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Interpol Releases Wanted List

by D. E. Carson (writer), , February 10, 2009

85 Terror Suspects Make the List

Interpol, you know, that organization that investigates international movie piracy according to some DVDs that you buy?  Well it seems that they are hunting for bigger fish to fry.

And some of those fish have been in American custody...

Back in January I wrote What Price Security?, an article in which I emphatically stated that releasing the detainees was a bone-headed idea.  I cited the following:

Military intelligence reports that 18 of the already released enemy combatants from Guantanamo have returned to their terrorist roots.

Which of course immediately drew fire.  I was countered with an article written by some law professor, Mark Denbeaux, I believe what his name which stated that the government's case against the detainees was summarized as follows:

"The Department of Defense has continually relied upon the premise of 'battlefield capture' to justify the indefinite detention of so-called “enemy combatants” at Guantánamo Bay. The 'battlefield capture' proposition—although proven false in almost all cases—has been an important proposition for the Government, which has used it to frame detainee status as a military question as to which the Department of Defense should be granted considerable deference."

Nevermind that the person who wrote those words, Mr. Denbeaux just happens to be a member of the "defense team" assembled to represent the detainees at GTMO and according to the rules governing how a defense attorney is supposed to act, of course he is going to charge the government with using "false" accusations.  If he doesn't, he's guilty of malpractice and can be disbarred for "failure to provice adequate and aggressive defense for a client."

At any rate, Mr. Denbeaux also claimed, "only twenty-four (24)—or five percent (5%)—of unclassified summaries alleged that a detainee had been captured by United States forces and exactly one (1) of 516 unclassified summaries alleged that a detainee was captured by United States forces on a battlefield."

Now I will conceed that perhaps there may have been a stretch in the "where" these detainees were captured, however, the notion that detaineed released from GTMO have been confirmed as having returned to "the fight" against America -- regardless of the theatre in which they operate cannot be denied and has been confirmed by Interpol.

The terror alert released today by Interpol says that the 85 men listed in the alert are wanted on terrorism-related charges, including links to al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Further statements released by Saudi authorities indicate 11 of the men on the list released by Interpol "have been released from the U. S. prison at Guantanamo Bay."

According to Interpol secretary general Ronald N0bel, "By asking for Interpol's assistance, Saudi Arabia wishes to ensure that all Interpol member-countries are made aware that these men are dangerous and that their activities represent a security concern not only for Saudi Arabia and the entire region but also for the world as a whole."  The alert further describes the 85 suspects as, "highly dangerous," and "armed, violent and suicidal."

The simple fact of the matter is that not only do many in America believe that releasing the detainees from GTMO is a dangerous precept, but Saudi officials as well as Interpol believe the detainees are dangerous.

Now remember, Interpol is based in Lyon, France.  How conceivable is it that this particular agency would "cozy up" to America right now???  Even The Arab News on line published this story and was very willing to include the threat these men pose.

I know, I know.  It's a burden being right all the time, but someone has to do it.

AP News Release

AFP News Release

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2 comments on Interpol Releases Wanted List

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By D. E. Carson on February 15, 2009 at 12:50 am

I admit that you are correct that Obama never said he planned to release the detainees, however, he has no idea what he's going to do with them...or at least he has never made it public that he has -- so far as I know.  Close GTMO, what do you do with the people who are there?  They can't be put into the American civilian prisons and they really have no right to counsel as they are not citizens.

My quote came from your response to my other article.

As for how is Seaton Hall skewed, I'm not saying they are, however, I am saying that any contesting of the Government's case by Denbeaux personally is tainted by him being co-counsel for two of the detainees.

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By D. E. Carson on February 23, 2009 at 07:40 pm

Denbeaux's case is tainted because he has gone out and publicly commented on his clients' status.  He's written an opinion for publication outside the court.  He should have saved his diatribe (and it is a diatribe) for his opening and closing remarks when those pinheads were hauled in front of a tribunal -- which of course now they won't be because "The Annointed One" has spoken from on high.

If we're going to treat these buffoons like any other criminal, why the hell do I have to pay for it?  Frankly, I don't care if they're in Guantanamo Bay or Leavenworth, my tax dollars are being used to keep those bastards alive.  I say we waterboard 'em for everything they know then take 'em out back and put a bullet in their head then dump 'em in the shark tank at SeaWorld.  You have to remember these assholes would do the same to our guys.  There is no being nice to these people.  You can't say to them, "gee mr. islamo-fascist terrorist, if we promise to be nice to you will you please stop sending people over and killing our innocent civilians?"  They'll just laugh in your face.  You have to get to them on their level.  If beheading and torture is all they understand, then that's what is needed to get through to them.  They aren't playing by the Geneva Convention and we're fools if we do while we're fighting them.  You forget, America has the ability to wipe every nation on this planet off the map, but we choose not not because we are an inherently good and decent nation.  BUT, there are times when you have to say to hell with being nice to people and just get the fricking job done.  George W. Bush screwed up when he didn't go into Afghanistan to kick ass and take names.  His father screwed up when he didn't go into Baghdad to kick ass and take names in '92.  Clinton screwed up when he had the chance to get Osama's head on a platter and mount that piece of sh*t on the wall of the Oval Office -- which he should have done.  Now Obama is in the middle of making the same mistake by closing GTMO and the CIA's covert prisons.  Sometimes you have to be willing to suspend your personal beliefs in favor of what is in the best interests of the greater good.  I don't like war any more than anyone else, but dammit, this pussy-footing around with Iran, Iraq, North Korea and the rest of them has got to stop.

I guarantee you one thing, JFK wouldn't have put up with this much bullsh*t.  Neither would Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan.

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