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A Dysfunctional Party, Leading A Bewildered Nation

by Amo (writer), New York, May 17, 2009


It seems that our illustrious leaders currently running the show have finally created the perfect storm.

Thanks in part to a self-absorbed and erratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and a somewhat ambivalent president, that has allowed the loony left within his own party to co-opt his presidency.

One would think that in a one party town run by the liberal Democrats, with virtually no opposition that this type stupidity and incompetence would not prevail. Watching the Speaker of the House, explaining what she claims took place within those CIA Briefings pertaining to enhanced interrogation, was akin to watching a six year old trying to explain why she forgot to brush her teeth…it was painful, bewildering and bazaar.

Her demeanor was anything but professional. She seemed extremely nervous and continually rambled on. On several occasions she attempted to quote from her notes that were now out of order. Her time lines were inconstant, and raised more questions then answers; she parceled her words and seemed distracted when confronted by aggressive questioning. In one heated exchange with the press, she accused the CIA of covering up the issue of enhanced interrogation, and of lying to her and congress…a serious charge to be sure.

She went on to state. “I wasn’t briefed. I was informed that someone else had been briefed about it”.

Obviously her accusations have caused a firestorm on capital hill, and one can only imagine what the eventual outcome will be, however it’s safe to assume that the push back from the CIA will be severe, and one would suspect that they will seek revenge.

However if what Pelosi is charging is correct, that the CIA actually lied to her, and congress then why hasn’t she filed formal charges against the agency? And who were the others in congress that she claims had also been lied too?

Of course the notion that she couldn’t stop those enhanced interrogation techniques is absurd. She actually did stop a covert program in its tracks, when she protested to the then Security of State. This is a very powerful lady she’s the third in session to the presidency.

The record seems clear, in that she was indeed directly briefed on enhanced interrogation techniques in 2002, which included the use of waterboarding, and then again indirectly several years later.

It seems obvious to me, after watching her performance that the Speaker of the House has some serious personal issues that need to be addressed and she may actually believe what she’s saying….obviously she’s incompetent, and for the good of the country, she should step down.

What is astounding is the continued willful and unprovoked attacks on an administration that has long ago left office and on an agency that is charged with protecting our national security. We live in a dangerous world, and we need to take seriously the dangers that face us, this kind of reckless behavior by the hardcore left of the Democratic Party and senior members of congress for pure partisan politics must stop.

Of course, President Obama’s continued flip flopping certainly hasn’t helped and seems to be a constant theme, within his own administration, in “how to embarrass further the Bush Administration”. How else can one explain the foolish releasing and declassification of “Top Secret” documents pertaining to enhanced interrogation? And then completely reversing himself on those damaging photos.

The only bright spot for president Obama came when he finally stood up and pushed back against the ACLU, and for that we should all be grateful. However it did take a while for common sense to finally prevail, in not releasing those damaging photos, of enhanced interrogation and criminal behavior.

Let me be clear, the few “bad apples” within the military that have committed these acts of abuse, have already been exposed and prosecuted, a fact that has been conveniently omitted by many within the mainstream media and of course by the ACLU.

The moment of truth I suspect came when President Obama was faced with a growing discourse within both the Justice department and within the military that releasing those damaging photos in a time of war would further put our military men and woman in harms way, and while I’m grateful, I’m also concerned that it had to take a lot of pressure for Obama to finally come to his senses.

Of course Obama’s core base on the radical and loony left are outraged, they feel that they’ve been sold out; they of course couldn’t care less about our military or for that matter the security of the United States, and I suspect that a few within this fringe group, would rather see us humiliated and perhaps defeated on the battlefield…ironically they have the freedom in this great land, to peacefully demonstrate for our defeat, without recrimination or government intervention, and I of course would support their right to demonstrate peacefully.

However, for those of us that believes that our national security should override partisan politics, its welcomed news, that common sense has finally taken center stage. However, while I applaud the President’s action on not releasing those hundreds of photos, I can’t help but wonder “why the need to drudge up those” Top Secret” memos, in the first place, and the inconsistency that followed”?

That, to put it mildly is worrisome, because it indicates to me that when it comes to our national security President Obama still can’t make up his mind if he’s the Commander and Chief or candidate Obama, playing to his core base on the left. And it also sends the wrong message to our enemies abroad, in that perhaps he’s not as focused on national security issues, as he should be.

The selected declassification of certain documents on enhanced interrogation served no purpose except to discredit the former administration. From my perspective that sends a chilling message to future administrations, in that any controversial policy implemented by any administration can now be scrutinized, and depending on ideology or intent can attempt to criminalize that policy years later, irregardless of the legal opinions given at the time.

To complicate matters further, we now have former Vice President Cheney requesting additional declassification of those “Top Secret” Documents, to show the nation that enhanced interrogation techniques (including waterboarding), actually saved countless American lives, and while I can certainly understand Cheney’s reasoning for full discloser, it serves no purpose other then to compromise our security further.

The danger of course, is that this type of political posturing by all concerned, only serves to distract the intelligence community from doing what needs to be done…protecting the populace.

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