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Something To Muse Over

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, March 24, 2009

The sign on the wall says. "Welcome" Off the beaten path this cafe really means it.

This past weekend, The Funny Indian, Rajiv Satyal (see my previous article for this) was auditioning for a gig at the prestigious Montreal Comedy festival. It was taking place at the Unknown theatre in Los Angeles.

As usual, my boyfriend and I arrived early and were to meet some other friends as well. We met one and while waiting for our other friends, we were looking to find something to drink and pass the time away. Anyone who knows this area of Santa Monica Blvd, knows there’s not much happening there, but on the corner of SM, a block down from Seward, we popped into a little café called Café Muse.

As we walked in we were greeting by the sound of a young woman playing the piano and singing some tunes. The Café itself was open and spacious and their menu seemed like it catered to the vegetarian population.

We texted our friends and told them where we were, ain’t textin’ grand!? For 20 minutes we stayed and listened and if the young woman, Jes Hudak (Jes has a myspace page) , hadn’t have stopped playing we might have been late for the original reason we were in that vicinity in the first place.

Though not an American Idol fan, I think this would young lady would be great if she was “discovered”, But I’m always impressed by artists who can play their own instruments. That to me is a music artist.

So if you like non-corporate coffee shops with good food and good entertainment check out Café Muse, they have other events that promote local artists. The best part, free.

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