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Crime On The Rise In Ohio

by Christopher Wager (writer), Salem,,, May 12, 2009


“Are people losing faith in the criminal justice system?”

   With crime clearly on the rise in the State of Ohio according to a report released by The Ohio Department of Public Safety on crime statistics for 2007.  (Statstics, Bureau of Justice).  Just how bad is the crime getting in the State of Ohio? 

“We have 5,000 people per year or around eleven people per day leaving the City of Cincinnati,” according to former Cincinnati City council member Charlie Winburn in an interview with The Eastern Hills Journal.  Which he contributes to the increase in the homicide rate in the city. (reporter) Statistics provided by the OCJS crime report confirms Mr. Winburn’s statement showed Cincinnati at a 12.7 percent increase in murder.  (Statstics, Bureau of Justice).

  The ODPS report goes on to state that violent crime increased in three of the four major cites.  The city of Cleveland showing the greatest increase in robbery at more than 14 percent.  Moreover, burglary is up 11.8 percent in the Rock n Roll city, the highest out of the four major cities.  Dayton reporting an unbelievable 47 percent increase in aggravated assaults.  Although there were reports of a slight improvement in the areas throughout Ohio, burglary has increased in all four major cities.  Columbus is leading city in the crime of arson at 20.2 percent.

Are people losing faith in the criminal justice system?” 

    The report released by the Ohio Department of Public Safety which is an agency that falls under the authority of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  Goes on to say while Dayton shows the greatest increase of  the major cites in Ohio for violent crimes the nation as a whole showed a slowed increase of 1.3 percent. (Statstics, Bureau of Justice)

  The city of Dayton with a population of only 161,696 people (City-Data) leads Ohio cities in the crime of murder with an increase of 15.6 percent.  Given its population compared to Cleveland with a population of 444,313 people (Federation for immigration reform) 15.6 is an alarming number.  While the nation only showed an increase 6.7 percent for cities of a population of 50,000 and over. (Statstics, Bureau of Justice)

   The city of Cleveland taking the lead in robbery with 14.5 increases  compared to the nation with a six percent increase. (Statstics, Bureau of Justice).  While burglary and arson continue to rise at 11.8 and 20.2 percent in Ohio, the nation is slow to keep pace with burglary at .2 and arson at 1.8 percent. (Statstics, Bureau of Justice)

  Tangled in the statistical numbers of bad news.  There are numbers that shine a different light on the state of criminal activity in Ohio.  With larceny-theft showing, a decrease of 9.3 percent in Cleveland only being over shadowed by the decrease of 4.7 percent nationwide.  In addition motor vehicle theft also showing a decrease of a rapid 20.1 percent decrease in the city of Columbus there are many happier car owners that can sleep better.  Not only in Ohio but across the country at the decrease of 4.7 percent better which leads most people to ask the question,

“Why is there an increase in crime in Ohio?”

According to another report released by the OCJS and authored by Lisa Contos Shoaf Ph.d.  Although there are many reasons, people seek to commit crimes there are base theories that have formed to serve as a benchmark.  These theories are broken down into two groups.  One is focused on the individual and the other is focused on society.         

  First, the Individual-based theory, which is about individuals, and what, makes them commit crimes.  Is it biological?  Chromosomal abnormalities?  Or genetics?  Others speculate that a Psychological theory better fights the problems.  Including problems in  childhood, or influences of deviant behavior.  Socialization theories propose that individuals learn criminal behavior through socialization.  By watching and learning from the actions of others.  Criminal behavior is reinforced each time individuals are rewarded, and not punished, for their crimes.  Rational Choice theories assert that individuals simply choose to commit crimes when the immediate benefits of the crime outweigh its long-term risks. Secondly, the Societal-based theories explain crime and criminal behavior such as economic and other equalities.  Although the experts don’t often agree on what theory is right, they do agree on one thing and that is no single theory can fully account for why individuals commit crimes.  In fact, researchers continue exploring ways of incorporating competing data and ideas into one cohesive theory.  (Lisa Contos Shoaf, Ph.d.)   

  Over half, or 54 percent, of all serious violent and property crime are committed by people under age 25.  Males accounted for over 75 percent of those arrested in 2001, three times the rate of females.  Juveniles were involved in 26 percent of serious crime arrests of all arrests in Ohio in 2001.  Similar to adults the majority, 71 percent, of juvenile arrested were male, corresponding to an arrest rate of 2.4 times that of juvenile females.  (Lisa Contos Shoaf, Ph.d.)

          Is there a link between the increasing crime rate in Ohio compared to the climbing school drop out rate?  In the city of Youngstown, the drop out rate between 9-12 grade is at a staggering 32.9 percent, followed by Cleveland at 19.6. (Center for family and demographics research).Greater efferts are being made, the battle will be won by people helping people.       



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