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A Convenient Lie: Cheney'd To A Wheelchair

by baynurse (writer), Novato, California, January 20, 2009

I hope he can at least stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

Gee, I can imagine Cheney moving heavy boxes.  NOT.  So the story is he was moving heavy boxes into his new home and strained his back and is now in a wheelchair for the Inauguration.  Yeah right.  First of all, I believe he was lifting a finger to do anything. Secondly, I believe he must be in a wheelchair so he doesn't have to stand in respect to our new president, that is here to clean up the mess he made. 

I hope he realizes that he can stand and pee, as well as stand in respect for our nations choice for a better person to guide and unite this devastated country of ours , thanks to the previous administration that was loyal to selfish, greedy, hateful motives to destroy the hope and lives of millions of people in this world that hopefully, thanks to the Bush/Cheney legacy will accept their own part in the destruction of a society, a planet, and an economy.  Yes, they were the leaders, but many of us folowed, like sheep to the slaughter, with the mentality of get rich, take what you want , disregard human lives, and disregard the future of a planet that has been depleted of its resources due to lack of care and respect for it.

Enjoy the Inauguration Cheney, better yet stay home, and let someone else go in your place. Somone with better sense and a good heart and a good back.  It isn't a surprise that your heart is in bad shape,  maybe it is two sizes too small, you nasty old grinch.

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