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Humor Me, Hendryx: On Obama, "Right-bots," Andy Dick-wad, Bush, Mel, the Dixie Chicks & More

by Cecelia Hendryx (writer), Los Angeles, December 08, 2006

If Barack Obama, an African-American, is elected President of the United States in 2008, what will happen?
There will be a run on ice skates in Hell.

What are "Right-bots?"
Americans who robotically do whatever their lying, hypocritical, wacked-out right wing leaders (Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity, Dobson, Savage, etc.) command because they won't wake up, see they're being used for profit and start thinking for themselves. The opposite of "liberals," like me.

What is a better nickname for George W. Bush than "Dubya?"

What is an even better nickname for George W. Bush?
"The Man Who Knew Too Little, And Lied Too Much And Didn't Care If Every Man And Woman And Child In Iraq Got Killed Just So He Could Save Face...And Keep His Promises To Halliburton."

What should we call Condaleezza Rice instead?
"Fraud-a-leezza" Rice.

something better for the Dixie Chicks?
"The Ballsie Chicks."

What is a more appropriate handle for Andy Dick?
His name already describes him perfectly, the racist scum bucket.

So, what should we call Mel Gibson now?
"Mel Gibson," because everybody knows he's a racist scum bucket, and there's nowhere he can hide from it. Ha, ha, ha!

Ditto, Sarah Silverman. And Dane Cook. And Paris Hilton.

So, what about African-American sell-outs like Larry Elder and Ward Connerly, aren't they racist scum buckets, too, for all the horrible things they say about their own people?
Nah. They're just soulless, pitiful, self-hating tools of the white power structure. Right on? Right on!

So, what's a better moniker for me?
Political Comedy Genius.

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