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Georgia Woodbine Shows How To Recession Proof Your Life

by Phil Andrews (writer), New York City, April 10, 2009


Georgia Woodbine “Products that Move You”, Author, Speaker & Life Shows How to Recession Proof Your Life For Hard Times

Georgia Woodbine “Products that Move You”, Author, Speaker & Life Shows How to Recession Proof Your Life For Hard Times Click on link here to view video.

PA: What advice would you give to those individuals who going through tough times due to the downfall in the economy?

Georgia Woodbine: I recommend people using this time as a stepping stone and opportunity to evaluate where the are in their lives and where they are trying to go. I am a firm believer that after the storm hits the sun will rise again. It’s all about our perceptions and how we look at things. If we look as the economy and continue to speak that things are getting worse then every move we make will be lead by negative energy and negative thoughts expecting the worst to happen and of course that will be the outcome.

We need to look around us and say how can I stretch my average way of thinking and look around and see what good will come out of all these transitions that are taking place. We need to focus on what we can do differently to adjust to the temperature change of the economy and look around at the true meaning of living and not merely existing and ask ourselves: what have I done with my life, my time, my money and my resources to make a difference in the world.

PA: Do you recommend daily meditation?

Georgia Woodbine: Absolutely, In order the keep our mind free from all the baggage and junk we feed it everyday we have to consistently exercise positive self-talk. Speaking Affirmations is a powerful tool that will create the life you want. I speak from personal experience. Of course, this will take constant reminding and retraining of our mindset and thought process. Your affirmations should focus on what you want – not what you don’t want. Your affirmations will work best when they are linked to your greater life goals. The heavy resistance that’s keeps us back is fear of oneself and fear of the unknown. The unknown doesn’t have to be a bad thing, often times it’s a blessing in disguise.

PA: Have you ever been through a tough period in your life?

Georgia Woodbine: There have been so many times in different stages of my life that I experienced unexpected blows and circumstances that totally caught me off guard. I lost so many things and when things are being abruptly snatched away from you, the first reaction we usually get is to panic. But when you reinvent your thought patterns and redirect your mind to draw positive energy from your pain. It will allow you to evolve into spiritual strength, growth and freedom.

PA: How did you handle the situations?

Georgia Woodbine: I fought very hard to retrain my thought process. It’s almost like your in a battlefield of the mind with yourself. I maintained my focus on all the good things that happened to me and associated the feelings that came with them. I kept replaying those thoughts in my mind like a tape recorder. Every time I would get down on myself, or get disappointed, I would stop and tell myself this is not where I want my mind to go and I would wheel myself back to my thoughts and feelings of where I wanted to be.

Of course, it’s not an easy thing to do when all of your life someone somewhere has influenced your outlook on life telling you what to think, what to do and what you should be focused on achieving. But we have to relearn how to think outside our current reality, how to do things with the resources we have and how to achieve the things that are best suited with our natural gifts, skills and abilities.

PA: What are some of the early lessons that you have learned in life to help you cope with a world that is constantly changing?

Georgia Woodbine: I have learned that nothing stays the same. Things have transpire in order for transformation to occur. If things don’t shift or move we can’t grow as individuals. Coping is something we have to do to survive. We can’t allow anything to get so bad that we lose hope and want to give up. The are so many great things ahead that awaits us even though we go through the tribulations and the pain. We spend so much time trying to figure out what happened to our lives and why? Whatever you are going through will not last forever, this too shall pass.

PA: You have a new book Jewels of Inspiration and Reflections that helps people get through difficult times. Could you tell readers a little about what they can expect when they purchase your book?

Georgia Woodbine: I always refer to Jewels of Inspirations and Reflections: The Journey of Life as a book of hope. This book is about turning your pain into purpose and allowing your god given genius to come out. The words of wisdom and affirmations in this book offer encouragement and illustrates how to reinvent yourself and redirect your mind to draw positive energy, so you can enjoy your life while you are here. It’s about using your hidden personal power to overcome your problems.

PA: How can your first book “How to Make Big Buck$ without Selling Your Soul Help” those who are struggling with tough times and the threat of having to change careers without a choice?

Georgia Woodbine:

Sometime we only move when we have to move. Many times we get so used to being in our comfort zone that unless something forces you out of your job or situation we would always stay stagnant. How To Make BIG BUCK$ Without Selling Your Soul is a great step-by-step resource and provides practical information that can be used for personal, spiritual, and business development. Written to help people who are searching for greater life goals, this easy-to-read handbook taps into; making positive changes, moving from unfulfilling careers and dead-end relationships, to creating wealth without sacrificing your moral values.

PA: How important is mental toughness as it relates to getting through day to day struggles?

Georgia Woodbine: Mental toughness is absolutely necessary for anything you are trying to achieve in your life.

You don’t have to be born with mental toughness, it’s something you can learn and train yourself to do. It’s always good to look for the circle of people that exude positive energy and spend time with those type of people. It says in the bible “As a man thinketh, so is he”. We have to focus and concentrate on the things we want to change, not the things that seem to remain the same. Even if it means finding one good thing in your day that happened to make you feel excited, happy and joyous. We have to keep that good thing as our area of focus instead of lasering on all the things that go wrong, We have to focus on the present and do what’s necessary now and not dwell on the mishaps of yesterday. By changing your mind, you can begin to heal the world around you and perceive your "work" on this planet in a much different way.

There was a treatment developed by neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl called LOGOTHERAPY. Logotherapy is derived from the Greek word “logos” which is defined as meaning, inner, understanding , of the universe logic, higher good. Frankl developed his approach before the second world war, he was a holocaust survivor and applied this theory while imprisoned in a concentration camps. Frankl concept is based on the idea that our primary motivational force is to find meaning in our life.

I love what Viktor Frankl said: he said “They can take us from almost everything, our health our prosperity, our freedom and even those dearest to us – except for one thing the freedom to decide how to react to our situation in life. We are the masters of our own fate, not its victims.”

PA: You have a some events coming up. Can you tell us where people can find you?

Georgia Woodbine: We have GW Monthly Networking with a Purpose that will be held at Dallas BBQ located at 27 West 72nd Street , New York . The purpose of GW Monthly Networking Event is to build meaningful and powerful relationships which have a profound impact on economic development for all attendees. People can register at

PA: What is Georgia Woodbine “Products That Move You”?

Georgia Woodbine: The mission of Georgia Woodbine “Products That Move You” is to provide our customers

with tools that will help change their life and show them how to connect the dots: with their gifts, talents and natural abilities to reach their fullest potential. We also have newly released “Make it Happen” and “Grab Your Destiny audio CD’s. Our goal is to continue to “EMPOWER” Encourage and Motivate People Openly With Empowering Resources to be their best through written books, Audio CD's, DVD’s, Audio Books, Conferences, Educational Training, Seminars, Workshops and Retreats. Our purpose is to help people get in tune with their spiritual focus to create their best life.

PA: Can you tell us a little more about your Keys To Success Angel Club?

Georgia Woodbine: The Keys Top Success Angel Club is a membership formed to engage partners with us to help us touch more communities worldwide. As we all know there are millions each day that encounter daily social, economic, political and financial struggles in life and are looking for way out. This program fosters positive growth in individuals to be their best. This network is here to facilitate and strengthen our community organizations. Collaboration is the key to successful network.

The annual membership fee of $25 goes to Georgia Woodbine “Products That Move” being donated to various Charities, Non-For-Profit and Community Organizations such as Homeless Shelters, Women Shelters, State and Federal Prisons, Boys and Girl’s Homes, Student Organizations, Mentoring Programs, and Mental Health Organizations) The partners receive 10% SAVINGS OFF ALL Spiritual Focusing Publishing Products, Newsletter Updates and FREE Teleconference on:

- How To Live By Your Design – Own Your Power
- Grab Your Destiny – The Secrets To Manifesting Your Destiny
- Make It Happen – It’s Your Time To Shine

PA: You are featured on, how did you get featured on web site and what do you talk about on web site?

Georgia Woodbine: is linked to the Learning Annex where I teach a class “How To Write A Book in 30 Days or Less! The OneminuteU videos on this site feature highlights of various topics of discussion from instructors. Also for those of you that are interested in the classes. You can visit

PA: Georgia, what can attendees of the How to Write a Book in 30 Days or Less with Georgia Woodbine expect to learn when they register with a course in the learning annex?

Georgia Woodbine: Whether you want to write fiction or nonfiction, this highly motivating class will teach you secrets of the creative process that give you the boost you need to get it done. You will learn logical structure, time management techniques and develop strategies that will turn you into a book-writing machine. You'll see your abilities unfold into a book you never knew you could write. These techniques are easy, effective and amazingly simple. You'll be surprised at how much you can accomplish quickly and without drudgery.

PA: Epoch Times an international Newspaper interview you several months ago and the topic of the article dealt with how to make meaning out of the mess, can you explain what to headline of the feature article meant to you?

Georgia Woodbine: Basically the article was about my experience working in the entertainment industry and how I hit rock bottom and was able to turn all of my pain and obstacles into something positive and help show others how I was able to overcome one of the most challenging times in my life.

PA: Georgia , You have published an Audio CD’s entitled Make it Happen, and DVD’s Live By Your Design and How To Stimulate Your Own Personal Economy. Can you tell our anxious readers about your new products and how it will help them?

Georgia Woodbine:

MAKE IT HAPPEN AUDIO CD focuses on maximizing your gifts, talents and natural ability to create your success. It shows you how to unleash your spiritual power and transform both your professional and personal life. This CD will help BREAK THE BARRIERS TO YOUR SUCCESS! You will receive an powerful presentation that leaves listeners feeling motivated and ready to take action.

LIVE BY YOUR DESIGN DVD focuses on learning how to own your power to create the life you want. It demonstrates how you can stretch yourself to create your own destiny and be free spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Topics include: - Identify Who You Really Are - How to Manifest Your Destiny, - Owning Your Power , - Finding Your True Career Path, - Turning Failure Into Success


Sheds light on how people can fight the recession through purpose and ingenuity. It shows others how to tap into their creative ambitions and develop future goals. Her tools and strategies demonstrate how to reclaim your life and maximize your resources they currently have to empower and stimulate themselves to move forward.

PA: How may our readers purchase your products?

Georgia Woodbine and Barnes and Noble

PA: Georgia , I am really motivated by how much you have done, and inspired by all of the products that you have created. Can you run down the list of your products one more time for our readers?

Georgia Woodbine: The Georgia Woodbine Products that Move Your are:

- How To Make Big Bucks Without Selling Your Soul! Book

- Jewels of Inspiration and Reflections: The Journey of Life Book

- How To Live By Your Design – Own Your Power DVD
- Grab Your Destiny – The Secrets To Manifesting Your Destiny Audio CD
- Make It Happen – It’s Your Time To Shine Audio CD

- 7 Keys To Success Journal

- 7 Keys to Success T-Shirt

PA: Georgia , October is a special month for you, Mayor Ernest D. Davis of Mount Vernon Proclaimed October 8, 2007 Georgia Woodbine Day on behalf of 70,000 citizens who reside in the “City that Believes”. Georgia , what kind of events do you envision presenting in the City of Mount Vernon annually on Georgia Woodbine Day?

Georgia Woodbine: Definitely a Day of Celebration with Live Entertainment, Empowerment Workshops and vendors. A day of fun and edutainment.

PA: Are you available to speak at Churches, Community Organizations, and Colleges and Universities, If so what are the topic you speak about and how can you be reached to be booked for upcoming events.

Georgia Woodbine: Some of my speech topics and workshops are:

- How to Manifest Your Destiny

- Finding Your True Career Path

- Turning Failure Into Success

- How To Live By Your Design

PA Public Relations Company Email

PA: Georgia , one final time can you just repeat your web site, blog, and myspace page.

Georgia Woodbine:

PA: Georgia , thank you for taking the time to give such a fabulous interview to the Hempstead-Uniondale Times?

Georgia Woodbine: Thank you Phil, and I look forward to seeing all of you at my next event.

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