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Synchronicity On San Fernando Road

by SUNofMAN (writer), Silverlake, January 22, 2009

by Rene Angulo Trujillo 'OtrO' Angulo

   In this piece “Sun of Man (Billboard version)” an interesting evolvement occurs or should I say recurs within the nature of being human. Back around ‘92 I read a story in the Arizona Republic on the signing of Charles Barkley to the NBA basketball team the Phoenix Suns. In the article they referred to his arrival as the “coming of the messiah” ready to elevate the Suns to an NBA championship. Knowing how humorous and serious (especially in terms of dollars) it can be to elevate sports figures to unpresented heights-into the hyperreal! I found the story intriguing. Well, I started with the title “Sun of Man” and wanted to somehow include this sports figure as this center of attraction and interest. Originally, Charles is holding a basketball but I’ve replace the ball with an indian head. I wanted the piece to be a collage. I found the power of juxtaposition especially within surrealism still relevant today with so much to ponder within our excesses. One day driving down Pico Blvd here in Los Angeles I saw this sign with the words Rodman & Company Inc. and what appear to be a saw blade incorporated within the logo would fit perfectly on the right side of the design. You see in terms of text I wanted signs which included “son” & “man” in the text obviously a reference to the messiah. Time passed after playing around with other images to join the centerpiece and I reflected on the Rodman sign again. Unfortunately, when I returned to take a photo of the sign it was gone and the company as well. I was dejected. Time passed and the agency I was working for relocated to Glendale off San Fernando road. I had put the piece away for the time being. Getting myself used to my new surroundings I would periodically drive down San Fernando road. One day on the South side of the road I came across what would become the left side of the composition. Rentals A. O. Richardson was intriguing to me due to the word RIC-HARD-SON. I thought to myself this and the Rodman sign would be the perfect fit into the scheme of things. If only I knew where the Company had moved to. Well I tried to get information using the 323 area code originally where the location was but of no luck. Then one day I decided to go west on San Fernando road toward the city of Burbank when suddenly I came across the Rodman sign on the same side of the Rental sign on the same road. Was it a coincidence? Was it fate? In Spanish the word fate is translated “Sino” A kind of on (si), off (no) dynamic was taking place here. Was I ever to locate the sign again? Was I not? Synchronicity according to Carl Jung is an acausual connecting principal which occurs within the collective unconscious. In other words a coincidence with meaning! But one must be aware of the dynamic at play.

 'Chance tires God' -Jean Baudrillard 

 Attached: 'SUNofMAN (Billboard version), collage by Rene Trujillo

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