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Cardinal Em-boldin-ed To Spoil Victory

by D. E. Carson (writer), , January 19, 2009

Boldin's post-game behavior called "Childish".

It was bound to happen.  Somewhere along the line, someone was not likely to to be happy about the Arizona Cardinals going to the Super Bowl.  Who knew it would be an Arizona Cardinal?

Arizona Cardinal Anquan Boldin got in to a shouting match with the team's offensive coordinator, Todd Haley during Sunday's NFC Championship game.  That wasn't enough for Boldin.  According to CBS Sports' Mike Freeman, Boldin, "tried to ruin the [Cardinal's] Super Bowl celebration with his childishness."  Freeman even went so far as to call Boldin a "jackass".

When time ran out on the game, Boldin bolted from the field, into the team locker room and then out of the stadium all while the rest of the Cardinal team was still on the field covered in confetti accepting the Halas Trophy.

Does Boldin really want to keep playing for the Cardinals?  Well before the season began he was upset that Arizona hadn't renegotiated his contract and he has publicly asked for a trade and he hasn't been on speaking terms with head coach Ken Whisenhunt so the answer is probably a resounding "no".

Why is it then that Boldin is more focused on himself and not on the fact that Arizona is going to the Super Bowl?  Only one word fits the situation: selfishness.  That he came back from such a massive injury to his left hamstring is a testament to his desire to fulfill his obligation to his team, but then to act the way he did on Sunday completely bewilders even the most casual observer.

Perhaps he will have an attitude adjustment prior to the Super Bowl.  Hopefully he can bring himself to apologize to the thousands of Cardinals fans, his teammates and even Todd Haley.  An apology to Whisenhunt might not be as easy to conjure but hope springs eternal.

As for the rest of the boys from Glendale, Arizona, congratulations on your trip to Tampa this year.  Good luck against Pittsburgh and may the best team win.

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By Ellie M on January 19, 2009 at 04:24 pm

I hope for AZ's sake Boldin gets his act together.   Good article D.E.

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By CCNY on January 22, 2009 at 05:50 pm

Boldin is everything that's wrong with sports in America today, he's a selfish baby who has no concept of "team," which sadly can be said about so many players across the board in every sport.  The problem is worsened by the fact that no matter how bad these characters behave, there's always at least one door open to them at all times; one team that will deal with their me-me-me hijinks as long as it brings the team to the promised land... see TO, Pacman Jones, Barry Bonds, etc...

A real shame... I just finished Frank Gifford's incredible book about the epic 1958 NFL Championship Game between the Colts and the Giants, and he never misses an opportunity throughout the whole book to point out what jackasses today's players act like as compared to those from his era.  Check the book out, if you get a chance.


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