds just like a bad sci-fi movie. 

The question is why? Well I was about to find my missing piece of the puzzle as we left church and stumbled upon a free, touring exhibition by the Citizens Commision on Human Rights about the field of Psychiatry: Past and Present.  This exhibition is located on the corner of 5th & 28th across from Lincoln Park until the end of June, if you are unable to attend they have free dvd's and literature online worth sharing. It is so touching, it will ignite the human rights activist in you. There before you, in a high quality, polished format is a revelation about "the truth" and all those conspiracy theories we have heard and made fun of for years laid to rest in one word: Eugenics

In precise historical facts, in present day facts is Eugenics. Eugenics is the purpose behind the Psychiatric Industry and the World Mental Health Organization. Eugenics is the past and present goal behind the field of Psychiatric Medicine. Eugenics and the Holocaust. Eugenics and Apartheid. Eugenics and Genocide. Eugenics and the Nazi party. Eugenics and Freemasons. The Freemasons recruited the KKK in the south.  Eugenics and the KKK. Eugenics and the Arian Army. Eugenics and Psychiatric Wards to implement "legal torture" on innocent people around the world. Eugenics and medications like Prozac, Ritalin, Zoloft, Xanex, etc.  Eugenics and the forced abduction of children for Psychiatric Treatment.

Eugenics is simply racism Re-Packaged, Re-Branded and sold to you now in the guise of a "happy little pill."  Do not be fooled by fancy marketing strategies, the Psychiatric Global initiative is determined to make sure, every child in every school undergoes a "Psychiatric Evaluation" so they can be medicated. You and I are next on the list.

Overly medicated people do not fight for civil rights, they do not march, they do not protest, they do not fight for Democracy or against Govermental injustices because they are too medicated to care. During the Holocaust, it was discovered that people starved of nutrition, have no emotional reaction to torture. Psychiatric or otherwise. Codex Alimentarius will create the legalization of toxified food, courtesy of Monsanto Chemical Corporation and feed you and your children dead food treated with radiation, chemically injected poultry, beef and fish. Codex will limit you and your families access to natural, healthy foods or herbal supplements.

Why? Eugenics. Billions is at stake for the Pharma, Medical and BioTech industries.

Some refer to it as ethnic cleansing or legal genocide.

The WHO predicts 3 Billion people will die due to Codex Alimentarius.

Millions have died under Psychiatric Care. Unnoticed. Undetected. Civil Rights Denied.

Will you be one of them or will you take a stand for you and the people you love?

It is up to us to contact our Senators and Congress People and tell them that the bills below really matter to us and to our health freedom.  Every Member of Congress must hear from so many of us that this is a critical issue that he or she becomes a co-sponsor because of the number of demands to do so: 

  •  Protect Your Right to Organic Food & Supplements:

    We must educate Congress that you do not want organic and small farmers regulated out of existence. Why? Doing so would enforce organic foods to be treated with chemicals, which defeats the purpose of organic. It is legislation to create industrialized farms and make them dependent on chemicals usage. You do not want "Big Agra" regulations applied to organic and small family farms and ranches or to natural and organic food products, including Dietary Supplements. Doing so will kill "organic."

  • Fight Against Deadly, Genetically Modified Organisms Added into Your Food:

Demand proper food labels. GMOs are dangerous.  And they are permanent: once their dangerous genes are allowed to mix with ours, with those of the bacteria in the soil and in our gut, with the DNA of our children, butterflies and weeds, other species of grops, and just about anything else in the food web, they cannot be put back.  Despite rising diseases which can be laid at the door step of these dangerous organisms, despite rising levels of infertility, which is also directly due to these organisms, despite a rise in potentially life threatening allergies directly following the intruduction of GMO soy and a host of other health hazards and envornmental dangers, Government agencies continue to turn a blind eye to health and prudence, to say nothing of public or environmental health, and continue to do the bidding of the industrial food producers and the biotech industry.

  • Protect Yourself & Your Family from Mandatory Vaccination and Drugging:

Suspicious of the Swine Flu? State Emergency Medical Powers Acts and Federal legislation, includingthe Patriot Acts, 1-2- and 3, BARDA and others provide for mandatory vaccination and drugging. No exemptions will be granted (religious or otherwise.) Those who refuse will be classified as felons at the State level, subject to immediate incarceration or quarantine of indefinate length in jails or facilities reserved for vaccine refusers. 

  •  NY Assemby Bill 10942 (coming to a state / school near you):

NY Assembly Bill 10942 would make all vaccines recommended by the Center for Disease Control mandatory for all children to attend school and for the first time, vaccines would become mandatory for infants and toddlers. Under this law, regardless of previous adverse reactions, or genetic susceptibility, parental objection or any other condition, girls will be forced to receive 70 doses of vaccines, boys 67, by the time they are 18 years old, including vaccines fr sexually transmitted diseases, regardless of parental approval. Dangerous.

  •  Tell Legislators Not to Regulate Free Speech on Nutrition:

    There is a movement to restrict truthful commercial speech about Food and Nutrition to one class of persons only, namely Licensed Dieticians, people not trained in Nutritional Science. Ohio has passed laws forbidding free speech about nutrition. Now there is an attempt in New Jersey to pass just such a restrictive law, A2933 in the Assembly and S1941 in the Senate. This so called " Registeres Dietician Licensing" Act is really a Dieticians Monopoly Act and will cause significant public harm by eliminating your access to nutritional information and censoring information that is neither understood nor endorsed by the medical establishment in order to prevent you from making fully informed choices. Your access to natural options will be eliminated. And what you do not know, can hurt you. Help protect DSHEA, the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act, which says you can have access to whatever supplements you want and the information to use them.

  • The World According to Monsanto: (aired only on French Television)

  • Take the time to sign this petition to fight against Monsanto:

  • Twitter for updates:

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