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Chinese Self-study Education Program Is Great!

by Mason (writer), jinjiang, April 09, 2009

As we know,studying is a life-long process nowadays,so,self-study education program is a very very very good channel for those who wanted to make progress and improve ones' situations.

Look,Here in china,we have kind of self-study programs for nearly everybody in our motherland,there is not kind of restrictions at all,as long as you are law complying and wish to improve yourselves by studying on the side even you are on the job,just do it,it will benefit you a great deal.

In china,if we are being out of reach of school in the time of middle school for certain reasons,maybe due to poverty,indeed there are some of our classmates really had not attended classes,just because of money.With this program,we can sign up for it and buy the relevant books and going through exams as required by the college which we are entering ourselves for the exams.As long as we are hard working,and make the best use of the time,we can get the certificate which is acknowledged by the state.if one is going for work right after junior college or say 3 years college educations,and wish to study more and higher ones' knowledge later,for going to impress the society,one can do it also.thus,the self-study program is accessible to most part of knowledge seekers.

What i said above this kind of self-study program is being acknowledged by the state is one point that is very significant.If without this,the education system of china is going to be a barrier but ladder for those people who wanted to stand out amoung their fellow in the days to,i would say GREAT to this kind of acknowledge.

It is understandable when you are going to sign up for certain exams of a higher rank,there is a certain standard that you need reach before you can sign up,so,the higher rank which you reached via this self-study program is going to be very useful as far as it concerned.for example: say if i am a 3 years college graduate,and finished all the self-study courses called undergraduate courses plus already got certificate in hand also.i can go for the post-graduate exams right after,if i am not having this certificate,then,i need either go for this certificate or sign up for the exams only after 2 years can i have this qualification for this post-graduate exam.but most of the universities will require the latter have at least one or two of the essay being published by some well-known publishers countrywide.of course,being recognised by the unversities themselves,as far as i know,most of us do not have.

China is getting a better and better environment for the knowledge seekers,we have libraries,and good colleges and good ladder of study for those disadvantaged or say not very good at studying as compared with others,so,together with this self-study program,am looking forward to seeing a great improvement of our national overall educational level.

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