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Tea Party's Protests Gain Momentum Across The Nation

by Amo (writer), New York, April 10, 2009

It seems that the silent majority has finally had enough of the monarchy that now resides in our nation’s capital,

as thousands upon thousands of average Americans once more take to the streets and exercise their constitutional rights, to reclaim their government from an out of control congress and an inept administration.

The ‘Tea Party” Protests are alive and well in cities and towns across the nation, as citizens from all walks of life express outrage at the governments mishandling of the financial crisis that now grips our nation, and the administrations attempt to change the basic principles, of a free and open society and the seething anger of fat-cat politicians recklessly spending tax payer money with little accountability has ignited a firestorm of protests and has finally awakened the sleeping giant…the American tax payer.


What was once considered a local grass-roots protest has suddenly exploded into a  nationwide movement, and while the mainstream media tries to down play the protests, it has never-the-less become big news across the nation, thanks in part to the Internet, and talk radio, which has galvanized average Americans, reminiscent of the original “Boston Tea Party” that tried to force the colonies to buy British tea, when the colonies refused, King George III, the Prime Minister North and the British Parliament passed the “Tea Act”…taxing the colonial merchants and forcing them to buy British tea.

Ironically,  the parallels  of 1773 and the “Tea Party” Protests of today, are strikingly similar in that the “Tea Act”  was passed to save the British East India Company from going out of business, exactly what President Obama is doing today, bailing out corrupt and mismanaged industries with taxpayer money…instead it ignited a smoldering anger that finally erupted, after the Governor of Massachusetts demanded that the British tea tax be implemented, and the cargo be unloaded, from the three British ships docked in Boston Harbor.

On the night of December 16th 1773 a band of men calling themselves the “Sons of Liberty”, dressed as Indians quietly boarded the three British ships and dumped over 45-tons of tea into the harbor…and the railing cry across the colonies once again became "No Taxation Without Representation"…and what followed of course was the American Revolution.

Obviously, America today is at a crossroads, from a self-serving government much like the British Parliament of 1773, only this time rather then  “Taxation Without Representation", it is now “Bailouts and Corruption at the Taxpayer’s Expense”.


And much like those beleaguered colonists of 1773, today's taxpayer isn't going quietly into the night, they're finally fighting back, against a government that has all but abated the principles of our Founding Fathers, the millionaire politicians of today that now reside in the nations’s capital, would rather spend trillions of taxpayer money and drive us deeper into debt, and impose punitive resolutions, targeting “greedy workers”  and taxing their income at 90% , to cover-up, their own misdeeds?

Imagine if you will a government singling out a segment of the citizenry and creating a special “law” to punish them…how chilling is that? It’s reminiscent of  what took place in the early 1900’s in Russia, and later in Italy and Germany.  

Astoundingly, the Treasury Department and not the congress seems to be the ones dictating where taxpayer money should be spent,  in direct violation of the Constitution, which specifically details that congress is ultimately responsible and not the Executive Branch, add to that Treasury Secretary Geithner’s request for more power in overseeing private financial institutions, that I suspect will eventually include every business doing business with the government, and perhaps someday every business in the country.

We’ve already witnessed the Attorney General, of New York State, Andrew M. Cuomo,

grandstanding and threatening to release publicly the names of the AIG Executives, irregardless of the fact that there’s no known investigation taking place, and as far as we know no laws have been broken, yet the Attorney General, the highest law enforcement agent in the state, is threatening to go public…where I come from that’s called extortion.

These executives were entitled to receive “contractually legitimate” bonuses from their employer, AIG…what is the motivation of the Attorney General to release those names publicly, knowing full well that threats have made to their well being…what purpose does it serve, other then to divert attention from an inept congress followed closely by a power hungry administration that knew of the contracts and approved of them…BEFORE TAXPAYER FUNDS WERE GIVEN.

And while seemingly “spontaneous protests” by ACORN (remember them), in front of the homes of those executives have  been reported by the mainstream media, a sidebar to this story however has been cleverly omitted, in that those “spontaneous protests”, are actually being funded and organized by SEIU ((Service Employees INTERNATIONAL Union), who along with ACORN and a program entitled “Muscle for Money” contracts and pays people to “protest” whatever cause furthers their agenda. In truth they’re a hardcore political activist group that has a vested and financial interest in this administration success, specifically the hundreds of billions of taxpayer money currently propping up the auto industry from bankruptcy, and of course the restructuring and dismantling of labor laws that now makes public one of  America’s most cherished rights  and a cornerstone of democracy…the secret ballot, and our right to vote in private.

Let me be clear, I have no problem with, and in fact encourage every citizen to exercise their right to protest and assemble…however when political activist groups use intimidation and try to mislead the public with phony “spontaneous protests” and the mainstream media either promotes it or simply doesn't do its job in ferreting out the truth…then it is up to us to expose them.

All one needs to do is look at history as a guide post, to understand how freedom’s are eventually lost in a time of “crisis”…class-warfare, massive government intervention into private industries, usurping whatever written laws exists, such as a constitution.

For those that are interested in reclaiming their country back to what our Founding Fathers envisioned, I urge you to join this grass-roots movement. There are “Tea Party Protests” springing up all over this nation…let your voices ring out, loud and clear…and if you can't find one in your area…START ONE!



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8 comments on Tea Party's Protests Gain Momentum Across The Nation

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By Amo on April 11, 2009 at 04:56 pm

Good afternoon Dean, To quote one of your favorite presidents “there you go again”. The Huffingtonpost? Dean why not Code Pink for fair and balanced reporting!

Seriously, no other new service is even mentioning the Tea Parties Protests, don’t you find that odd? After all it is news, and if Fox is doing something questionable, why aren’t the other news outlets, reporting it?

I would think that CNN, and CNBC with their low ratings, would jump at an opportunity to discredit Fox News and their right wing agenda. Don’t you think?

By the way that is funny, both of us writing on the Tea Party Protests, of course from a different point of view.


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By Amo on April 11, 2009 at 06:29 pm

Dean,   did you read my article?  If you did, you would have come across this paragraph

And while seemingly “spontaneous protests” by ACORN (remember them), in front of the homes of those executives have  been reported by the mainstream media, a sidebar to this story however has been cleverly omitted, in that those “spontaneous protests”, are actually being funded and organized by SEIU ((Service Employees INTERNATIONAL Union), who along with ACORN and a program entitled “Muscle for Money” contracts and pays people to “protest” whatever cause furthers their agenda.”

CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and other mainstream outlets, all reported on ACORN’s “spontaneous protests”  except it wasn’t spontaneous, it was an organized paid demonstration, funded by the SEIU and a program enacted by ACORN, years ago called “Muscle for Money”.

This program was extremely effective in strong-arming bankers and lenders into relaxing regulations that contributed to the housing crisis. By-the-way, does the “million man” march sound familiar?  

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By Amo on April 11, 2009 at 08:45 pm

I do indeed get your point, however I don’t see where “FOX News” has sponsored anything, can you give me an example of “news personalities” that have sponsored the Tea Party protests. There is a distinction between journalists that report the news and commentators that give their opinions and entertain, and you need to be clear.

You can’t simply paint with a broad brush and say FOX News…you need to be specific!

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By Amo on April 13, 2009 at 06:34 am

Good morning Dean, Your article is well written and it is fact based, however I believe if you check your article you’ll see where we disagree…however for the benefit of those that may not check out your article, let me again suggest that you’re doing what many left of center news organizations do in not disclosing the full facts, and of course leaving out the obvious.

Below is an excerpt from your article.

" Glen Beck, who has been preaching America is doomed ever since Obama took office, has called for his viewers to "celebrate with Fox News." Sean Hannity encouraged his viewers to, "log on to our website to get all the details one week from tomorrow, our special, 'Tax Day Tea Party' show. You can attend. It's live. It's in Atlanta."

Dean, with all due respect, you are correct, these gentleman are indeed “personalities” they’re also commentators, in that their shows are opinion based, and of course you never make that distinction in your article…they are NOT journalists and they’ve never pretend to be.

You also mentioned Michele Milken, she’s a conservative columnist and writes opinion pieces in several national publications and on several conservative websites, to suggest that she’s a journalist is quite a stretch.


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By Amo on April 14, 2009 at 08:23 pm

Good evening Dean,

Thanks for your acknowledgment, and I agree with you, that Fox has indeed been promoting the events. However, I believe the mainstream media is missing the point, in that these protests aren’t against the Obama Administration only, but rather against an out of control government, on both sides of the aisle, including the Bush Administration that started this spending orgy.

I’ll be attending several, one in New Jersey at noon, and perhaps one in New York City later in the day, and I will take photos and have fun.


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By Amo on April 15, 2009 at 07:41 am

Good morning Dean,

I did want to make one additional point, in that when you suggest that FOX, is promoting these events that’s a fair statement. FOX, like CNN, MSNBC, CBS and all of programming on TV, is there to make money for its network and of course ratings, to that end FOX enjoys the highest ratings of all the cable news programming, and while the left would love to have the ratings of a Bill O'Reilly, they don’t and perhaps never will. So of course they do what they do best, insult, bash and at times lie about him.

However, O’Reilly doesn’t allow himself to be defined by a hateful and envious press, unlike President Bush who allowed the hardcore radical left to define him, O’Reilly wont, and he’s not timed in calling them out, and he’ll go after them, and of course it makes for great drama and plays well to his core base, and of course the radical left can’t match that in media coverage.

CNN and MSNBC, for almost a decade ran stories counter to the Bush Administration, Dan Rather (remember him), had to step down because of what he termed “sloppy journalism” in his exposé of Bush’s military career and of course the list of journalistic malpractice at the New York Times, is legendary.

My point to all of this is, what you term “promotion” is simply news organizations (right or left of center), playing to their core base, and of course ratings. While Obama enjoys high ratings, the frustration on the left is…so does FOX.


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By Amo on April 15, 2009 at 10:36 pm

Good evening Dean,

I tend to agree with you, in that traditional values are indeed under assault, by the progressive movement. And I do believe that a segment of our society would like to see a one world central government, similar to what we see in China, and you’re correct many true progressives don’t view religion as an important part of their lives. It just isn’t important to many on the left; I would imagine that most consider their “liberalism” as a form of religion.

Individualism I suspect will no longer be tolerated if it goes against government policy, and of course we’ve already seen the beginning of this brave new world…the redistribution of wealth, the bailing out of corrupt businesses and of course more and more taxation of the most productive within our society. Of course when that cash cow no longer exists, progressives will simply redefine what wealth is, and move down to the next level of tax payers, for the betterment of society.

However, I’m not sure what “value” one would places on abortion, my sense is that a society that would kill its own, (in most cases for convenience sake)…isn’t much of a society!

But then again that’s a moral issue, and I suspect within a progressive society moral values may not count for very much, when one considers that there are thousands of partial birth abortions done every year, in which a baby (not a fetus) is partially delivered, and then killed in most gruesome way.

And if one is to believe your statistics (ranked 14), then there’s little if  any recrimination…ahhh yes, a progressive society with no guilt, is that like FAT FREE ice cream?   


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By Amo on April 17, 2009 at 09:00 pm

Hey Dean,

We can debate this all day, and while you may actually believe that today’s liberals are tolerant of opposing views, simply take a look at what goes on, on liberal campuses today, when a conservative comes to speak. They’re shouted down, have pies thrown in their faces, and at times attacked on stage, and I’ve personally been verbally abused in debates, by my friends on the left.  

There was a news article just recently that stated, conservative speakers may need additional security that they would be required to pay for themselves, when speaking at liberal colleges.

Your analogy may have been true perhaps 10 to 15 years ago…not today. Liberals when confronted with facts and data, become most intolerant, believe me Dean, being a writer and living in New York City, I’ve been down this road with liberals, many, many times.

As for the Tea Party Protests, I did indeed take photos, and I’ll posting an article soon on my personal experiences and the great people I met.


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