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The Tale Of Two Web Sities


In the war to gain top billing on Google, those who know how to play the game win


Ever since Google took over the information world, there have been two kinds of people.

Those who pay for you to visit them and those who chase this money.

For those who get it, Google Adsense is the new gold rush as keyword density is the gold pan and Cost Per Clicks are the precious nuggets people are fighting for.

We begin this tale with two websites. For their protection, and mine, we will call them Mister Net and Mister Com.

You see, these two websites have a peculiar problem of sharing the same name for their product. While Mr. Com had the name first, it is Mr. Net who, over the years of presenting a slid product line, has turned the moniker into a solid multimillion dollar company with international brand recognition. While this was going on, Mr. Com stayed at the bottom as a small outfit offering similar product.

Well as time went on, and the internet gained in popularity, a strange thing happened. People sought out the services of Mister Net, only to find Mister Com. In the true nature of all bottom dwellers, Mr. Com decided to profit off of this misunderstanding. He invested money in making a website similar to that of Mr. Net. So when customers came seeking the esteemed gentleman with the exceptional product, they were instead duped by the nefarious schemes of Mister Com as he would deny that his competition ever existed.

So this went on for years, legal battles ensued, millions of dollars were spent, and Mister Net could not convince the courts that his good name was besmirched.
Then along comes Google.

As people sought out these two companies with the same name, the competition for that name escalated. Pretty soon, Mister Net and Mister Com both drove up the value of their Cost Per Click to over thirteen dollars for anyone seeking their dual identity.  This struggle between their two websites continues everyday with neither declared a winner, except Google.

It is at this point in the story I show up, strolling between those two sites in my rakish desire to profit from their feud. I once had a close personal relationship with Mister Net and got to know deeply his tale of woe. I also know that this gentleman refuses to play in the street with the commoners when it comes to making money online. I also know that Mister Com is happy just leeching off the back of his enemy.

You see, during their feud, each side had done their best to overtake the other. They have fought over various keywords, have snatched up domain names and have driven away any other competition. And during these years, the esteemed Mister Net has pulled away from his nemesis, making his name immediately associated as the best product related to that name. For example, if people wanted to look up Pepsi, they would never search for soft drinks. They would just type up Pepsi.

So what is the moral of this story, you say?

Well, you see, Mister Net’s greatest strength is his greatest weakness. If you type his brand name in Google, he holds authority at number one, and the nefarious Mister Com number two. But after those two ranks, there are no other authorities, just a broken landscape of relevant links with no keyword density or page rankings.

It seems that this third position is ripe for picking. Plus, in their battle, they forgot to secure one domain that has valuable keyword Cost Per Clicks of over ten bucks a pop.

So, now I have changed my name to Mister Net III and am making money off their battle for internet superiority by telling their story and leading others back to both of them since they exist in my Google Adsense box together. As long as they keep driving up the value of their dual name, as long as innocent people search out their services, I will be there with my gold pan out to collect the juicy nuggets.

My point is this is how you find the best keywords to make your websites. Don’t go for the latest trend, but look into your dark soul, look for those secrets you keep, those things you have learned and exploit the knowledge gained from an ex-employer, ex-friend, or ex-lover.

Just don’t violate any laws and make sure you register the domain under a private party.

Thus ends my tale.

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