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Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast?...Family Style

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, January 27, 2009

An intimate eatery in Westchester offers great food, great ambiance and great coffee!

 The Coffee Company is located just 10-15 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. It is near Sepulveda and La Tijera Blvd.

 One can watch planes descending on the way to "LAX" while enjoying a scrumptious cup of joe, home-cooked breakfast, thoughtful and engaging attendants, music ranging from Kenny G. to oldies from the seventies.

The manager is "Gus"; a well-known and loved owner makes it his business to greet customers individually if you come in on his shift. He has decided to do what he loves and open a restaurant neighborhood  resturant with a feel of home. In fact, Gus welcomes the customers as if they were guests coming to his abode for food and fellowship.

An embracing atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door furnished in lively decor and with attractive plants. The seating is ample and there are lots of tables available near windows if you like a view of the surrounding area.

The coffee is always fresh and not over powering just full-bodied and irresistible.

The breakfast menu offers an array of flavorful omelets, French toast, Belgium waffles, varied styles of pancakes, delicious, well-seasoned home style potatoes with onions, bell peppers, and a nice selection of tasty meats that include Italian sausages (chicken and turkey), pork sausage, patties, ham, bacon as well as a  veggie sausage.  There is a great selection of muffins and  juices too. Try the fresh squeezed Orange Juice.

The biscuits are a MUST! These homemade delicacies are enticingly sinful.

There is always a daily special.

Try the ham and cheese waffle; it has a sensational flavor without making you feel as if you just finished a thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings! In other words, it’s a satisfying, unique, and yummy meal but not overkill.

The Coffee Company Resturant is the place that you will find a haven for a bit of studying, friendly conversation, welcoming place to treat the entire family  to breakfast on a Saturday morning, a quick lunch, nice evening meal,  taking a minute for a lite snack while reading the newspaper, or  a cup of coffee.

Why not pull out the pen and notepad as the creative juices flow. Of course you have to have their excellent coffee to go with that.

The Coffee Company is located at 8751 La Tijera Blvd in Los Angeles, CA.

Call (310) 645-7315

Check it out, you wil not be disappointed!

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By Kim on January 27, 2009 at 05:40 pm

Oops!!! Please forgive the error in the title of my article. I've asked Dave to change it for me. It should read, "Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast? ...Family Style and not "Whose".  Sorry...

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By wolviela on January 28, 2009 at 01:38 pm

Awesome. Always looking for new food spots!

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