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Drugs Are Nothing New To The Whitehouse.

by Christopher Wager (writer), Salem,,, May 11, 2009

Obama’s confessed drug use without Reprisal

Drugs are nothing new to the whitehouse from the days of the royal family of Kennedy today. In fairness, all the attention Bill Clinton receives over “not inhaling “  seems to be out of proportion to that of the standing president. In a Foxnews piece, Obama  confessed using drugs at least one time in his life. Bush also admitted to a drinking problem, and many occasions preached about the evils of drinking. It would seem the media once again is picking and choosing its battles on what they find acceptable and what they do not. Could it be that Obama’s influence over the mainstream media is what has kept this issue at bay? Can we ever be able to see a fair and balance discussion about any of the present, future, or past behaviors of this young president? Should one man have the control over what is up for discussion about him and what is not? (foxnews)

We would hope that regardless of which side which party you stand for, that maybe we learned a thing or two after the Clinton circus. The waste of time and money his drug use became, just to manufacture advantage of control.

The question boils down to this, is there accountability still in the white? To move beyond the drug use into other areas that would have a greater impact on America. Because we choose to follow and trust that, we often don’t understand doesn’t mean its trust worthy.

This one got by us, we must remember that Obama is a man accountable, now to the country. Not to those who help put him there, not to his own hidden agenda, but to the people. Never in so many years has the country faced such despair or division. In these times we need a president that conveys hope and solidarity to those he serves, not …with a broad stroke of a brush or pen worship, blinded trust or obedience. The next months will put him to the test and then some; will he rise to become one of the greatest presidents in our history?  On the other hand will he, regards of the fulfillment of his duties be reelected because of the power he now controls?

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