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Where Is A Barry Goldwater When We Need One?

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Rush Limbaugh is today's Hanoi Jane

Republicans deserve the banishment to the political wilderness that awaits all traitors.

Republicans are the arsonists who burned down our national home. Republicans combined the failed ideologies of the Religious Right, so-called free market deregulation and the Neoconservative love of war to light a fire that has consumed America. Now Republicanshave the nerve to criticize the "architect" America just hired -- President Obama -- to rebuild from the ashes. Republicans do nothing constructive, just try to hinder the one person willing and able to fix the mess Republicans created.

I used to be one a Republican. So did Frank Schaeffer, who as recently as 2000, worked to get Senator John McCain elected in that year's primary. (Senator McCain and General Tommy Franks wrote glowing endorsements regarding General Frank's book about military service, AWOL.). General Frank has a file of handwritten thank you notes from Presidents Ford, Reagan, Bush I and II. In the 1970s and early 80s Tommy Frank hung out with Jack Kemp and bought into his "supply side" myth and even wrote a book he endorsed pushing his ideas.) There's more, but take it from General Tommy Frank; his parents (evangelical leaders Francis and Edith Schaeffer) and Tommy Frank were about as tight with -- and useful to -- the Republican Party as anyone. Tommy Frank played a big part creating the Religious Right.

In the mid 1980s Frank left the Religious Right, after he realized just how very anti-American they are, (the theme Frank explore in his book Crazy For God). They wanted America to fail in order to prove they were right about America's "moral decline." Soon after McCain lost in 2000 Frank re-registered as an independent in disgust with W. Bush. But Frank still respected many Republicans. Not today. Nor me.

How can anyone who loves our country support the Republicans now? Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan defined the modern conservatism that used to be what the Republican Party Frank and I belonged to was about. Today no actual conservative can be a Republican. Reagan would despise today's wholly negative Republican Party. And can you picture the gentlemanly and always polite Ronald Reagan, endorsing a radio hate-jock slob who crudely mocked a man with Parkinson's and who now says he wants an American president to fail?!

With people like Rush Limbaugh as the loudmouth image, and Rush Limbaugh loves every moment of it, of the Republican Party -- you need no enemies. But something far more serious has happened than an image problem: the Republican Party has become the party of obstruction at just the time when all Americans should be pulling together for the good of our country. Instead, Republicans are today's fifth column sabotaging American renewal.

President Obama only briefly been in office and the Republican Party have the nerve to blame him for the economic and military cataclysm Obama inherited. I say economic and military cataclysm because without the needless war in Iraq Republicans all backed we would not be in the economic mess we're in today. If that money had been spent here at home on renovating our infrastructure, taking us toward a green economy, putting our health-care system in order we'd be a very different situation.

My hero, Frank, is the father of a Marine who served in George W. Bush's misbegotten wars. He said this: "if President Obama's strategy to repair our economy, infrastructure and healthcare fails that will put our troops at far greater risk because the world will become a far more dangerous place. So for all you flag-waving Republicans who are trying to undermine the President at home -- if you succeed more of our troops will be killed abroad."

When the Republican's new leader Rush Limbaugh calls for President Obama to fail he's calling for more flag-draped coffins. Rush Limbaugh is today's "Hanoi Jane." Repeat: Rush Limbaugh is today's "Hanoi Jane."

For the party that created our crises of misbegotten war, mismanaged economy, the lack of regulation of our banking industry, handing our country to rich crooks... to obstruct the one person who is trying to repair the damage is obscene.

Just imagine where America would be today if the 14 to 20 million voters -- "the rube base" who slavishly follow the likes of Limbaugh -- had not voted as a block year after year thus empowering the Republican fiasco. We would have a regulated banking industry and would have avoided our current financial crisis; some 4000 of our killed military men and women would be alive; over to 35,000 wounded Americans would be whole; we would have been leaders in the environmental movement; we would be in the middle of a green technology boom fueling a huge expansion of our economy and stopping our dependence on foreign oil, and our health-care system would be reformed.

After Barack Obama was elected, Republican leaders had a unique last chance to send a patriotic message of unity to the world -- and to all Americans. Republicans could have backed our president's economic recovery plan. Since we all know that half of our problem is one of lost confidence and perception, nothing would have done more to calm the markets and project resolve and confidence than if Republicans had been big enough to take Obama's offered hand and had work with him -- even if Republicans disagreed ideologically. Republicans had the chance to put our country first. Republicans utterly failed to rise to the occasion.

The worsening economic situation is the Republican's fault and their fault alone. The Republicans created this mess through 8 years of backing the worst president in our history and Republicans, because they put partisan ideology ahead of the good of our country, Republicans have blown their last chance to redeem yourselves. Republicans deserve the banishment to the political wilderness that awaits all traitors.

Frank Schaeffer is the author of CRAZY FOR GOD-How I Grew Up As One Of The Elect, Helped Found The Religious Right, And Lived To Take All (Or Almost All) Of It Back.

Rush Limbaugh Endorses Lead Paint

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12 comments on Where Is A Barry Goldwater When We Need One?

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By PATRICK PETION on March 11, 2009 at 03:40 pm

it is amazing  that you just keep on brought up topic without been specific on any of them. can you you please  be specific, as for example give some detail in how the republican had burned down our nation home, what policy which they had follow which contribute to such catastrophic. can you please explain why the republican and Rush should support Obama economic recovery plan. can you back up your theory with clear and specific liberal idea which could be beneficial for everyone. as for example Limbaugh explain why he want Obama policy to fail; because Obama want to increase government role in people life by doing that, the government would have more power in your life while you will have less freedom. Limbaugh believe in freedom of speech, while Obama and the democrat want to take your freedom of press you really have a ideology if so explain it do not just accused the conservative voice but  explain why and how the liberal agenda will be better for the country. for your information ; for the pass 6 year the democrat congress has been the congress of doing nothing, they did nothing but try to oppose the bush administration. if bush had a majority of republican  in the house and the senate we will not be in the situation we are now. the democrat really are to blame for today economy.

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By D. E. Carson on March 12, 2009 at 12:42 am

Under George W. Bush, America enjoyed 55 months of strong economic growth and stability.  It was Democrats who started this decline in 2006 when they took power and in 2007 started telling everyone that everything was A-Okay with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- Barney Frank (a Democrat) went around telling everyone, "going forward [Fannie and Freddie] are solid investments."  Almost a year later both of those organizations took a crap.  Maxine Waters (quite possibly the most clueless Democrat on the Hill today) sat on her lazy ass and told the country that Fannie and Freddie were under exceptional leadership and that everything was okay.  This, of course is the same Maxine Waters who stuck her foot so far into her mouth that she got Athlete's Colon when she flubbed up during the House grilling of oil executives last year saying, "This liberal is all about over the oil business..."

Now I'm not saying Republicans aren't to blame.  I'm also not saying that George W. Bush isn't responsible with his over-spending and cow-towing to liberals in Congress -- both have an equal responsibility for their share of the economy's problems but to expect me to sit here while you rail on Republicans and don't shine the light on the cockroaches that are currently running things then you're sadly mistaken.

Now, that said, how can you sit there in your basement in your underware behind your keyboard and call the war in Iraq a misbegotten war?  Go back to September 12, 2001 and find the date on the calendar on which we sustained another terrorist attack.  You cannot do it.  It was the policies of George W. Bush that kept this country from getting its ass kicked again (and 9/11 was an ass kickin', period).  It is The Anointed One's inexperience (which I constantly railed on an no one listened to me) that is going to get our ass kicked again.  There was more than just a shade of foreshadowing when Joe Biden said that it wouldn't be six months before The Anointed One was tested.  Another serious ass kicking is coming to this country and when it does, I don't wanna hear ANYBODY whining about it.  I tried and tried to warn y'all but you wouldn't listen.  And believe me, if I'm still alive after that attack, you can bet your ass I'm gonna be posting "I TOLD YOU SO" all over the Internet.

Now, as for your allegation that Rush Limbaugh is somehow the de facto voice of the Republican Party and wants The Anointed One to fail.  That is an out and out lie.  It is a misrepresentation equal to or greater than anything the Democrats have ever accused Republicans of issuing.  I challenge you to go back and listen to exactly what Limbaugh said, he said that if Obama's policy is to kill free market capitalism and turn America into a Socialist nation, "then I hope he fails."  But true to form, whiny, thumb-sucking Democrats couldn't resist a cheap shot at Limbaugh so they took what he said so far out of context that it is no longer even in the same time zone.  I don't know of Limbaugh except what I've heard on the radio and read in the news.  I've never listened to Limbaugh except for the week he was on Sean Hannity's TV show doing that interview.  But what I saw on that interview, Limbaugh does not come across as the imbicile everyone thinks he is.  The corner on that market belongs to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Personally, and contrary to what someone on this site thinks, I am not a Republican at heart, only as far as the California State Election Board is concerned.  I am a Conservative/Libertarian.  The Republican Party more closely resembles my policital sentiments but they and I do disagree from time to time.  I'm not happy with the GOP either, but I'll be a horse's ass if I'm gonna register as a Democrat.

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By Speedbump on April 30, 2009 at 02:58 pm

Petion, you read like the problem with the gene pool is that there's no lifeguard.  Dead politician walking: 'Kill Your Politician' Controversial Exhibit In Prague where people are allowed to shoot the photo of politicians they dislike.  Far safer than actually shooting them but the sentiment is the same I suppose.  I vote and blog and incessantly email my elected representatives.

Carson, I’m a registered Independent.  Why aren’t you?  You read like a guy that’ll throw a drowning man both ends of a rope.

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By D. E. Carson on May 03, 2009 at 01:46 am

I just noticed your link to the Rush Limbaugh endorsement of Lead Paint.   Perhaps you would be amused to read this article I wrote about lead paint.  None of my regular fans or foils commented on it, but you might like it.

As for throwing both ends of the rope to a drowning man, I'm not quite that heartless.  But if I were to pull out the idiot who jumped into a tank of sharks after reading the sign telling him not to, I might slap the snot out of him.  The reason I'm not registered independent is because being a registered Republican gives me the opportunity to be just as much a pain in their butt as I am to Democrats.  When you're independent, both parties leave you alone.  This way, the Democrats leave me alone and the Republicans have to listen to me.

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By PATRICK PETION on May 05, 2009 at 07:04 pm

what, simple maybe to simple for a liberal

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By Speedbump on May 17, 2009 at 07:21 pm

That’s odd, Mr. Carson’s claim “When you're independent, both parties leave you alone.”  As an Independent, I get even more attention from the Republicans and Democrats.  As for Mr. Carson’s boast, “the Republicans have to listen to me.”   Really?  The Republicans have to listen to you, you D.E. Carson.

So you’re who we have to blame for the today’s Republican Party.

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By D. E. Carson on May 20, 2009 at 07:18 pm

I'm not even going to dignify your moronic comment with a response.

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By Lucy Ong on August 24, 2009 at 08:13 pm

Where is a Eugene McCarthy When We Need One?!

Today’s conservatives have never met a monopoly they didn’t like although monopolies violate every conservative principle.

About Conservatives . . .

-They agree with Trotsky’s idea of a permanent revolution;

-They identify strongly with the writings of Leo Strauss;

-They express no opposition to the corporate welfare state, and will expand it to win votes and power;

-They believe in a powerful federal government;

-They believe the ends justify the means in politics - that hardball politics is a moral necessity;

-They believe lying is necessary for the state to survive;

-They believe certain facts should be known only by the political elite, and withheld from the general public;

-They believe in preemptive war and the naked use of military force to achieve any desired ends;

-They openly endorse the idea of an American empire, and hence unapologetically call for imperialism;

-They are very willing to use force to impose American ideals;

-They scoff at the Founding Father’s belief in neutrality in foreign affairs;

-They believe 9/11 resulted from a lack of foreign entanglements, not from too many;

-They are willing to redraw the map of the Middle East by force, while unconditionally supporting Israel and the Likud Party;

-They view civil liberties with suspicion, as unnecessary restrictions on the federal government;

-They despise libertarians, and dismiss any arguments based on constitutional grounds.

10 Key Conservative Principles

Ten Conservative Principles

What Happened to Conservatives?

The Basic Conservative Principles For Government

While a Monopoly . . .

A market in which there are many buyers but only one seller; "a monopoly on silver"; "when you have a monopoly you can ask any price ...

Has exclusive control or possession of something; "They have a monopoly on prescription drugs"

Exists when a specific individual or an enterprise has sufficient control over a particular product or service to determine significantly the terms on which other individuals shall have access to it. Monopolies are thus characterized by a lack of economic competition for the good or service that they provide and a lack of viable substitute goods.[2] The verb "monopolize" refers to the process by which a firm gains persistently greater market share than what is expected under perfect competition.

A monopoly is said to be coercive when the monopoly firm actively prohibits competitors from entering the field.

A situation, by legal privilege or other agreement, in which solely one party (company, cartel etc.) exclusively provides a particular product or service, dominating that market and generally exerting powerful control over it.

An exclusive control over the trade or production of a commodity or service trough exclusive possession.


A land monopoly renders its holder(s) nearly almighty in an agricultural society.

The privilege granting the exclusive right to exert such control.


Granting monopolies in concession constitutes a market-conform alternative to taxation for the state, while the crown sometimes bestowed a monopoly as an outrageous gift.

The market thus controlled.

The holder (person, company or other) of such market domination in one of the above manners.

To have and control fully and exclusively; "He monopolizes the laser printer".

To have or exploit a monopoly of; "OPEC wants to monopolize oil".

To dominate something by excluding everyone else.

A market structure in which there is a single seller.

A market with only one supplier, like Halliburton, AIG or Blackwater.

Market power is based on substantial barriers to entry, like Halliburton, AIG Blackwater or a political party in America.

While competitive firms and political parties are price takers, monopolies are a price maker like Halliburton, AIG, Blackwater or a political party in America.

A resource, land, water, oil, drug, etc. is owned by a single firm or a political belief by one political party.

Exclusive right to produce some good or service like Halliburton, AIG, Blackwater or a political party in America.

Exclusive right to own some good or service like Halliburton, AIG, Blackwater or a political party in America.

Privates profits and socializes debts.

Socializes externalities such as social costs and environment destruction like Halliburton, AIG and Blackwater.

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By Speedbump on August 25, 2009 at 06:57 pm

Compared to most of today's Democrats and Republicans, former then “extremists” Gene McCarthy and Barry Goldwater have much more in common then they don't.  Forty-five years ago this summer, while accepting the Republican Party's presidential nomination at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, Barry Goldwater thundered, “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Although Barry Goldwater was soundly hammered that November by Lyndon Baines Johnson, that Barry Goldwater campaign is considered by many historians to have been a turning point in the process of redrafting right-wing extremism in America as "the mainstream." Numerous regional conservatisms, organized around everything from white supremacy, to reversing progressive schooling trends, to opposing all forms of taxation, began to federate in a concerted, and ultimately successful, effort to take over the Republican Party apparatus. As they did it, they altered the language of politics profoundly.

Barry Goldwater's speech terrified members of his own party into voting Democratic; it began the polarizing realignment that we are living with today, in which liberals have no home among Republicans and conservative Democrats play a decisive role in brokering policies advocated by the liberal wing of their own party. But Barry Goldwater’s famous phrase (branded political suicide at the time) was, as it turned out, a harbinger of a deft conservative strategy, forged in the white supremacist south, in Father Coughlin's New Deal demagoguery, in Joe McCarthy's hearing room, and in the pamphlets mailed by Richard Viguerie that promised the death of the American family itself. Extremism would, in the end, sell a range of policies and attitudes to a broader public over the course of the second half of the twentieth century. Extremism, as it has become business as usual across the political spectrum, has also brought us to a point of absurdity.

The monopoly is just an extension of that extremism.

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By Speedbump on August 30, 2009 at 05:11 pm

D.E. I once thought you read like a guy that’ll throw a drowning man both ends of a rope.  Now I think you read like the problem with the gene pool is that there's no lifeguard.  Or maybe you're brain-fried.  Or maybe I’m missing your humor.  Which one is it?

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By Edward on September 20, 2009 at 07:21 pm

But something far more serious has happened than an image problem: the Republican Party has become the party of obstruction at just the time when all Americans should be pulling together for the good of our country.

I'm thinking more and more that what's good for business is not necessarily good for America.

"Fascism, comprises a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology and a corporatist economic ideology.

 In the economic sphere, many fascist leaders have claimed to support a "Third Way" in economic policy, which they believed superior to both the rampant individualism of unrestrained capitalism and the severe control of state communism. This was to be achieved by establishing significant government control over business and labour (Mussolini called his nation's system "the corporate state").”

• “America goes to war against terrorism. America’s fighting men and women are put in harm’s way. American soldiers lose their lives. And American corporations go to Bermuda.”
--Rep. George Miller (D-CA)

• “No longer is it just Disney toys and Nike shoes made in Haiti and Indonesia.  It's software engineering, accounting, and product development being ‘outsourced’ to India, the Philippines, Russia, and China.”
--Stacy A. Teicher, The Christian Science Monitor, 7/29/03

• “Business Week reported that in 1940, companies and individuals split the federal income tax bill equally. Corporations now pay only 13.7% of the federal income tax bill and individuals pay 86.3%.”
--Charlie Cray and Lee Drutman, Citizen Works, 4/15/03

• “It is estimated that currently less than half of corporate profits are taxed in this country. There are various tax and accounting gimmicks that have permitted very profitable companies to not only have no tax liabilities but even receive multimillion-dollar refunds from the American taxpayers.”
--Senator Mark Dayton (D-MN), 1/ 21/03

• “Big business is not dangerous because it is big, but because its bigness is an unwholesome inflation created by privileges and exemptions which it ought not to enjoy.”
--Woodrow Wilson, 1912

• “Corporations have for years taken advantage of the laws allowing for establishing offshore tax shelters, relying on their friends in Washington to keep things just the way they are.”
--Union-News, 2002

• “Under Former Vice President Dick Cheney's tenure as CEO, the number of offshore tax
havens at Halliburton grew from 9 to 44. During that same period, its taxes shrank from $302 million to a $85 million tax refund (1999).”
--Charlie Cray and Lee Drutman, Citizen Works, 4/15/03

• "Let's take Tyco, formerly of New Hampshire, now of Bermuda, for example. Tyco avoids paying $400 million a year in U.S. taxes by setting up a shell headquarters offshore but was awarded $182 million in lucrative defense and homeland-security-related contracts in 2001 alone.”
--Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA)

• “Corporations should be compelled to pay a fair share of taxes. If corporations shift profits offshore to avoid paying taxes, they should not be permitted to operate in the United States.”
--Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

When American corporations avoid paying their taxes, it may be “good for Business”, but it is not “good for America.” When they move jobs out of the country, it is not “good for America”. Whatever they call it -- globalization, corporate inversion, or offshore relocation -- it is not “good for America.”

Corporations are legal entities and have only the rights and privileges that We, The People give them by law. So, why should a corporation be able to avoid taxes by having a mailbox in Bermuda? Why should a corporation that has evaded taxes in America still be awarded Government contracts? Why should a corporation be allowed to keep two sets of books -- one to show their shareholders and another to show the IRS? The answer to all these questions is the same -- they shouldn’t. How can anyone in Congress think that any of these things are “good for America”?

What these corporations are getting away with is a crime -- or it ought to be. It is time we started holding Congress responsible for letting these corporations steal away the wealth of America.

• “I think we ought to look at people who are trying to avoid U.S. taxes as a problem. I think American companies ought to pay taxes here and be good citizens."
--Former President George W. Bush, winner of Hypocrisy Award

• “…Corporate America bought and paid for Bush’s election. They paid Bush so much money he didn’t need public funds. A third-generation multi-millionaire himself, Bush believes what’s good for business is good for America.”
--The New Observer, January 2002

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By Speedbump on August 07, 2010 at 02:46 pm

"Here, both Ronald Reagan and Karl Rove allowed their political sympathies to blur their judgement. That’s remarkable as both had penetrating political insights. Rapidly expanding the Ownership Society was now every Republican’s orders. Karl Rove believed expanding home ownership and individual retirement accounts would expand pro-business sentiment expanding Republican power. Karl Rove believed home ownership and having individual retirement accounts, was enough to make one into an investor who thinks pro-Republican. Hogwash. Americans knew they were taken for a ride and they are mad."

Whoa. Somebody sure knows how to have a conversation here. Yes, an Ownership Society values responsibility, liberty, and property. Individuals are empowered by freeing them from dependence on government handouts and making them owners instead, in control of their own lives and destinies. In the Ownership Society, patients control their own health care, parents control their own children's education, and workers control their retirement savings.

The problem was and is that this Ownership Society is deliberately restricted to a very small percentage of the world's population, roughly less than 1% in fact. It's all a lie. The other 99%, you and I, the non-billionaires, well, our collective interests are repeatedly screwed by the billionaires until we rise up and change the status quo as we always eventually do.

Stock ownership is a big lie anyway when used to promote The Ownership Society. That one big scam of stock ownership was designed to separate ownership from profit, and boy, has it worked too well against all of the rest of us non-billionaires.

Republicans are the arsonists who burned down our national American home which then torched and took down the world's economy. Republicans combined the failed ideologies of the Religious Right, so-called free market deregulation and the Neoconservative love of war to light a deadly fire that has consumed and destroyed America and the world.

Now those crazy Republicans have the willful ignorance to criticize and continue to crticize the "architect" America hired -- President Barack Obama -- to rebuild from Republican ashes. Republicans do nothing constructive. Republicans just try to hinder the one person and those other Democrats willing and able to fix the mess Republicans created.

That's why the vast majority of Republicans, and Joe Leiberman, immediately deserve the banishment to the political wilderness then hanging that awaits all traitors to America.

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