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Meditation For Any Season...

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, April 14, 2009


Classical with an ingenious and colorful embodiment

A cool Friday evening of April 3rd found an audience at the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica enveloped in the melodic sound of waves from the ocean in the background. 

This proved a perfect setting for Musician - Flutist Ellen Burr as she performed a stunning arrangement of George Telemann's "Twelve Fantasies for Solo Flute"

Each Fantasy whether performed in a major or minor key, flat or sharp sound, displayed emotive expression that gave you the feel as if you were in the living room of heaven with the creator hosting a private concert for you by Ellen.

Beauty that conveyed colors as never felt with impeccable tone and delivery. Is it possible...we are in heaven!

Each piece Ellen played lead to the next with more contemplative essence, imagination, caressing swathe taking the audience through the depth of the valley to the most amazing mountain top.

A call and response was expertly performed that took the classical arrangement over the edge of safety to a place of freedom for all eager and open-minded listeners.

What a glorious array of music suited for reflection as well as confluence.

Ms. Burr brought the audience collectively and individually into that space providing sensations that told of sorrowful moments from history, personal experience and sweetness and solace.

What a night to remember!!! Experiencing Ellen's brilliant passion of rapport with the music invited an ardent audience into her living room of music ecstasy.

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By Kim on April 14, 2009 at 05:47 pm

Thanks Dean:)

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