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Buyer's Remorse?

by Amo (writer), New York, April 09, 2009

I’m sure we’ve all purchased a product or service that didn’t quite measure up to its billing;

however in most cases we could always bring it back for either a refund or a credit towards another purchase, and I would imagine after witnessing several months of this administration in action, that some who voted for President Obama, might be having buyer’s remorse…unfortunately there are no refunds on one’s vote, and for the most part we’ve got the type of government that most wanted, and of course the “change” that was promised…the key question that should have been asked BEFORE the purchase, should have been, “what kind of change”? 

In truth however, President Obama never deceived anyone; he told the populace exactly what he would do as president, his record in the Senate was there for all to see, and his vision for America was clear, he believes in big government entitlements, and in massive social programs, and in the redistribution of wealth.

And I suspect after witnessing this massive spending orgy that it’s fair to assume, that President Obama will continue to “change”, as much as possible, the fundamental structure of our government, to what we see today in countries such as France and Germany, with more government regulations and intrusion into our personal lives.

However, I suspect that most who voted for President Obama weren’t concerned about

his voting record or his lack of experience or for that matter what the President’s vision was for America, I would imagine that some voted for Obama because he looked cool, hip, and of course he could sweet talk his way like no other politician in recent memory. Still others I suspect voted strictly on skin color and against anything conservative, Republican, or for that matter, old.

So now we have a young, liberal, cool, hip, handsome, sweet talking African American President who’s taking a crash course in how to govern, at our expense. With little experience to reference from, and believes in big government entitlements and in the redistribution of wealth, and that government rather then the private sector can solve almost all of the issues we now face, through massive government spending and taxation either directly or indirectly.

And while he isn’t responsible for starting this economic crisis, he is responsible for spending hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money in attempting to  bailout irresponsible and greedy business and  homeowners, and  I sincerely believe that his radical economic polices, may drive our economy closer to the brink of depression.

However, as I’ve stated in pervious articles, it’s the American people, (thanks to our Founding Fathers), that finally decide how far government should go in usurping the Constitution, and just like a rubber band, it can only stretch so far…before it snaps back.

My concern isn’t so much the radical programs that this administration will attempt to push through, or even the out-of-control spending.  Eventually another administration will come to power, hopefully with a more moderate approach and correct or eliminate those radical programs, similar to what President Obama is currently doing in eliminating programs such as the “Welfare Reform Act” under President Clinton, or many of the national security programs enacted after 9/11, under President Bush…that’s what free elections are all about.

However, my concern since 9/11, has always been our national security, and I worry that this president may not be up to the challenge, his recent decisions when it comes to the subject of terrorism is worrisome and there seems to be a cavalier almost a disregard when it comes to our national security.

So much so that even the word “terrorism” is no longer acceptable for fear of offending someone, it’s bizarre to say the least…and it speaks volumes of this president’s commitment to “protect and defend”.  At the very least, it sends the wrong message to our enemy’s, that we are no longer vigil, nor is our national security a priority.

Astoundingly the new Security of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, in her testimony before the US Congress never once mentioned the word “terrorism” but rather an absurd reference to something she termed as "man-caused" disasters…whatever that means.

In Paris France, President Obama took the opportunity to once again slam America and the Bush Administration, by implying that we as a country are “arrogant” and that President Bush used “torture” as a policy against detainees…those statements by an American president on foreign soil is appalling!  

Not only is this factually untrue, and a cheap political stunt in pandering to the French, but it also puts our country once again in jeopardy, by allowing defense attorneys a platform to argue that if information was gotten through “torture”, then that information may not be admissible in a court of law. Can you imagine the mastermind of 9/11 walking out of prison…a free man, it is not inconceivable…this babbling nonsense, by both Napolitano and Obama must stop, before it’s too late.

And I worry when this President, tries to finesse a tyrant who’s vowed time and again to “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth”, and treats terrorism as nothing more then a criminal act, rather then the national security issue that it is. Fortunately for us, the Israeli government under the new leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, will do what we’re afraid to do, he understands all to well the threat to his countries security, and I assume he will soon handle convincingly President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatened boast.

And while this President frets and worries about what others think and how to “protect and defend” us, the Israeli Government I suspect has already put together a contingency plan to eliminate whatever threat Iran may pose, irregardless of what we or anyone else may think.

The fundamental difference between Israel and us is that “they” understand all to well the threat, and what appeasement ultimately brings.

I sincerely hope that my instincts are wrong, and that this President is up to the challenge, as he systematically dismantles President Bush’s programs, that in effect kept us safe since 9/11…and if the unthinkable should once again accrue, then what?  Unfortunately buyer’s remorse won’t help.

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By Amo on April 11, 2009 at 06:45 pm

Dean, thank you for that gracious remark, it’s refreshing to debate ideas in the spirit of civility and fellowship, and it is much appreciated.


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By tony1988 on March 18, 2010 at 08:11 am

Obama's policies may increase the concern of the buyers, the policy makers are not doing good job to cope with all this situation.642-973 646-656 PW0-104 646-656

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