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So What If Obama Is Black

by PATRICK PETION (writer), Little Ferry NJ, March 17, 2009

Been the first black president is that really matter? The media portait Obama as the first black whom ever did anything special.

I am  a black man, not an african American, actually no one is an African American, because Africa and America are two continent so you can't clam to be part of both continent at the same time. you can be a black US citizen  from United State of America or you can be a black born from a country in Africa. We refer to our race as the black race because for the fact that it exist 5 race as johann friedrich blumenbach entitled his 1775 text; that established the five major division of human race still reflected in some racial clasification which are the caucasoid race, mongoloid race, Ethiopian race which became the Negroid race American Indian race and Malayan race. that clasification was base on race division the purpose was to demostrate the difference between race, such classification is trace back to ancient civilisation such as Egypt, for example the ancient  Egyptian sacred text called Book of Gates identifies four categories of  races they were the Egyptians, Asiatics, Lybians and Nubians, others civilisations has used others distinction to identifies differences between the human races.

The Medieaval model see all human as descedent of Noah three son Shem,Ham and Japhetic producing distinct  Semitic or asiatic, Hamitic or African and Japhedic or Indo European. this theory can be trace  back to the judeo - christian  tradition  the believe was that the descedants of ham was cursed by been black. that explain the believed that Black people are some how cursed and can't accomplish anything special. The Babilionian Talmuld despict  Ham as a sinful and evil man and his progeny as degenerate, that is a myth from the medieval time, unfortunantly some might still have  that believe today. a sociologist Ibn Khaldun an adherent of enviromental determinism dispeled this theory as a myth  and he explain that Black skin is due to hot climate of  sub saharan africa.

The word race with all the believe associate with the term were first coined during the age of exploration a time of European Imperialism. as the European nation try to conquer the world with their technological superiority and colonisation  they speculate about  the physical social and cultural difference among various human group they encountered. and also to justify the subordination of African slaves they categorize human as group in the rise of the Atlamtic slaves trade. certain european group assume that their culture was superior than others therefore they have a superior or a better culture than anyone else,so that allow them special right . The17th century scientist along with the development of european imperialism attempt to classify human by categories of race.  in his book the French Author of 17th century Francois Berniers show the clasification of human into different group  his book[ new division of the Earth by different species or races which inhabit it.

Eventhought they had try for century to proove that it exist a different between human race,the current believe is that all human are classified as belonging to the species homo sapiens and sub-species homo sapiens sapiens, most antropologist believe that homo sapiens evolve as one interconnected species  which are evolve from East Africa therefore if their theory is right we are all African from the nigrod or negro familly. 

well we know races isn't really matter because after all we are in the 21 century were we no longer divided human base on the color of their skin but by the comptent of their character, the liberal know it better, they know how to glorify a black liberal while bring down a conservative one: we know black leader in the republican party whom has been   accused of anything, we have for example Clerance Thomas whom the media and the liberal portait as an evil man and an angry man. They show him absolutly no respect, Condolesa Rice the first black woman as secretary of state, because she was a republican they never mention her as an accomplisment. If it wasn;t for Babara Walter whom Mention him on her book, we will still believe Omaba was the first black senator, not a republican, whom she has an affair with.

obviously color of skin isn't matter, but your ideologies and afiliation that what really matter. Obama has been celebretate by the left, only because of his idea and philosophy, he was definently the most liberal in the senate. his policy is taking us to the road of socialist.

 Black folks was once again an instrument to achive an higher goal, no one really care about the condition of black folks. If they did  the president would be working in policy to help supporting black familly, by supporting them through way that they can become self suficient not depend solely on government walfare. Most of small business in the black community are own by spanish and Arab, nothing for Black folks, therefore if President Obama really care about us he will help by establish structure which will encourage black to go for business for themslves and become producer not just consummer.

The first lady is become whom she is today, not by been a number in a welfare list; but because her family has working hard all their life. So they could procure her a better life and have a place in our society. Most welfare recipient become dependent of the welfare system, they stop producing, therefore unable to support their family and create a better life for their family. so by been on welfare the black family lost and also the country lost, it is a waist of probable pontential.  

The president policies will not encourage creation of wealth in the black community but instead create a greater dependency on the government. If the government really have a plan to help the inter city poor and black, they will try to encourage work ethic and business development, which is the only way to bring pride in the black community and encourage family unity. by creating a culture of self sufficientcy the government will advance the cause of those whom are depending on the government. unfortunatly that not what President Obama is focus on.His policies is to increase the welfare system and have a greater government influence in people lif and stop the development of small business.

Reseach has proove that the welfare system and social policies has destroy the black community, for example in the 1940 we have 18% of black women divorced; 15% in 1960. Just before modern welfare we have 3 out of 4 black children were born with a father and a mother married, yet by the late 60 and early 70 the divorce rate has reached 60%, in the 80 there were 3 unmarried black woman for every black man with a decent job, early 90 black children could expect to spend just 16% of their time in a married household, while spanic could expect 67% and caucasian 80%. The most common arangement for black kid under 6 was to live with amother who never married, while all black children was half as likely as white to be living with both parents and 8 time as likely to be living with a single mother. the affect of growing up without both parent from simillar communities  increase the likelyhood of jail time.  those statistic does exist and they show how the welfare system has replace the father role in the black community.

The recipient of welfare situation has become worst since the new deal, the government is not able to satisfy all our desire. only hard work and self reliance attitude can create wealth. Been a black men is still not matter but the social policies of a government would be beneficial for every citizen. the country was base on self reliance, freedom and the pursuit of hapiness. the only thing we need is freedom to be able to work  get an education and start a business for ourself and our family. The only thing we should need from a government not the color of their skin, but they guaranteed our freedom.

Finally taxe increse hurt everybody, as the maire of New York has the courage to mention it, higher taxes mean two thing; less profit for the investor therefore they won't invest or they will pass the taxes to the consummer, so price will increase. At the end taxes increases will hurt the poor more than hurting the rich. if Obama really care about black folks he will not increase taxes on the rich or on the poor, but will facilate creation of small business by offering taxes brakes and stimulis to create new business. 

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By PATRICK PETION on May 07, 2009 at 07:55 pm

If the president really care about black folks, his policy won't be taxes increase which will hurt the poor folks, but will have a policy to facilitate creation of small business by offering taxes breakes to business and stimulis to create new business. capitalist is the only fair system.

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