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Trailer Park Acquisition : Highway Robbery

by baynurse (writer), Novato, California, January 16, 2009

Terror in The Trailer Park

The City of San Pablo has bought the  Circle S Mobile Home park through Eminent Domain and has contracted a  relocation company called Paragon LTD. To manage the  relocation of it’s tenants. 
As of now, January 2009, Paragon has been  ruthless in it’s relocation assistance program in which very few tenants have received a fair relocation package.  We have been promised a fair and equitable price for their mobile homes and  replacement assistance  for a comparable living situation, as well as moving assistance and rental assistance for 3 years.    This has not been met by any means.

Several tenants, especially monolingual Hispanics, poor elderly, and persons with disabilities have not been fairly given compensation for their once affordable housing  in San Pablo.

Paragon has been removing trailers and mobile homes as soon as they became vacant, after several residents have been either evicted by police escort or  urged to move without proper assistance to move into other housing.

Tenants have been minimally prepared for what has been happening. We have been told very little of the plan and then urged at the last minute to leave or be removed, several people being moved in phases, others moved ahead of their phases, others prohibited to leave prior to their phase.

It has been a horrible way to lose one’s housing.  This has been a quiet and peaceful, neighborly community for some.  I personally have enjoyed my time here, and have done much healing and recovery, as well have been able to afford housing in this volatile housing market after having lost my  condominium to the economy downturn.

I am a medically retired Registered nurse. After 22 years of  serving the poor and incarcerated, mentally ill, and dying, I am no longer able to work as a nurse and have been medically retired and require a stress free environment. This place has been just that.  I have met the most wonderful and helpful neighbors who have been kind and gracious as well as entertaining  and inspiring.   These hard working families, retired veterans, bright and happy children, have all been a part of my recovery from a long term of high stress working  as a nurse, and I would hate to see them be meagerly compensated and thrown into even more stress as they are given even less of a chance to succeed and raise their children in  an already devastated economy who already has discriminated against them for their culture, and socio economic status.

Please stop paragon from continuing to destroy our cohesiveness and community with their acts of greed and self empowerment by disempowering us.
Personally, I have been offered 17 thousand for my trailer, half of which goes to an ex partner, and 1000 dollars for my moving costs.  With this, I can afford to live in my van, there is no justice.  My trailer has been vandalized when an explosive was thrown at it, my neighbors car burned, my other neighbors house was thrown rocks at  2am, my other neighbor’s son bicycle was stolen right in front of her as she called police who did not respond, nor did the police do any investigation of  the explosions in our neighborhood.

Things have gotten out of hand, empty trailer spaces are now home to car mechanics and chop shop type of squatters.  Garbage and left over moving debris is being left behind making our once decent neighborhood look like a landfill. 

Once again, greed has perpetuated the displacement of a simple living community and has caused the unnecessary stress and upheaval of good people.
The city of San Pablo has already given the money to Paragon to do their job of helping tenants relocate with ease.  Instead  Paragon has forced many tenants out and  I believe taken the allotment of money in their own greedy hands, about 70 thousand dollars per unit.  Get a lawyer? Most people in trailer parks could not afford one who couldn’t be bought out by Paragon for a nominal price.   Prime real estate  acquisition, another reason for ethnic cleansing.

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By Lady D on January 16, 2009 at 06:51 pm

I hope this story is in the San Pablo paper. And yes there are laws and many ears that will listen.We must not lrt the powers that be pick us off one by one.

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