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Liberally Speaking

We on the Left don't really care what you people think on the Right.
But we do want to redistribute your wealth.

The Left is right.
The Right is wrong.
And never the twain shall co-exist effectively, to my taste, in the Democratic Party.

If Hollywood is full of white liberals, like people say, why is almost everybody in the industry white? I think what people really mean to say is that Hollywood is full of phony white liberals.

Like John Kerry, wasn't Hillary Clinton for the war, before she was against it? Of course, but we'll never see that much truth slip between her lips - just her forked tongue.

I wish I could like Hillary for '08, because it is way past due for a woman to be President and she probably has the best shot of any woman to accomplish that. Still, I don't really want it to be her, somebody vaulted into that position, as well as her Senate seat, mostly because her philandering husband humiliated her and the sympathetic women who have suffered like indignities came out in droves, and will continue to do so, to support her.

But if that's the only real qualification required nowadays, what are we going to do, have the other 150 million American women cheated on by some lying Lothario take turns being President of the United States? On the other hand, that's a higher bar than the one George W. Bush met: breathing.

So, now, I guess I could sound Kerryesque myself, in reverse, and say, I was against Hillary before I was for her (however begrudgingly). But no -

Whom I want to like even more for '08 is Barack Obama, because Oprah ordered it... But really, wouldn't his election finally take America down that long-neglected road toward real equality for African-Americans?

I hestitate to get too excited about an Obama presidential candidacy, though, because, well, this is still America, where African-americans have still not gotten the leg-up denied them after slavery was abolished. Native Americans make billions yearly from casinos allowed on reservations, Mexican-Americans are allowed to flout entire regulatory code books and agencies and federal law to drain billions yearly from our national economy. Yet African-Americans are forced to watch these parades of betterment and empowerment for other non-whites pass them by.

And here in Los Angeles, where white billionaires sprout like sushi bars, Almost all African-Americans are still forcibly relegated to the ramshackle, infested, dangerous parts of the city, the lowest rungs of the economy and virtual nonparticipation in local power politics.

Conditions in L.A. and in America cry out for an African-American superhero who can force America to confront the ugly truth of its greatest-of-crimes against humanity and the vestiges, end the War on Iraq, re-balance the budget after the groaning deficit wrought by the Bush Administration, and lift a race of people - his people - with a single occupancy of the White House. But could that superhero be Barack Obama?

I say we should give him a try, and find out. But this is still America, where, sad to say, an African-American has never been head of a movie studio or a car maufacturer, much less president of the country. Everyday, I pray (in my way) that we will find it in our American hearts and souls to do what's right (and Left): Vote for Obama!

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By Annonymous on December 11, 2006 at 06:10 pm
Firstly, Obama has to get the Democratic ticket, which he won't because he doesn't have enough experience. I like what he's selling and appreciate the point of your article but why did you have to start with sweeping generalizations about "we people on the left", "you people on the right", and "phony white liberals in Hollywood"? Also, since when are there no black people in Hollywood? It's one of the places where blacks actually have had a relatively fair chance at advancing their cause. The rise of black media is probably the single most important factor in the de-marginalization of black plight and raising awareness in whites and other minorities. Blaming Hollywood, Hillary Clinton, and liberals is completely off-target here. The generalizations you open with really hurt your credibility as a serious advocate for Obama.
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