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Nevada: A Consumer Hostile State

by Joan Westin (writer), Just moved to Northern Nevada, December 02, 2009

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A consumer-hostile state

The effects of negative publicity on Nevada have rarely been on the radar of its legislators and governors.

A notorious reputation of intimating people and filing harassment charges against the people who stand up and speak out against corrupt corporations and immoral or illegal behavior only lasts so long before people rightfully snap and fight back. In the 1980’s, Nevada had such poor regulation of securities that it was known as the Securities Fraud Capital. Now it’s the Mortgage Fraud Capital due to the deficient regulation and enforcement by the Nevada Real Estate Division, Nevada Mortgage Division, and the Nevada Attorney General, as well as its corrupt judges, which I understand from various mortgage fraud exposes, are unsurprisingly due to bribes and incompetence.

Nevada is a without a doubt, a consumer-hostile state. Scrutiny has been so minimal of business that consumer victims of these frauds find no help from Nevada officials due to the bribes and incompetence of Nevada officials. This kind of bad publicity and having such a bad reputation is detrimental to Nevada’s economy which is why I define these Nevada officials as treasonous and subversive to the people they represent.

Nevada Assembly Member Bernie Anderson of Washoe County was recently quoted in the Reno News and Review “I don’t know whether that ever really goes into the decision making,” and this Chair of the Nevada Assembly Judiciary Committee, and member of the Nevada Assembly Commerce, also incredibly says the effects of bad publicity to Nevada has rarely been on the radar screen of legislators.

Washoe County went Blue, as well as the State. The days of the sinful Wild Wild West are over. Corrupt, immoral and self-serving treasonous arrogant out-of-touch with the people morons like the arrogant Nevada officials taking the bribes, or just plain incompetent, are rapidly ending. Nevada Assembly Member Bernie Anderson, Reno Judge Steven Elliott, Reno Real Estate Brokers Valerie Mapes, Darrel Plummer and Jeff Giesler, Nevada Real Estate Administrator Ann McDermott, Nevada Real Estate Division Investigator Kip Steele, Nevada Administrator Mendy Elliott, Nevada Administrator Sheila Walthers, Countrywide manager Sue Barry, Wells Fargo Area Manager Richard Vaughan, and all the others exposed, I’m looking forward to their soon to come and they certainly earned it life behind bars. I love that names are named, sources are published. I won’t be surprised if someone takes a pot shot at these incompetent, arrogant or corrupt people. Darren Mack did it for Judge Weller’s capricious rulings, and violence has been long such in Northern California, where I’m from. In Northern California disgruntled clients walked in and shot several lawyers, and one San Rafael, California capricious judge was pulled off his bench where he found himself with a shotgun taped to his throat, then he did die when the shotgun discharged.

America is a representative democracy and when the representatives forget they represent the people, people remind them who the representatives represent. Some of the people bullied by businesses, then disenfranchised by their representatives and paid officials do it with the keyboard, some do it by violence. So Nevada businesses and representatives and officials, it’s your choice what’s on your radar screen. Represent the people and you have nothing to worry about. Represent only big money and for-profit corporations, and you have to worry about people pushed to desperation that you forgot or didn’t care that you also represent. People whose sad and desperate stories are written about in exposes such as these.

I am not a proponent of senseless violence. I do understand when victims are pushed into violence when their representatives and paid officials fail to help the victims. That makes sense to me. America was founded in violence after exhausting all other means to get her relief against her oppressors. Every American should always remember that in how they conduct themselves. When violence does happen from the victims, I say when I hear about it, the business or representative or official had it coming. If called to jury duty I would never find a victim guilty who resorted to violence only against an individual in a business that wronged them or the representative or official that wronged them after exhausting all other legal means.

So people, all businesses, representatives and officials, I am not surprised when things get ugly for you when you wrong someone. It is the American tradition.

What is needed is more speech. Not less.

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By Enrico on December 02, 2009 at 09:02 pm

i agree with you..

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By John Donnely on June 21, 2010 at 12:37 pm

Is it just in Nevada or is consumer hostile now everywhere? Tim Johnston of the Northern Nevada Better Business Bureau says "Nevada law permits people to do jobs costing less than a thousand dollars without having a contractor's license," says Johnston while noting any job involving plumbing or electrical work still requires a contractor. Yet, I have called for years about the following who in his heyday in 2002 – 2006 bragged he got $35,000 a month and now moans he’s suffering at only $10,000 a month of work.

The Boss: Francisco Rios “Alberto” 775-842-7098, 2244 Escalera Way, Reno, Nevada 89503

The Boss’ Employees

HVAC: Oswald “Ozzie” 775-560-5868, The Boss’s nephew who pretends he works for his former licensed HVAC contractor as The Boss has Ozzie wear their orange t-shirt and flash his certifications.

Painting and Gutters: Jackson 775-358-3526

Painting: Rafael

Gutters: Miguel

Electrical: Jose D. Funes 775-378-7219 with electrical on his truck and business cards.

Plumbing: Octavio “Gus” 775-412-1767

Cleaning: Gabriel and Aurora 775-815-9088

Laborer: Louis

Carpenter: Alberto, son Edwin is mgr at Northtowne Little Caesars

Window Tinting: Mac’s 775-722-2261

Among others we’ve watched and wondered at with this Mexican Mafia The Boss wanna be Yet Gary Leonard, Gary Hoid and John Rosa all of the Nevada Contractor’s Board 775-688-1141 all have told us for years none of these guys are required to have any contractor’s license. And what a useless non-user friendly website the Nevada Contractors Board has. The City of Reno through Reno Direct and Business licensing says it’s okay that that The Boss has various employees that often check in at his home where he sets them up for the jobs he send them out on. Electrical and plumbing too. Sometimes The Boss’ employees leave their cars parked at The Boss’ home. And the IRS, Nevada Department of Taxation, Department of Immigration, Reno Police Department ignore The Boss and his $35,000 a month bragged activities. Out of this $35,000 a month The Boss openly supports a high maintenance wife, put his two spoiled children through college, has several vehicles and toys for him, the wife and kids, a rental, a $600,000 home mortgage, several trips to Mexico each year, numerous lavish parties where The Boss takes over the street and the Reno Police and Reno Fire Department have no problem with The Boss blocking traffic for hours on end. Our neighborhood is terrified of The Boss since he told us in his country they shoot people for asking questions. The renter across the street from him broke her lease and moved after The Boss confronted her. The boss brags he has family members in the City of Reno including the Business Licensing Department and Police Department that tell him everything and protect him. I believe it.

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By Just Average Joe on July 09, 2010 at 11:28 am

You’re right about Nevada. The Nevada Real Estate Division and Nevada Mortgage Lending Division are a joke among serious, dedicated, ethical people and anybody with some education in real estate and finance. And Donnely is right about those guys. I’ve had far too many bad encounters with them together or apart in various locales here over the years and it continues to mystify me as to why these guys get away with what they do. They do obvious amateurish work, make a big mess each time that they never clean up, and there is no warranty work with these guys. This unlicensed Alberto Francisco Rios 842-7098 does pavers incorrectly with no base, no compaction, just dg then pavers. As to whether he's Mexican Mafia. Possibly. He's probably more just short and struts around as he exploits his fellow Hispanic brothers and sisters. So much for family there unlicensed Alberto Francisco Rios 842-7098, huh? This unlicensed electrician Jose Funes charges a lot to set up power and speakers but does it wrong, the speakers don’t work because he stripped out the stereo by stripping out one channel and then wiring everything so the four speakers with their wires unlicensed electrician Jose Funes ran under the house and up the walls for several thousands of dollars only have one channel working and that sucks as the sound is so bad the speakers can’t be used at all. So much for workmanlike. Plumber Octavio “Gus” 775-412-1767 here is unlicensed plumber Octavio Munroy. He also has zero warranty work and does plumbing that invariably leaks. Yet I find these unlicensed douche bags around town too often with several thousands of dollars of contractor work at each locale. And it’s not a pretty picture. I, as well as several of my buyers who inherited problems from work a conned or desperate seller had these clowns do, turn ’em in to the Contractors Board and IRS Tip Line but, mysteriously, nothing’s ever done with any of these unlicensed contractors who also obviously don’t pay their federal income taxes.

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By Marga on July 31, 2010 at 01:43 pm

Although certainly unfortunately true today, it wasn't always this despicable as it now is today here in Nevada. Nevada was actually governed, and well governed, and responsibly governed by former Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn. So we were shocked as the sad word spread that former Nevada governor Kenny Guinn had died after falling from the roof of his Las Vegas home. Because of Kenny Guinn’s vigor and good health, the news was unexpected.

Son of poor workers who came West to be fruit and vegetable pickers, Guinn took degrees in physical education and then taught at Stanford. In 1964, he moved to Las Vegas, not to teach but to be an administrative intern, eventually becoming Clark County superintendent of schools for nine years, followed by turns as president of Nevada Savings, Southwest Gas and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In 1998, after controversial moves by lobbyists to clear the way for his candidacy by freezing out other candidates, Guinn was elected Nevada’s 28th governor in a campaign run by legislator Pete Ernaut, later his first chief of staff.

Guinn was a throw-back in politics—a leader willing to work with his opponents at a time of politics so polarized that to work with the other party is treated as disloyalty. Newcomers to the Republican Party were heard to describe him as a RINO—a “Republican in name only”—but veteran members of the party had real affection for him. “He had a knack for bringing people together,” said GOP leader William Raggio.

He was best known for his education programs, and those tended to overshadow other significant Guinn initiatives. He was the first governor to recommend that Nevada do something for addicted gamblers, a proposal the Legislature embraced. He beefed up mental health programs that for years had been treated as dispensable.

Guinn’s most important initiative was also his most controversial, a 2003 proposal for substantial tax increases totaling more than $900 million. The Legislature approved $830 million of that. Though he believed the cliché about not throwing money at a problem was valid, Guinn also believed there was no way to solve Nevada’s staggering problems—he described the state as “fragile”—without carefully spent dollars. There was, he said, no way to diversify the state’s economy except by solving quality of life problems that put the state at the wrong end of innumerable national rankings and scared businesses away from relocating to the state.

“That was a very important part of the message that I was sending, that—look, what kind of a Nevada do we want to live in starting tomorrow and next year and for the future 10, 15 years that we can plan for? ” he said. “We have to change. … I’ve moved millions of dollars from the prison system to put into health care because we’ve been the 50th state on health care for our seniors and our children, the frailest and the oldest and the most dependent.”

One of his actions later raised questions. When a carefully orchestrated “crisis” over alleged unavailability of medical malpractice insurance was capped with a strike by doctors at a Las Vegas trauma center, Guinn called the Legislature into special session to deal with it. Later studies, including one by the U.S. General Accounting Office, found no crisis existed or was exaggerated.

Surprisingly, policymakingwas not Guinn’s strength. He was first a skilled administrator who could get the most out of the people who worked for him. “He monitored where each of us were at on our reports, kept us working,” said former casino executive Phil Bryan, who served on a commission Guinn chaired. “I learned from him.”

In a time when political figures are always “on,” talking in code and constantly spinning things their own way, Guinn had an unusual reputation for an unpretentious style and for sharing credit. “I never felt he was gaming me,” said Guy Louis Rocha, one of his agency chiefs.

Guinn and his wife, Dema, were married for 54 years. Bryan said he once heard Guinn asked about his religion. Guinn replied, “I don’t know, maybe it’s my wife.” Bryan added, “God, how he loved his wife.”

Today's politicians and future wanna be politicians can learn a lot from Never Forgot His Roots Kenny Guinn and his legacy.

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By Speedbump on August 07, 2010 at 03:33 pm

Kenny Guinn's moral compass did not waver in the face of partisan politics. The 2003 battle showed he was perfectly willing to stand up to his own Republican Party as he was to oppose Democrats. People called him a RINO, and he just laughed.

Kenny Guinn was also a lifelong learner who showed himself capable of learning on the job. His first “state of the state” address was far more conservative than his actual performance in office. Kenny Guinn was flexible, took advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves, and pushed hard for long-term change when the state desperately needed it.

It is all too depressingly easy to draw the comparison/contrast between Guinn and his successor, Jim Gibbons. In 2005, Time magazine named Nevada govenor Kenny Guinn one of the nation’s five best governors. Our incumbent crossdresser is widely recognized as one of its worst. But there is no point in beating up on lame ducks. We have a lot more to learn from Kenny Guinn as we look to the future.

If there is a silver lining in Kenny Guinn’s passing this summer, it’s that it gives us all the chance to reflect on the qualities of leadership we want in our governor, in any and all of our politicians—just in time for the election this fall. I’ll start the short list here, but I’m sure others will be able to chime in. Please, election, give us a governor who, like Kenny Guinn

? Puts the needs of the state ahead of personal ambition—and by “needs of the state” I mean those factors that will build a just and sustainable economic future for our children: education, health care, and environmental policy.

? Does not take marching orders from his party.

? Has the guts to raise taxes if necessary for the future development of the state.

? Is hard-working and knowledgeable, particularly about budget issues.

? Balances backbone and dedication to purpose with compassion for the needs of the less fortunate, who are many in this state these days.

? Supports education.

? Has a strong vision, and an equally strong grasp on reality

? Did I mention education yet? Yeah—that.

? Builds partnership and coalitions across all ideologies and social sectors.

? Is a decent human being.

? Supports drug legalization

Rory Reid and Brian Sandavol, please take note. Thanks Jen Huntley!!!!!

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By Joan Westin on August 17, 2010 at 08:20 pm

Yes, Nevada does need another Governor Kenny Guinn or better to repair all the damage Republican, "what a moron,"

current Nevada governor bull in a china shop Jim Gibbons is happily doing to Nevada.

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