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Oakland Protest Reveals Black Racism

by D. E. Carson (writer), , March 29, 2009

Shootout leaves five men dead...but one's a hero?

You won’t read about this anywhere on the Internet because no one wanted to cover it. In fact, the only place that this story ran was on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor and now it’s here.

We all know the story about the four Oakland police officers killed in a shoot out with Lovelle Mixon. We also know that Mixon himself was killed in the shoot out. We know that Mixon was on parole. He was tied to several rape cases and he was considered a violent criminal – carjacking and assault tend to land those labels on a person.

What we don’t know because on one bothered to report on it was that Lovelle Mixon was the subject of an anti-police demonstration in Oakland this past week where he was hailed as a hero and a soldier in some ideological fight against society.

A video posted on a popular Internet video sharing site shows people standing in front of a building openly proclaiming itself as the offices of the American People’s Socialist Party holding a vigil for Mixon. One person, Bakari Olantunji called the Oakland Police, “an occupying army in the African community.” Olantunji went on to say that “the police do not represent anything good in the African community. That’s a historical fact. I don’t make that up.”

This story did not run anywhere else in the USA that this reporter can find on the Internet. The link to the video was found through the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement’s website after an extensive search on the name Lovelle Mixon. If you really want to see the video, you will need to find it yourself as this article will not dignify such a gross and disgusting display of racism by posting a link to it.

This story is being told here to show that black racism against whites is still very much alive and well in America – in spite of the fact that America now has a black president. Blacks are insistent on perpetuating the stereotype that all cops are racist against blacks. Blacks continue to BMW (bitch, whine and moan) about how they think whites are racist when time and time again the reverse is the real truth. And now blacks are protesting in Oakland saying that a convicted parolee was the victim of a police execution.

In a word: BULLSH*T.

Mixon was a criminal. He had a criminal record. He chose to commit the crimes that got him arrested. He chose to engage in a shootout with police and now he and four Oakland police officers are dead because of the decisions Mixon chose to make. He had choices. Don’t sit there in your cushy chair in your underwear saying that he was a victim. He was no victim. He chose to do the things that got him arrested and now killed. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. I do feel sorry for the families of the four cops. I have some level of sympathy for Mixon’s family, but I also hold them responsible. They have a duty as a family to teach Mixon right from wrong. Apparently someone in Mixon’s family failed to instill in him the knowledge that as humans we all have choices and those choices have consequences. Bad decisions lead to bad consequences – even getting killed.

Additionally, somewhere along the line, someone put the idea in his head that cops are bad, whites are bad and “ain’t nobody gonna care about no black man no how.” Again, more of the kind of lame, victicrat mentality crap that blacks perpetuate but don’t bother to try and stop. Comedian and entertainer Bill Cosby tried to tell blacks what they needed to do to stop the trends blacks follow but he was excoriated for it. He tried to take a stand as a leader in the black community and tell blacks they need to be responsible for their actions. They need to take responsibility for where they are in life. I would add to that they need to stop relying on an ineffective and inefficient government as their means of living and start doing their own damn work, earning their own damn money and start teaching their children right from wrong and stop teaching their children that they are “owed” something from white people. White people don’t owe blacks a damn thing. If you want to bring up slavery, that debt has been paid and repaid with interest seventy times seven times over. It is moot. Get over it and move on.

The demonstration in Oakland was real. It happened. It was as gross and disgusting a display of racism as any KKK cross burning. It was unnecessary, uncalled for and served to do nothing but trivialize the loss of four law enforcement agents who were doing their job. The protest tried to elevate a violent criminal to the status of martyr in a fake struggle that has no foundation. The protesters should be condemned for their whiny, crybaby, thumb sucking and frankly, it is a good thing that their protest was only covered by a real news organization rather than the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Press Association. That way it was shown as the obnoxious, disgusting, hateful, racist, bigoted, fear-mongering that it was and not glossed over by a news media sympathetic to ignorant morons wanting the government to just hand them everything.

Blacks want to be treated with respect and dignity? The ones who are treated with dignity and respect have earned it not by calling cops “occupying armies” but by resisting the entitlement mentality of their communities and actually walked out of the cesspools that are places like South-Central LA and Harlem and become educated individuals who know right from wrong, who know how to make good decisions, who know that they will make mistakes and own up to them and will learn from them and actually work hard and are successful. Let me share a secret with the black community – whites don’t have it any easier than you do. The American free-enterprise system was established in such a way that everyone starts at the bottom and only those who are actually willing to work hard and take the risks and take the chances and get a proper education will make it to the top. Those who do nothing deserve nothing. Those willing to work deserve to be rewarded. To make it any other way is immoral.

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3 comments on Oakland Protest Reveals Black Racism

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By D. E. Carson on April 08, 2009 at 01:48 am

"Does this mean this author does not "think whites are racist?""

You tell me, Category Five.  You seem to know everything about everything.  You seem to believe that you're omniscent and the rest of us are supposed to be in awe of your vast and expansive knowledge.  You have no qualms about overloading people with your own left-wing rodomontade taking something out of context and not only bending it to fit the liberal agenda, but you like to wrap it around a telephone pole so that it in no way resembles what was originally said.  You seem to enjoy attacking me making stupid, moronic comments like the one above in which you attempt, albeit pestiferously, to paint me as a racist.

Do the whole world a favor and leave me alone.  I have the right to speak my mind without you coming along with your left-wing propaganda sites trying to turn what I've said into something that it isn't.  You and I are never going to agree on anything.  The problem is, American politics is no longer about right versus left, it's right versus wrong and frankly you're on the "wrong" side.

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By D. E. Carson on April 08, 2009 at 01:49 am

Also, I wish I'd read your comment here before I read your take on the Oakland anti-police foolishness.

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By D. E. Carson on April 12, 2009 at 06:58 pm

Well Deano, if you're handing out money, sure, I'll always take about $10 million.  That's what I'll need to bribe some bureaucrat to make sure I get access to the EKG machine I'll need when I have a heart attack under the Obama Socialized Medicine Program.

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