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A Lyrical Window Into Black History Month

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, February 10, 2009


St. Brigid's Poetry Reading: An Inspiring Celebration of lineage, love, and luster

Slippery highways, driving rains nor cold could stop avid supporters from coming out for an evening of engaging, stirring, compelling, and nostalgic memoirs, music, merriment and connected sharing at the St. Brigid's Black History Month Poetry Reading and Collective Sharing.

The night was consecrated with a selection of African Drumming and chants presented by Director John Beatty and the St. Brigid Drum Ministry.

Innovative Poetry was shared from a number of poets and writers. The works of art conveyed rhythms and lyric in prose paralleled with life struggles, victories, mountain top experiences and low valley challenges along with narratives from the past and present. Each author shared works with brilliance and beauty.

Educator, Larry Ewing shared a wealth of amazing stories from African American experiences in the South just a few short decades ago to present to convey where we have come from to where we are going as a people and as a nation. Larry's chronicles were filled with precious knowledge that revealed the sage's perceptive portrayals.

The spreading of insight, written word, music, and soul union was surrounded in a cozy setting that communicated the feeling as if you in your living room with friends.

Clara, a professional and proficient Quilter and member of African American Quilters, shared the story of the Underground Railroad through her quilt. She guided the guests in detail through the individual patterns on her quilt. Each square had a pattern which represented a code that aided slaves. As they followed the secret coding in the pattern, specific messages and directions transmitted strategic locations that led them in the journey to liberation.

Indeed as the night unfolded the poignant correlation was an invigorating, learning experience. We listened, spellbound as participants shares stories and poetry.  The gifts shared were personal experiences in tumultuous race relations to marvelous triumphs, heartache and soul loss to a soar of overcoming and accomplishment.

Other music selections includes a melody of spirituals including "Wading in the Water" and "Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho" climaxing into a soulful rendition of Herbie Mann's "Memphis Underground" with Beverly on Sax and Flute with yours truly Kim on Flute.

The program ended with a great exchange between all participants and guests.

Kim Manning, our program's gracious host presents this event yearly along with other wonderful poetry readings and artistic events during the year at St. Brigid's Church.

These events include agendas showcasing varied ages groups and people of numerous talents.

St. Brigid's is located in Los Angeles at 5214 Western Ave. Call (323) 292-0781

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