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Guys And Dolls

by jamiebarefeet (writer), Lawrenceville, February 02, 2009


A documentary about socially inapt men who make lifelong commitments to "real dolls"

Okay, I'd say that I'm pretty open-minded. I support gay rights, I beleive in a woman's right to choose and all that so, whatevs. What I'm having a hard time accepting is this documentary. it's not that i'm not all for having sex with synthetic materials, but the emotional attachment that comes along with this is mind-boggling.

Imagine if you were socailly incapable of having a romantic relationship, or even dating for that matter. I'm sure thinking about that doesn't bring great feelings to mind. Now imagine you hear of a small company in California that has created a product call "Real Dolls" that are, in a metaphorical sense, the prescription specifially made for your handicap. Would you go for it? Would you risk any possibility of human companionship for a doll? These men would.

Real Dolls will soon be intorducing "Charlie", a male Real Doll,  to women around the world. With this in mind, I'm pretty sure that no matter how lonely I could possibly be, a doll could never replace any sort of human interaction with the opposite sex...ESPECIALLY sex!

I have to be honest and say that this documentary is interesting(and worth watching) and has a few LOL moments, but is also sad and a little creepy.


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