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Court Is King Of The Adsense Blog World

by Crowbar (writer), Los Angeles, May 08, 2009

Late night surfing after losing my money gambling online, I bumped into Courtney Tuttle and now he's my God


So you want to make money on the internet and want to know where to start. I mean really where to start.

Tabula Rasa.

Ground Zero.

At the frigging beginning, man.

Well, in the world of blogging and especially Google Adsense blogging, Courtney Tuttle is king. Learn that name. Say it ten times really fast and when you count sheep at night, count Courtney Tuttle instead.

Do I know Courtney Tuttle? Nope. Never heard of him before last week. But, since Sunday, he is all I live and breathe.

I don’t know how I discovered his websites or what I was really looking for, but I think that is why he has so much significance. I was not really looking for an internet plan to make money and Courtney was not out there trying to get my money. In fact the only thing he has gotten form me is a buck, and a well spent buck it was.

Over the last few years I have blogged for other people’s sites and have some name recognition, but none of this has earned me a dollar. Well, I once earned sixteen dollars doing book reports and that money was on my PayPal account and it is with that money that I paid Court and bought my first domain. But where was I?

Right where I wanted to be.

You see, it was that easy to get started. I jumped in with the couple of bucks I had floating around the internet anyway.

The point is that building an Adsense blog didn’t start out with a master plan but just a curiosity to how people are making money out there. "Hey," I said to myself "Let me in on this crap. I want to make money, too."

So, I ended up at Court’s Internet Marketing School and started down my path to internet riches.

I still haven’t made more than that sixteen dollars in al my time on the web, but it has only been a week. My faith is still strong.

I say, if you want to start learning about making money with Google Adsense, I would visit his website. Court has broken everything down to easy to follow instructions that anyone, I mean anyone can follow. There is nothing hard to what he does and he has a video series that teaches you the basics. He doesn’t show you some quick, get rich formula, but a simple, hard work driven program that anyone willing to follow up on his techniques can make money.

I know, I know. I haven’t made a dime with his method yet, but I haven’t put in the hard work. But a week ago, I had no idea what a keyword search was, how to evaluate sites for potential earnings and simple things like how to buy a domain and host a website. Court teaches you all these things and doesn’t ask for a dime. He will even respond to comments if you have a question.

Gang, I stayed up all night on Sunday watching his tutorials, and then woke up early Monday to finish watching the rest at The Keyword Academy. I was waiting for the catch, the hook that sunk everything as some scam, but there was none. I did pay a dollar to join The Keyword Academy, but it was a dollar well spent. I have learned more valuable information about the internet in general in week, than in all the years I have surfed the web. Hell, I even learned some new things about Excel.

My point is that if you are serious about a future in Adsense blogging, then the best place to start is with Court’s Internet School of Marketing.

What you waiting for, ya yahoos. Get going right now!

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