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Actor Kevin Byrd Honored During Black History For Advocacy

by Phil Andrews (writer), New York City, February 09, 2009


International Prostate Cancer Awareness Day Proclaimed on February 2nd,2009 honoring BrownByrd Foundation’s CEO & Founder Actor Kevin Byrd

National News – January 24, 2009 - International Prostate Cancer Awareness Day Proclaimed on February 2nd,2009 honoring BrownByrd Prostate Cancer Foundation’s CEO & Founder Actor Kevin Byrd  during  Black History Month

BrownByrd Prostate Cancer Foundation’s CEO & Founder Actor Kevin Byrd 

Internationally Acclaimed Award Winning Actor and Prostate Cancer Health Advocate Kevin Byrd CEO & Founder of BrownByrd Prostate Cancer Foundation commitment of Prostate Cancer Awareness Advocacy has lead to the establishment of the groundbreaking   and historical International Prostate Cancer Awareness Day Proclaimed February 2nd, 2009 during Black History Month on behalf of over 25 different states around the country.  Prostate Cancer Awareness and Advocacy will be observed by an astounding 30 million people for February 2nd,   2009. A President, Governor, Mayors,   and City Councils, and local governments from around the country in different cities, states and countries are honoring Kevin Byrd’s hard work efforts on behalf their entire citizens on February 2nd, 2009 to observe a Historical International Prostate Cancer Awareness Day in the month of February 2009.

The following city states are Dayton, OH, Manchester, N. H, Pittsburgh, PA, LasVegas, NV,  Rome,Syracuse, and Albany, N.Y, Atlanta and Macon, GA, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA, Boston, Mass, New Hampshire, Conn, Louisville, Ky, North Charleston, S. C, Miami, FL, New Haven, N.H, Honolulu, HW,  Kansas City, MI, WestFargo, N. D, Vancover, WA, Minneapolis, MN, Alburquerque, N.M, Jackson, MS, Detroit, MI, St.Louis, MO, Chattanooga, TENN, RockSprings, WY, North little Rock, AK, Birmingham, AL, Manitowoc, WI, Houston, TX,  Nigara Falls CA, and Kingston, Ontario.

Prostate Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancer and is called a “Silent Killer” and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men, and is the #1 killing disease among the African American male population. One out of every six men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer every 18 minutes daily.  More than 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually; 50 - 75,000 men will die from prostate cancer each year.  In its early stages, prostate cancer has no symptoms.  Yearly testing is the best way to find prostate cancer early, which will help to save your life.  Testing involves both a prostate specific  antigen (PSA) blood test and digital rectal exam (DRE).  If either test is abnormal a biopsy is usually recommended to make an accurate diagnosis.  

Doctors are not sure that all men with prostate cancer need to be treated.  Testing cannot always tell whether or not a cancer needs to be treated. There are many options for early prostate cancer. Treatment cures some men though it can also cause urinary and sexual problems for some.  About 25% of prostate cancer affects men under the age of 65; during their prime years at work and, at any age, deaths due to prostate cancer devastate families, through loss of income, partnership, and support.  All men around internationally should have the opportunity to be screened for prostate cancer at an appropriate age, become aware of their own risks of prostate cancer, and talk to their health care providers about these risks, about prostate cancer education, prostate care,  and early detection strategies which is crucial to saving men’s lives and preserving and protecting our families.  

February 2nd 2009 International Prostate Cancer Awareness Day is an historical Day for all citizens and community organizers to recognize the importance of raising awareness about the severity and prevalence of prostate cancer and the hard work of Award Winning Actor Kevin Byrd and the BrownByrd Prostate Cancer Foundation. 

On February 2, 2009 we remember those who lost the battle against prostate cancer, and we pray for those families and friends. We also remember those living with prostate cancer, celebrate the lives of survivors, and thank all the medical professionals who aid in these victories.  By continuing our fight against this disease we make our international world on this day  a healthier and more hopeful place.  

For more information about Award Winning Actor Kevin Byrd, Prostate Cancer Health Advocacy and Education or to contact the CEO/Chairman of BrownByrd   Prostate Cancer Foundation checkout  email:, contact# (347)645-2394

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