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Sheriff Joe Strikes Again

by D. E. Carson (writer), , January 17, 2009

Arizona sheriff has [c]rapper seeing pink


Chalk one more up for Maricopa, Arizona County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  He's got hip-hop goon DMX in his clutches and wearing pink underwear.

According to Yahoo Music's Billy Johnson, Jr., in his "Hip-Hop Media Training" blog, rapper DMX is serving true hard time in Arizona's most famous penal system for animal cruelty, drug involvement and fraud.  "Sheriff Joe" told Fox & Friends that he has had the policy of pink T-shirts, underwear and socks in place because inmates at the Maricopa County jail kept stealing the white underwear, so to prevent any future inmates from absconding with free underwear, Sheriff Joe dyed them pink.

DMX has reportedly said, "This is ridiculous, this is disrespectful.  This is not where I want to used to be, 'I'll go there, I'll be the life of the party, and ... it's nothing'."  Sheriff Joe, showing no sympathy for the recidivist, responded, "Jail isn't supposed to be fun." 

This is apparently not the first time DMX has seen the world through vertical steel bars.  According to Johnson, DMX likes to talk about jail as if it is some sort of badge of honor.  Johnson admonished DMX saying that talking about jail, "as if it is a hangout spot is not fine either."

Johnson and Arpaio are on the same page there.  Hard time is supposed to be hard time.  News reports have circled the globe multiple times over about Sheriff Joe and his chain gangs, tent cities and pink underwear for male inmates.

That DMX thinks it's somehow acceptable to spend time in jail just goes to prove how perverted and twisted society has become.  Since DMX is involved with a sect of society that promotes all kinds of socially unacceptable activity, it is no surprise that he is in jail on drug and fraud charges.  What is a surprise is that the ACLU hasn't swooped down on Sheriff Joe calling his hard time policy "cruel and unusual" -- especially considering DMX is black.

American prisons need to be more like the Maricopa County system.  This reporter wouldn't be opposed to life prison sentences if those serving life prison sentences got a 10' X 10' battleship gray cell, three hots and a cot.  But to give prisoners access to library materials, gym facilities and even television makes prison more like an extended stay at the Holiday Inn and not a deterrent to crime.

People like DMX who continually break the law, got to jail, serve their time and then come back out to pick up where they left off are an insult of the highest order to civilized society.  Rapists, murderers, drug dealers and other thugs are given the same comforts of home even though they are supposed to have been removed from society because of their actions.

Sheriff Joe is right on the money when he says, "Jail isn't supposed to be fun."  Jail should never be fun.  Thugs like DMX see jail much the same way a Boy Scout sees an Eagle Badge -- as something to which they should aspire.  Why?  Because these morons know that they'll have a better life in prison than they would on the outside.  What good is being in prison if it's the same as being a civilian?

It does not take a rocket scientist that the threat of jail is not a threat anymore.  When this reporter was a child, the idea of going to prison was scarier than meeting Satan himself.  Now, people go in and out of prison with such regularity that one has to wonder why there aren't revolving doors on the buildings?

Of course liberals will always BMW (bitch, moan, whine) about how the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment for crimes.  They claim that denying the comforts of home to prison inmates falls under that moniker.  These same people believe that if you grant prisoners access to the American educational system and give them an education that you have somehow "rehabilitated" the criminal and he will then be able to return to society and function in the capacity of an upstanding model citizen who no longer presents a burden but actually contributes to society.  Yeah, right, and this reporter has a bridge in Brooklyn he'd like to discuss with you.

It's a good thing that DMX is serving hard time in Arizona for being stupid.  Maybe Sheriff Joe's prison system will make DMX think twice about committing a crime in that jurisdiction again.  But this reporter is a realist.  It's not very likely that DMX will never commit a crime again, but it's very likely that he will never again do it in Maricopa County, Arizona.

If America would adopt Sheriff Joe's practices nationally, the crime rate would go way down.  You don't need more than a 3rd grade education to figure that out.

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