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And The Winner Is...

D. E. Carson's annual look at that little gold guy's - whassis name.


And you thought I wasn’t going to say anything about this year’s Academy Awards.  You should know by now that any time I can take shots at a bunch of liberal hacks I’m going to do it.

First of all, I didn’t even watch this year and the sole reason was because Sean Penn was nominated for a best actor award.  That alone was reason enough for me to go find something better to do with my time last Sunday.  But for Penn to be nominated for best actor in anything is enough reason to boycott the Academy Awards.  But then he’s nominated for a movie named for a white beverage that issues from a friggin’ cow?  Who the hell was the genius that wrote that screen play?  Bessie and Bluebelle?

What…?  Oh, hold on a second.  I’m getting an important call.

Yes…  What?  It’s not about a drink?  It’s about WHAT?  WHO?  You gotta be kiddin’ me!  Are you serious?  Well, that certainly explains a lot.  You too.  Bye. >>CLICK<<

Sorry about that.  I have just been informed that Sean Penn’s best actor award was the result of his portrayal of some retarded guy in San Francisco no one has ever heard of…

Oh, wait, my phone’s ringing again.  Yes.  What?  Oh, really?  Ah, I see.  No, that’s what it sounded like you said.  No, you said “retarded guy”.  OH!  You meant Sean Penn’s the retarded guy.  Got it.  Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me.  Yes, you too.  Bye now.  >>>CLICK<<<.

Hmmm.  Sorry about that again.  Apparently my source isn’t a very big fan of Penn.  Okay, so here’s Sean Penn playing the first openly gay politician in San Francisco who wins some election, makes a name for himself and goes on to do some other stuff and then something happens that makes someone want to make a movie about him and put Sean Penn in the lead role.

The point here is this, there were far better and exponentially more deserved actors nominated for best actor – Frank Langella as Richard Nixon comes to mind in spite of the fact that Frost/Nixon was directed by another openly liberal wacko Ron “Opie Taylor/Richie Cunningham” Howard.  The reason I believe that Langella deserved to win best actor was because he made Nixon look like a human being with flaws as opposed to this political monster that he has been portrayed as in the past.  Through the prism of history, Nixon was not a monster or an egomaniac.  He just made some bad decisions.  He wasn’t that bad of a president, but most people will never know that about him because of Watergate.  They see Nixon and bang instantly they go to Watergate and to hell with his first term which he won in 1968.  Langella was the opportunity to show Nixon as a person with feelings, fears, anxieties and every other kind of emotion humans have.

Mickey Rourke could have won best actor just because his portrayal of The Wrestler was almost his life story.  He was talking with Barbara Walters after the Academy Awards ended and he was telling his story about having gone back to boxing.  He found something there that he couldn’t get from acting and I actually applaud him for that.  Sadly he had to leave boxing because his doctor told him that if he didn’t he wouldn’t be around much longer.  His story could have been The Wrestler and vice versa.  There was a humanity in there, like Langella’s Nixon that gave more than enough to have justified giving him best actor.

The only actor I think was less worthy of being in this category is Brad Pitt.  Sorry, but he’s good for movies like Ocean’s 11 through 13 but not a best actor.  Benjamin Button may have shown a very sensitive side to Pitt, but then so did Meet Joe Black – a thinly veiled remake of Death Takes a HolidayInterview with a Vampire was forced so I can’t even give Pitt credit for that one.  Pitt needs to put a few more good roles behind him before I’ll give him credit for achieving more than having been married to Jennifer Aniston and having the cajones to twice knock up Angelina Jolie.

Rounding out the category is Richard Jenkins – probably best known for playing the apparition Nathaniel Fisher, Sr. on the now defunct HBO series Six Feet Under.  He has been a good character actor for years and has many roles under his belt.  Even with just a nomination, he’s more bankable than before.  His role in This Visitor earned him the nomination, so I’m looking forward to seeing him in more significant roles in the future.

But Hollywood didn’t agree with my assessment and the reason is simple.  Hollywood is hot for gays, period.  If you make a movie that features a gay character doing something significant, it doesn’t matter how bad the actor is, that role is a guaranteed Oscar for the shlub who gets it.  Gayness is one of the many Hollywood liberal tenets and so long as they can find a way to shove the gay agenda up everyone’s nose (you thought I was going to use a different body part) and down their throats they’re going to do it.  Penn’s award for Milk is another attempt by secular-progressive Hollywood to mainstream something by force, but the backlash has already begun – long before this movie was in the can* Californians passed Proposition 8 establishing the constitutional definition of marriage.  Milk was just another jab by the left to force mainstream America into accepting something that it may or may not be ready to take.  America would do well to learn from the mistakes of the Roman Empire – one of which was to be “tolerant” of anything that undermines the moral fabric of the nation.

Penn, on the other hand, is not deserving of his best actor award not because the person he portrayed was gay but because Penn himself is a left-wing lug nut that has been known to cozy up with the likes of Hugo Chavez – an act that had it been done between a Hollywood actor and Mussolini back in the 40’s would have actually resulted in the actor being arrested, tried and convicted on a charge of treason against the United States.  Too often Penn goes way overboard in his ultra-left liberal diatribes – most of which cannot be backed up by any fact at all or are so factually inaccurate that it is laughable.  He supports the global warming mania which has been proven a farce on so many levels and so many times over that those like Penn who believe in it have actually changed the name to “climate change” hoping that the rest of us won’t notice.

Carson’s Corner realizes this is saying that Penn should be punished for being a moron and being a moron isn’t illegal.  But when being a moron makes you do stupid stuff like cozy up to people who openly defile, despise and outright hate America as Chavez does, and rant and rave about something that has been proven false, it certainly calls your judgment into question and in reality, by giving Penn a best actor award is legitimizing his bad judgments and vindicating him to the left-wing liberal dolts out there looking for a figurehead.

Penn should stick to acting and leave the political stuff to us grown-ups.

* - The term “in the can” means all production on a movie is finished and it is ready for distribution.

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In retrospect, I'm wishing I'd gone for "And the Weiner Is..."

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