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Walking In Faith: Wolves In Sheeps Clothing

by Lumiere (writer), NYC, April 16, 2009


The Seperation of Church and State No Longer Exists: Executive Order 13397

I have had at least two ministers send me "Fire and Brimstone" e-mail warnings in the last few weeks, the third was recently delivered face to face by my friend Nathan whose pastor told him on Easter Sunday to, "Be prepared for an emergency, buy lots of rice, beans and tuna fish, a disaster is coming to NYC soon."  I smiled and laughed. 

LL: "Oh, I heard about that, preperation for the American Concentration Camps. Yeah, my minister went there for training a few months ago under Executive Order 13397."

N: " What is Executive Order 13397? I think I heard something about it..."

LL: " In March of 2006 Mr Bushy and his (Nazi) party penned the Church as a Governmental Agency. The separation of church and state are officially gone with the stroke of his pen.  Our nation’s trusted leader signed an Executive Order, which tied the Department of Homeland Security to our “faith-based” churches. All non-profit churches now serve as the Federal Government’s primary spying agency. Besides saving souls, they receive funds to spy on people like you and me and send back reports to the Government.  In the event of a national emergency, like a complete economic collapse due to a failing mortgage, automotive and finance industry.  Possibly even due to the result of mass lass offs and a greater dependence on state aid causing state bankruptcies; which in the future could possibly lead to massive riots or panic. The churches leadership receives funds to pacify you and organize their flocks for labor camp. Cute huh? They have even been ordered to offer their buildings, resources, and their labor forces called "congregations" to serve their newly declared executive, the President. They are also trained to use Romans 13 to manipulate the Congregation to submit to their Governmental authority.

Except they leave out the most important part of the scripture;

" "Love your neighbor as yourself."  Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law. "

Love is the key.  Respect is the key. Tolerance and Understanding of our Differences is Key. Forgiveness is Key. Manipulating the Scriptures on behalf of the Government, completely loses the keys.

N: " Isn't the Government interference in the Church Unconstitutional? Seperation of Church and State is supposed to be seperate for a reason. It prevents abuse of power. Wow. Knowing these things are going on can mess with your faith a bit. "

LL: " I think it really depends on where you place your faith. My faith is in a higher power, my faith is in the power of love, not in a building or in an establishment made by man. If an establisment asks me to go out and murder and kidnap people for a sacrificial offering to the God of Greed and Lust. I would not do it, I would leave the establishment. I was given a mind for a reason. If my place of worship acted in such a way to support or advocate harming people in the name of supporting our Goverment, I would have to find a new spiritual place which reflected my core values or start my own church. It is no different then with replacing our own Government if they fail to represent us properly.  Which leads to the question, does our Government represent and uphold the Constitution and the core values of the United States nationally and internationally?

N: "I left the military on my third tour of duty, out in the desert, because I was asked to open fire on a pit filled with unarmed women and children. On command, like an obedient soldier I raised my gun, aimed and as my finger touched the trigger, my eyes fell upon the eyes of a young girl;

She was five, the same age as my daughter back home and it was as if she looked directly into my soul. In an instant, I had an ephiphany about the true value of one human life. Soldier or no soldier, I knew this is not what America is about, this is wrong. I signed up to serve and defend my country, not murder innocent civilians. I was deeply convicted in my spirit about it and as a man of faith, I knew in my heart, this...this...this... is a demonic as it gets. I dropped my gun and walked away as the other soldiers begun to open fire. It was the end of my military career but I know I made an ethical decision, the right decision.    If our country were invaded by the enemy, and a soldier held a gun to my childs head, I would hope and pray he would have mercy on her and spare her life. 

Looking back I realize many of our political leaders are Luciferians and not people of faith, just wolves in sheeps clothing. They want to destroy mankind by abusing their power, and replace good intentions with evil acts under the disguise of war. Being a soldier is to uphold the United States Constitution, not implement unethical acts mindlessly because of Executive Orders. When Governments are allowed to inflict enough evil in the world, kill innocent people or promote enough fear based thinking, they can break people down, break their faith; Christian, Catholic, Muslim or Jew. The real war, the invisible war no one talks about, is the attack on all of our faiths."

N: " It was such a powerful experience but what I want to know, is how did Bush get away with passing so much corrupt Legislation?"

LL:  By abusing his Executive power and because we failed to pay attention to the Legislation being passed. Alot of the 'Bushy' legislation was Unconstitutional and follows much of Hitlers old legislation but hey, people kept saying it is "just a Conspiracy theory" and look at the state of our country now.  Our economic condition is no accident. It is more like a Conspiracy theory come a bad nightmare. Some might say it's a Military Coup at it's finest. Our coffers were raided but just like in the good old days when the 'Bushies' use to steal the Gold out of the Holocausts victims teeth...where is our countries Gold reserve? Has anyone checked on the Gold lately? It is probably in a vault in the Iraq desert somewhere by now. It is only natural that Halliburton, Blackwater and KBR make billions off of the war using our tax dollars and sacrificing our soldiers overseas while ironically, the rest of the country goes bankrupt. Win. Win for them. Not for us.

When we fail to March on Washington to shake things up a bit, and our Media is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, how can anyone get real news?  Now that our televisions have gone digital and can be interupted and controlled via satellite it could be snowing in Texas and 106 degrees in Detroit. Hell, the goverment could declare Martial Law in Miami. How would you really know? Just like know one quiet knows why hundreds of thousand of coffins are being shipped to Alaska as we speak.  How many of our soldiers are falling and we are not being told? Does anyone know.

Personally, I think Benjamin Franklin was a genius. He understood the importance of accurate and reliable information seperate of Goverment control.

I find it even more interesting that the Nazi bank of choice; Chase bank, also known as JP Morgan Chase, that now also owns Washington Mutual controls all the EBT / ID cards for the unemployed people and those individuals who were transferred to Temporary Assistance when their State ran out of unemployment money.  "

N: " Wait. They talk about that in the movie, " The Corporation." JP Morgan Chase, Dupont, Goodyear, Remington all were part of a military coup that planned to assasinate Roosevelt and implement a fascist Government but the were stopped by some famous military General."

LL: "Yes, all true. No minority should spend money on their products or have money in any of their financial institutions."

N: "Do you think Obama can pull us out of the muddy waters we are in?"

LL:" He would have to have one hell of a tow truck and it will definately take time. He has alot of Bush to clean up. Maybe I should buy him some clippers.     All humor aside, one of my favorite quotes about Obama is from Farakkan. I heard him speaking before the elections and he said something which made alot of sense;"

"I like Obama. I think he is a leader. He is fresh blood in an old establishment. What concerns me though is the American people need to fix their house of Government. Just like when you go into a house and the plumbing is rotten, you have to rip it out and replace it. The American people rip out all these old financial institutions controlling their government, if not they only get a puppet President with someone else behind the scenes pulling the strings."

N: "The concept of pulling strings is an interesting one. Well we both know banks do not care who wins or dies in war, they only care about the interest they are paid by governments and countries after the war. Wars are highly profitable businesses of destruction."

LL: "Exactly."

N: "Knowing all this, do you ever feel depressed about the state of the world today? It all can seem overwhelming."

LL:  "Sometimes it can all be a bit too much but I pray and have faith. Faith in a higher power to heal and restore what is broken. Faith in our own ability to create a Eco-America that is better than the past. Faith in education. Faith in the children of the world to learn from the lessons of history and dream bigger to create a brighter future where scarcity is a myth and where the commons are protected and preserved for all life; clean water, clean air, plenty of natural food not genetically modified by greedy corporations.  I have faith that if we are committed to changing ourselves and our communities, sustainable living can be a reality. And I believe in investing my energy and money in organizations which try to make the world a better place like;

I also find a great deal of comfort in the books and wisdom of Marcus Aurelius- the great Emperor of Rome, Plato's-Republic and the Psalms.

If I happen to read the paper and feel sad, I meditate or practice an artistic exercise to get myself thinking about creating solutions.  This exercise helps to create a blank canvas in your mind; Go sit in the park surrounded by nature, close your eyes and listen to the birds, to the crickets, to all the sounds around you. Now pretend that you are a Pilgrim, getting off the boat and landing on foreign soil for the first time, stepping out into the new America. You are thrilled to be on land, creating a new home, a new country for yourself and your family.

Knowing what you know about the future, ask yourself; What would you create to make the world a better place? Visualize it.

When you open your eyes, sketch out or write down your ideas.

No matter what happens, remember and keep your faith. The Pilgrims who first landed in our country started from scratch to create the world we have now. And we can do it again.
The human mind is capable of great beauty or destruction. We just have to imagine what we want to create, visualize, and then implement our ideas... together.



About the Writer

Native Texan full of Southern Charm, ;) Art Director and Fashion Photographer with a background in Luxury Apparel. Producer of a Television show called " Art4Charity " that spotlights Philanthropists, non-profits, volunteers, and companies doing positive deeds around the world. Volunteer Art Therapy teacher to homeless children and activist.
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5 comments on Walking In Faith: Wolves In Sheeps Clothing

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By Lumiere on April 18, 2009 at 06:00 pm

Julian- you are always so witty and I definately see your point.

Dave-     "The Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary)
                shall establish within the Department of Homeland
                Security (Department) a Center for Faith-Based and
                Community Initiatives (Center)...
                Sec. 2.  The purpose of the Center shall be to coordinate agency
                efforts to eliminate regulatory, contracting, and other programmatic
                obstacles to the participation of faith-based and other
                community organizations in the provision of social and
                community services."

I have read it and my main point is Seperation from church and state
               are an absolute. Non Negotiable. We seperated from the British for a 
               reason, religious persecution among many other things. When the government
               is involved in religion, nothing positive can come of it. Especially the department
               of Homeland Security. The word "obstacles" can have a very broad definition
               from governmental perspective and terminology. You can be an obstacle, and I can  be an obstacle to their community agenda. HOW exactly is the Department of Homeland Security going to ASSIST a church with their community outreach and more importantly, WHY?

               The other piece of the puzzle is if I were to have told you the automotive,
               mortgage, and finance industries were going to make a major hit three years ago-        you would probably have told me not to jump to conclusions either. Well
               Alex Zeiglar did warn us in his book, 'End of Empire' and no one listened.
When it comes to Bush and Cheney, do not underestimate the fine print of any of their executive orders because the American people will suffer for what they turn a blind eye to.

And why would President Bush's last executive order be Hitlers, Directive 51? Same name. Same agenda. Completed right before the nations first African American President was elected.  Something big is coming down the pipeline and when it hits, don't say no one ever warned you.


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Log In To Vote   Score: 5
By Lumiere on April 20, 2009 at 02:54 pm

Ah, Dave. My grandmother warned me to never argue with a fool. 

I'm not naive, I just refuse to be blinded by either political party.

xoxo Peace xoxo

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Log In To Vote   Score: 3
By Lumiere on April 22, 2009 at 10:10 am

I thought Jesus was a Liberal for his time. So was Martin Luther. Gandhi...  ;)

Dave- I am not a fan of MLBA- they are condoning Pedophilia, and riding the coat tails of the gay community. We are not one in the same. Exploiting children is NEVER acceptable.

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By fashionista on April 24, 2009 at 11:24 am

I think the point she was making is that Jesus was liberal for his time, and he was... many of his fellow community thought he was radical to the extreme...

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By fashionista on April 24, 2009 at 11:25 am

Besides, not every liberal believes in partial birth abortion, in fact... most liberals I know are not for it. Honestly I'm not sure why you brought that up... it doesn't really have anything to do with this conversation....

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