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America Held Hostage: Day 51

by D. E. Carson (writer), , March 12, 2009

We’ve still got a long way to go, baby!

Calling it “imperfect”, His Royal Highness, the Anointed One, Barack Hussein Obama signed the $410 billion omnibus spending bill today officially breaking his campaign promise to veto “any bill containing any earmarks” for the second time.  We were promised that government was going to be “transparent” with “more accountability” than we had under President Bush.  We were promised vetoes of bills containing pork.  Those promises were not just broken, they’ve been broken, thrown under the bus, wrapped around a telephone pole and run through the meat grinder.

All in the name of making sure Democrats keep their power.

Thing is, Democrats are beginning to get nervous.  And well they should be.  The people don’t forget.  Former Senator and actor Fred Thompson commented on his radio show last week that the people of America are willing to allow for change up to a point.  But they will only follow Barack Hussein Obama so far on faith.  So long as things don’t change, the people will resort to looking at past performance and if you don’t deliver, you’ll be out.

So far, HRH Obama has not delivered – in fact, he’s only made the promise worse.  He and the Democrats in Congress have lied to the people saying that the two ludicrous spending bills were “last year’s business.”  The Anointed One said that the $410 billion omnibus bill is the final piece of legislation from last year’s (FY2008) budget that rolls the 9,000 earmarks into one bill.  That is the biggest lie of The Anointed One’s reign and it is proof positive that with a majority in the House and the Senate and holding the White House, Democrats are spending money like a bunch of sophomoric drunken frat boys at the world’s largest house party.

In all truthfulness, Congress did not need to increase the spending from last year and add in 9,000 earmarks.  There was no need to roll these earmarks in for any reason except to strengthen their power hold over America.

In a written statement, Arizona Senator John McCain said, "The president's rhetoric is impressive, but his statement affirms we will continue to do business as usual in Washington regarding earmarks in appropriations legislation.  This is an opportunity missed."

An opportunity to prove he meant what he said to get himself elected.  On January 6 of this year, The Anointed One reiterated his stance on earmarks, “We are going to ban all earmarks -- the process by which individual members insert pet projects without review.  We will create an economic recovery oversight board made up of key administration officials and independent advisors to identify problems early and make sure we are doing all we can to solve it"

In fact, when pressed on the issue, Obama said for clarification, “We will ban all earmarks in the recovery package and I describe earmarks as the process by which individual members insert pet projects without review. So what I'm saying is, we're not having earmarks in the recovery package, period.”

Really Captain Herbalife?  I would like to know what you have been smoking – and judging by what you’ve been saying, you’ve been inhaling because you’re sure as hell not living in this universe.  The stimulus package you signed was so full of pork that it has to be kept in a smokehouse to keep from going rotten!

Then today Obama had the unmitigated gall to actually defend signing another pork-laden bill by saying, “Done right, earmarks have given legislators the opportunity to direct federal money to worthy projects that benefit people in their district, and that's why I have opposed their outright elimination."


You said you were going to “ban all earmarks” then you said you, “have opposed their outright elimination.”  You cannot have it both ways.  Either you oppose or you favor earmarks.  This isn’t a middle-of-the-road issue.

But it’s so typical of Democrats.  They are the only the people who don’t realize you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  They’ve proven once again they are only interested in themselves and they don’t give rip about the people they’re hurting – the hard-working Americans.  Democrats will give away the house just to keep control of it.  They don’t realize that by giving away the house, they’re giving away that which they control!

It’s more of the same old same old.  America got screwed at the polls in November.  We’ve got more worthless government programs giving more money away to lazy people who would rather lie around the house all day watching Doprah Whinefrey on their 62” big screen plasma TV than get up and go to work for a living.  Then if that isn’t bad enough, money is also going to be given to pay for scum of the earth illegal aliens who break our laws sneaking into our country and then stuff our emergency rooms with diseased scumbags leaving honest tax payers to foot the bill.

And the pinhead Congressmen and women who benefit from all of this don’t care.  They have their golden fleece compensation and retirement package so they really don’t care if you, the hard working American citizen have to pay more in taxes.  They’ll just take more of your money to pay for all of this “free stuff” they keep giving away.

The time has come to end government entitlements across the board.  Social Security was never intended to be a comprehensive retirement package.  It was intended only to supplement those who lost most of their retirement in the Great Depression and to assist any of those in subsequent generations.  But it was never meant to be the whole enchilada.  Medicare and Medicaid need to go.  Tax credits for people who don’t pay taxes need to go.  It is not now nor has it ever been the intention of Government to financially support the people.  People who cannot save their own money and put off buying things they really don’t need until they can afford them are why the economy is in such dire straits – it has nothing to do with the White House or the one who last had it.  It’s irresponsible people who think that credit cards make you rich.  The people need to fix themselves and stop relying on the government to do it.

The government isn’t going to bail out any private citizen.  If anything, Democrats are feeding the very corporate monster they constantly rail against.  Democrats scream about gross profits of corporations and yet, they’ve handed billions to those same corporations in the form of government hand outs.  In the past Democrats have been all too willing to let giant corporations fall flat on their faces.  Why are they so willing to give away money now?  Because it isn’t theirs – it’s YOURS.  It’s yours and your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The time for revolution has come.  The time is now for Americans to take in hand the most powerful weapon ever constructed, point it at Washington, D. C. and pull the lever.  We have all been given the power, through the ballot box, to fire all 536 people in Washington, D. C. who are now responsible for continuing this economic disaster.  We fire them all from the President on down to the lowest house page and we put people in there who will do the job.  And if they don’t do the job we get rid of them.

If you’re not enraged by what is going on in our nation’s capital… you’re completely clueless!

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3 comments on America Held Hostage: Day 51

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By AmyO on March 12, 2009 at 02:33 pm

Hi DE... I just wanted to say that I am quite enjoying the back and forth between you and Dean. Even though I do not agree with you, which I know you know, it is interesting and entertaining to see two VERY different point of views and a lot of passion behind them. Its reminding me of the feud going on between O'Reilly and Olbermann... Anyways, just thought I'd share :)

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Log In To Vote   Score: -1
By D. E. Carson on March 12, 2009 at 11:27 pm

Amy:  As you may or may not have noticed, I'm not responding directly to Category Five anymore.

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Log In To Vote   Score: 3
By AmyO on March 13, 2009 at 11:32 am

I actually hadn't noticed... but regardless, its still entertaining to see you both continuously contradict each other, even though I doubt my entertainment is your intent.

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