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by Seema Upadhyay (writer), Mumbai, February 18, 2009

Know your Gemstones

“Diamonds are girl’s best friend”. Ask any women and she would agree to this. From ancient civilization to the present fashion jewelry, gemstones have been an integral part of women. Some use it to make a style or fashion statement whereas others purely follow the instructions of their astrologers. The Indian or Hindu astrologers suggest the gemstones based on the moon sign (placement of moon in a person’s birth chart or kundali) whereas in western culture the astrologers use sun signs.

The gemstones have vibrations and energy and hence affect a person’s life, be it name, fame, physical being, and his destiny. You name the ailment or problem and the astrologers will suggest a gemstone as a remedy. The human body has nine chakras or the energy points and these correspond to the energy of the nine gemstones, hence the name nav-ratnas. According to Hindu scriptures and astrology these nine gemstones produce positive vibrations and induce good energy thereby influencing a person’s destiny and his psychophysical well-being.

The navratnas or the nine gemstones are divided into two groups- precious and semi-precious. Diamond, pearl, Ruby, Blue-Sapphire and Emerald are precious gems whereas hessonite, yellow sapphire, cat’s eye and coral fall in the category of semi-precious gems. This division is based neither on the market value of the gems nor on their brilliance, lustre or durability but on their utility and their influence on the human psyche, body, chemistry and electro magnetic field.

Did you know that each finger of your hand corresponds to a particular planet and hence the ring with the gemstone should be worn on the finger corresponding to that planet, so that there is synergy between your finger, gemstone and the planet. There is also distinction between the hands, the right hand is solar and the left hand is lunar.

There is a practical side to the study of Vedic Astrology that involves the use of certain remedial agents that act to protect the body and mind. For thousands of years mankind has known that certain gemstones, metals, and plants can have a positive effect on the body and mind by nullifying or mitigating the harmful influences of the stars.

In the book, “Autobiography of a Yogi”, written by Paramahansa Yogananda, it is stated that faultless gems of not less than two carats, worn in contact with the skin, are the most beneficial for astrological purposes. They create a protective field around the body, regulating which cosmic forces are absorbed by the body. In time, the proper gemstones, if kept in contact with the skin, can bring about changes in the mind and body.

To understand and know more about gemstones I spoke to Mr. Girish Shah, a valuer who spend 20 years in Toronto, US and a certified gemologist since 30 years. According to Girish, “The price of the gemstone whether precious or semi-precious starts from Rs.10 per carat and can go in lakhs; depending on the 4 Cs i.e. Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat”.

Always ask for the certificate of genuiness from the gemologist or jeweler from whom you buy the gemstones. Though you will have to pay extra Rs.2, 000-Rs.2, 500 per carat (for diamond) to the India International Gemological Institute by it would be worth it, warns Girish.

Given below are the nav-ratnas and their properties and general affects on the human body.


The diamond is the hardest gemstone and is considered the greatest of stones, revered throughout the ages for its great beauty, and strength, and also for its powerful positive spiritual and physical influences. It is said to enhance the wearer with charm and beauty. Physically it strengthens the kidneys and reproductive organs and gives protection in severe disease. In hardness and gravity diamond is always above .8

Sapphire: is one of the precious stones and comes in beautiful hues of pink, blue, white and yellow. Out of all these Blue and yellow are the ones that are commonly suggested by the astrologers for their varied properties and influences.

Blue Sapphire. It is one of the strongest stones in terms of its influence on the well being of the wearer as it is suppose to represent Saturn or shani. Amongst Buddhists it is believed to produce a desire for prayer, it is also known to promote calm, peace and detachment. It is anti-fat and anti-tumour. In hardness and gravity it is above .6 and below .7.

Yellow Sapphire

The second most sort after sapphire, it is known to promote overall health and it also helps in regulating the hormonal system. In hardness and gravity it is above .6 and below .7.


Commonly known as the favourite gemstone of kings and queens, it is a precious stone and is said to have an ability to change colour (lose its colour) thereby foretelling the danger to the wearer. It is said to improve digestion, strengthen heart and increase energy. In hardness and gravity it is above .4 and below .5


It comes in different shades of green (light and dark) and is known to represent wisdom, as it regulates the nervous system and improves speech and intelligence. It  has a hardness and gravity between .3 and .4


It is greenish grey in colour and is one of the rare stones and thus expensive. It "is good for promoting psychic and spiritual perception. It is the favourite gemstone of psychics and astrologers.


Hessonite gems are considered the rarest of the planetary stones and are considered a balancing stone as it calms the nerves and counters the negative energies.

Blood Coral

Also commonly known as “Monga”, this organic stone is very beneficial to the physical body. "In India, China, and Japan, it is extensively used in Rosaries used for prayers. Red coral strengthens the blood and reproductive system, improves energy and calms emotion...builds flesh and muscle, gives courage and improves work capacity


Another organic stone, found in the shell of oysters, the "Pearl is good for promoting body fluids and the blood, nourishing the body tissues and the nerves...Pearl strengthens the female reproductive system, improves fertility, and calms the emotions. Pearl comes in different colours like white, black, pink and even blue, though it’s the white one that is commonly prescribed by the astrologers.

Star Stones

These are rare Rubies and Sapphires (blue, yellow, pink) which has stars inside them, that is when illuminated with light, one can easily stars embedded in these. They are more expensive than a normal ruby and sapphire.


Semi-precious and is commonly known as American diamonds, though colourless, the real zircon comes in peacock blue colour.


Available in three different shades of- white, off white and black. A beautiful rainbow can be seen inside when illuminated.


A substitute to all precious stones, it comes in vibrant hues of green, pink, red, black, dark blue, dark green and also white.

All the precious and semi-precious gemstones are available in the following shapes:

  • Bugate – rectangle
  • Oval
  • Marquis shape – pear
  • Drop shape
  • Princess cut-square
  • Heart shape.

Don’t forget to ask for the certificate of genuiness before you buy your favourite gemstone. Always consult two or three astrologers before wearing any gemstone for astrological benefits. Generally planetary gemstones are prescribed for people above 18 years and in minimum 2 carat weight for it to be effective. The person’s age, weight and even height is taken into consideration before prescribing the carat of the gemstone.

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