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Bailing Out Stupidity!

by Amo (writer), New York, February 21, 2009

No need for “divine intervention”, we have President Obama,…aka THE ONE, coming to the rescue once again.

And giving out tax payer goodies to both unscrupulous lenders and stupid homeowners who should never have purchased homes they couldn’t afford.

I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t help those homeowners in distress, those that have purchased their homes, in good faith and based on their ability to pay, and perhaps (through no fault of their own), lost a job or income, or fell victim to a family crises, those are the folks that should be helped and not the Marlo Saab’s of the world, who purchased homes with no money down, and a moderate (by New York standards), income.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Saab, he’s a Queens’s resident who purchased a $600,000 home on an $80,000 a year salary, with no money down. His story appeared a few days ago, along with his photo, on page-7, of the New York Daily News, under the headline “I need yer help. Mr. President”.

The article went on to explain how he purchased a two family home in an upscale part of Queens, New York called “Jamaica Hills Estates”, and spent over $10,000 in renovating the home. He went on to explain that his credit card debt is over $70,000 and spends an additional $10,000 a year sending his two children to private schools…all this on an $80,000 income.

The article went on to explain that he’s been borrowing money from family and friends to make his mortgage payments, and has even appealed to his congressman Rep. Anthony Weiner, to intervene.

Astoundingly, Mr. Michael Moskowitz a Manhattan based lender of Equity Inc. who was quoted in the article said that Mr. Saab would be a “good candidate” for financial aid under President Obama…aka THE ONE, mortgage bailout.

Mr. Moskowitz went on to explain; “Obama is trying to take a deserving person whose mortgage is worth more then the property is and refinance them”.

And that’s were the trouble lies, in the term “deserving”, perhaps the definition should be changed to accommodate this brave new world of government intervention and social engineering . Here’s a guy who purchased a home with no money down and is paying $3,400 a month, he has a $70,000 credit card debt, and a $10,000 a year tuition fee…on an $80,000 a year salary, and he’s “deserving” of a bail-out.

Am I missing something?

Obviously, selling this house, and buying something more affordable never crossed Mr. Saab’s mind, he would rather put himself in the national spotlight, borrow money from friends and family, and plead for a handout, rather then live within his means, and perhaps that’s the underlined story of this article…living within one’s means.

Why anyone would subject themselves and their family to this type of embarrassment and scrutiny, unless it was absolutely necessary, is beyond me. But then again I come from a different generation and a different time. I learned early on from my immigrant parents to be accountable for my own actions and to try and live (to a certain extent), within my means.

My sense is that Mr. Saab feels that he’s entitled to live in a $600,000 home, irregardless of his salary, speaks volumes of where we are today as a society. Sadly Mr. Saab isn’t alone in his narcissism, simply take a look around and you’ll see that we’ve become a self-absorbed society…living beyond our means.

Mr. Saab is simply an extreme case of this “me too” generation, gone amuck, who now wants government…aka the tax payer, to fund his life style, and to that end he’s willing to subject himself and his family to humiliation.

And, he now seems to have an ally in the White House that has no problem in confiscating tax payer funds and redistributing it to selfish, foolish and stupid homeowners, who engaged in reckless behavior. Perhaps we should all ignore responsibility and accountability and reward ineptness, misdeeds and even stupidity, by all concerned.

Should we be surprised then…at the ambivalence to accountability?

How else does one explain, why this president has not asked for congressional investigations in to “how” and “why” this crisis began and what needs to be done, to avoid such a calamity again. Indeed he’s done just the opposite in giving once again, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac swiping powers, to oversee this rescue plan. The very same institutions that were the catalyst for the mortgage meltdown are at the helm again, with the same bureaucrats running the same show.

Isn’t it any wonder then, why the likes of Mr. Saab, feels entitled to a government hand-out at our expense?

President Obama is a crafty street-wise Chicago politician, who learned early on, how to work backroom deals and position himself in a benevolent light. “Crafty”, in that while he speaks of transparency and openness, his deeds as usual indicate just the opposite. His supporters will tell you that his promise to place his stimulus package for all to see on the internet is both historic and unprecedented. And while that may be true, the devil however, is still in the details, and those details are well hidden within a maze of categories that masks the true accounting as to where the dollars are actually going and which lawmakers are responsible for the actual proposal of those earmarked dollars.

He also cleverly positions himself as a bystander, who inherited this crisis, and his public “dooms day” forecasts are part of an overall strategy to deflect any criticism that may eventually come his way, if his massive spending bill doesn’t succeed in actually stimulating the economy, a far cry from how President Reagan handled his own economic crisis with accountability, optimism and grace.

Reagan as president never decried the Carter Administration for their economic failures, he simply went about doing what needed to be done…he was truly a class act!


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By Amo on February 22, 2009 at 01:12 am

Good evening HurricaneDean,

Thank you for your comments, it’s always nice hearing from you, to the contrary I like President Obama, he’s a bright articulate, charismatic individual, who has changed the political landscape, he has galvanized a generation of new voters, and that’s a good thing, and I’ve written about that in  pervious articles.

However, like every coin there’s another side to President Obama, and indeed he is a crafty street-wise politician. The Jeremiah Wright controversy is an excellent example of how he skillfully used his association with Wright, to gain access to the power brokers on Chicago's south side. He used Wright’s influential coattails to advance his own political career, and let me be clear; I have no problem with that.

What disappointed me was after Wright’s "inflammatory rhetoric," including the assertion that the United States brought on the 9/11 attacks with its own "terrorism" was made public, Obama began backpedaling and downplaying his 20 year relationship with Wright, by suggesting the Rev. Wright "is like an old uncle who says things I don't always agree with," then telling a Jewish group that everyone has someone like that in their family. and then claimed that he never heard any of those hateful comments…now I don’t know if that’s possible not to have heard those hateful comments, however it is hard to believe that he didn’t…at the very least he is “crafty”

However when someone is caught speaking off-the-cuff and thinking that there’s no mike around to record his words, as was the case in San Francisco in front of wealthy donors then you can truly get a measure of the man…when then Senator Obama  said;

“You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And it’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”


If those remarks aren’t arrogrant, meanspirted, elitest and condasending then I don’t know what is, imagine if President Bush used the term “they” to  dicribe a segment of the population, and suggest that this seagment is anti-immigrant (note he didn’t say illagel), in front of wealthy donors…that’s dividing people by class, and that’s shameful!!



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By Amo on February 22, 2009 at 09:56 pm

Good evening HurricaneDean,

It’s always a pleasure hearing from you, and crossing swords, hopefully in a friendly way however, you’re description of people that disagree with you “Screaming right wingers”, reminds me of all those pejorative remarks that have been coined by my enlightened “progressive” friends on the left.

That tactic has been used for generations, and while I don’t believe you knowingly subscribe to it…its worth noting. The left has effectively used it for generations to disarm anyone who disagrees with them, on any social issue…simply call that person a bigot, raciest, homophobe, sexist, right winger, religious right,…end of debate   

I’m always fascinated by all of those pejorative terms within the English language created mostly by “progressives” that have come into vogue to describe of course people they disagree with and accepted by the media, I would imagine it’s difficult to keep track of them all…I’m just having some fun with you.

However, to answer your question, one can be “street wise” and also an “elitist” it’s simply a matter of where it plays well. Obama is a politician from Chicago…CHICAGO, a one party town, still owned and operated by the Daily Democratic Machine, where Governors go to jail for selling influence, and that’s the environment where President Obama came from, and obviously one needs to be smart in order to navigate through that maze of corruption, and hopefully not be tainted…thus the term “street wise”.

As for the term “elitist”, I don’t know if Obama is an elitist, certainly his remarks were. They were said in San Francisco (a very, very, very progressive town) in front of very, very, very wealthy donors, describing very, very very poor towns in blue collar Pennsylvania…they were stupid remarks by someone who should have known better, and there’s no excuse for it  (no matter how much you spin it)!

As for you’re”I'm glad to read that you have some respect for the man” …of course I do, he’s my president as much as he is yours. However he’s disappointed me big time, not because of his politics, or his associations, or even his lack of experience, as scary as that is, in this dangerous world.

What worries me most is his judgment of right and wrong, and his inability to admit mistakes no matter how minor.


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By Amo on February 23, 2009 at 07:19 am

Good morning Julian,

Always nice hearing from you, and that was my point in the article…how can this guy afford to live there? Obviously, he can’t, and rather then discuss that issue, I get the Obama apologists, focusing in on a sidebar issue of policy that may or may not become the main issue.

The devil is in the details and I’m waiting like millions of others for those details to emerge from this white house, and my reason for drawing a parallel with this White House, was to simply illustrate how foolish risk taking homeowners view Obama’s mortgage bailout…as a bailout for them and not those responsible homeowners who put money down, and lived within their means, and fell on hard times...and this guy gets a full page with photos in a major newspaper, for being stupid! Gee, I wonder where the mainstream media is on this issue?  


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By Amo on February 24, 2009 at 11:15 am

Good morning Dean,

I knew you were out there giving me grief…always nice hearing from you.

Where do I begin this morning? Oh yes, you were pointing out comments were taken out of context by the “screaming right”.  Are those the same folks that called former President Bush during his 8-years in office a liar and a murder, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc etc, etc, ?

Dean, the irony to your comments about things being taken out of context is to simply Goggle George Bush’s name on the Internet, and you'll see thousand and thousands of mean-spirited, vile, disgusting personal attacks, half-truths and innuendo, by supposed intelligent dispassionate commentators and talking heads, in major news organizations, not to mention the thousands of “Bush haters” around the world, that will bog almost anything hateful irregardless if its true or not. So I hope you understand I really can't get too worked up if things are taken a bit out of context on President Obama…sadly the “loony left (sorry Dean, I just couldn't help myself), has made hating Bush a cottage industry and in so doing the office of the presidency…as the good book states "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW." The following quote is from someone whose not exactly a “screaming right”, right-winger after Obama’s poor choice of words in describing blue color workers.

“The people of faith I know don't ‘cling’ to religion because they're bitter,” .

“People embrace faith not because they are materially poor but because they are spiritually rich.

“People don't need a president who looks down on them. They need a president who stands up for them.”

That guote was from-Hillary Clinton Dean, I thought you might me interested in some other notable quotes, from some of our more enlightened progressive candidates who ran for the white house, and thankfully lost. ”I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it”
— John Kerry on his funding votes for the Iraq war “And I want to call a hemispheric summit just as soon after the 20th of January as possible to fight that war [on drugs]”
— Michael Dukakis, part of a passionless 1988 debate answer on how he would react if his wife was raped and murdered

"You know I still remember the lullabies that I heard as a child, [singing] ‘Look for the Union Label’ ”
— Al Gore trying to impress a crowd of labor union workers. The lullaby was not actually written until he was 27.

Dean, my point is that no one is immune from making foolish remarks, however when a group (driven by their ideology and views) suggests that someone is a murder or a liar, simply to promote their own ideology, then we've reached a new low in this country and weather you agree with President Bush’s policies or not, there’s simply no excuse for the  hate filled cabbage that the radical left has been putting out, for the last 8-years…be thankful that President Obama will be judged on policy and not be dehumanized in mass numbers by a crazed and fringed element supported by a complacent mainstream media…it is safe to say that there’s is no president in recent moderen history that has ever been so disrespected and rediculed as President Bush.



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By Amo on February 25, 2009 at 07:31 am

Good morning Dean, Ditto…it’s always nice hearing from colleagues that debate in the spirit of mutual respect, without being mean-spirited, or condescending and we can all learn a thing or two, from opposing views.

As for your position on human rights, I certainly would never consider it “loony” it’s a noble cause and I respect you for it. My sense is that when we speak of human rights volitions, we’re really speaking about almost every world leader on this planet, I would imagine there isn’t one (to some degree), knowingly or not, that hasn’t been quality of some type of volition against it’s own citizenry or others.

 I suspect it’s a matter of degree, and to that end, every administration since this country was founded (from my perspective) has been quality of human rights volitions, whether they’re liberal, moderate or conservative, and I say that with certainty, and with personal knowledge.

I hear you passion in your words, and I’m impressed with your dedication, however I wish that human rights organizations would focus some of their energy on bringing awareness to those silent Americans among us, our Native American brothers. I’ve traveled to the South West many times, and I’ve witnessed first hand unimaginable poverty on government reservations, and I’ve written to government officials in protest, and articles about the shameless conditions that these people live under, of course you’re welcome to read “The Silent Americans Among Us”,  an article I wrote which appears on Broowaha.

My point is this, human rights volitions occurs everyday among us, and there’s little attention paid because these once proud people no loner exist in the conciseness of America or in our leaders… we’ve broken every treaty ever signed, we’ve forced them to live on reservations, and we’ve allowed corruption and exploitation from their own leaders to run rampant, while we pretend to suggest that their a nation within a nation, thus absolving us of responsibility.

I suspect that with all the billions and billions of dollars being thrown around, by this AND OTHER administrations that there’s not much for our Native American brothers… I suspect their not a voting block like AFLCIO, Oh yes they’re considered another nation…perhaps they don’t have voting rights, the irony is…it was once their land.

On a personal note, if anyone is interested in supporting these once proud people, simply contact, St. Joseph’s Indian School, in Chamberlain, SD.

Dean, always a pleasure, I’m sure we’ll cross swards again…blunted tips of course.



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