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Obama Stimulus Plan Comes At A High Price

Where's all of this money going to come from???

Originally said to cost somewhere between $725 billion and $775 billion, aides to PEBO who are working on the proposal are beginning to see the cost being closer to $850 billion.

Included in the bill is $85-$90 billion to states who can't manage their own budgets and feel they are entitled to a government bailout.  Another $80 billion is intended to go to states for educational programs in the hopes of heading off cuts in school programs and increases in property tax bills.  After that comes #25 billion in subsidies to laid-off workers to cover health insurance, $35 billion for extended unemployment benefits and $20 billion increase in food stamp benefits.

Where is this money going to come from?  Especially if Obama is going to be cutting taxes for the middle class?  Does he really think that by cutting taxes on the middle class and increasing taxes on the rich is going to generate enough revenue to pay for all of this?

This conversation has been proposed before but this time it needs to be spelled out completely.  Hefting the financial responsibility for paying for all of these programs on the backs of the rich is going to have a major backlash.  Those who are rich are going to find more creative accountants who are going to help them hide more of their money from the IRS and then voila, there spigot will be turned down even further.  The flow of money into the government from the rich will dwindle to a trickle and the recession we are currently experiencing will be prolonged.

Why is it that Democrats and Liberals believe that squeezing the rich for more money is the way to accomplish anything?  Why do Democrats and Liberals believe that government has to be the answer to everything?  What is so wrong with letting the people take care of themselves?  Why is it necessary for the government to be the savior of everyone?

As much as this reporter believes in business as the foundation of the American Free Enterprise system, he also believes that the Free Market system should be allowed to decide who wins and who loses.  Economic Darwinism is Free Enterprise at its best.  Survival of the fittest is the mainstay of the Free Enterprise system.

So what if General Motors goes bankrupt?  The reason is that the UAW is a bunch of thumb-sucking crybabies who are too stupid to realize that they are part of the problem.  They are a corrupt labor union that needs to be broken.  Toyota USA and Honda's interests in America don't cater to the UAW and those employees aren't working in sweatshops.  They're making a living without being paid $75/hour to do a job that could be done by a trained monkey.

Furthermore, where is it, please, written in the Constitution that the government is supposed to provide cradle-to-grave entitlements to the people?  Don't bother looking.  This reporter has read the Constitution from beginning to end no less than five times and "it ain't there!"

It is not the job of the government to provide the people with ANYTHING except those things specifically spelled out in the Constitution.  In fact, the Bill of Rights does two things: it tells the Congress, in explicit language, what it CANNOT do and it reserves to the people any power not specifically given to the Congress.

Most socialists argue that the preamble is where this is found in the line, "promote the general welfare".  Sorry, cousin, that's not even close.  The general welfare referred to isn't government payments it is the well-being of the people.  The Constitution is designed to promote the general welfare by providing to the people the ability to think, act and do for themselves -- not sit on their lazy butts watching Doprah on TV and stuffing their faces with bon-bons while waiting for the next government check to show up.  The Constitution provides that the government will protect the people from external invasion by hostile forces who would do the nation harm.  That's it.  The government is not designed to protect us from ourselves by becoming Big Brother.

America was built on the principles of free enterprise, regardless of what lies will be propagated by the liberal left.  Additionally, socialism at ever level has been tried elsewhere throughout the world.  Every single time it has been tried, it has failed and failed miserably.  Socialism is the intermediate step between capitalism and communism.  It's no place America needs to go, but unless the people rise up and demand that their government stop trying to run their lives, America is on a collision course and once there, there is no coming back.

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4 comments on Obama Stimulus Plan Comes At A High Price

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By Lady D on January 16, 2009 at 07:20 pm

We have had more Big Brother in the last eight years than ever. But there really is no difference in the Rep. or Dems. There is a power behind the throne that wants a One World Gov't. To what end I am not sure, however from what I hve seen it is not a benevolent reason.

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By D. E. Carson on January 17, 2009 at 12:32 am

Lady D:

Answer this one question:  what civil rights have you personally had taken away from you by the government?

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By D. E. Carson on January 17, 2009 at 12:57 am

Well, I'm a average upper middle class hard working liberal,

THAT'S an oxymoron.

I have a balanced check book, almost no debts, save money and live below my means.

Congratulations.  You're a member of the minority.

all those ultra rich folks are using creative accountants they are currently hiding more of their money and paying less as a percentage of their income than me

Yes, but as I've pointed out to you repeatedly, even though they're hiding there money and paying a smaller percentage, they're usually paying more real dollars than you are.  You're just jealous that they have more than you.  It's a benefit of living in a capitalist society.  The harder (or smarter) you work, the more money you make.  Socialism, on the other hand includes the redistribution of wealth which has been proven repeatedly does not work.  If you want to live under socialism, may I suggest you head north.

And that would include taking care of those that need taking care off, from time to time.

It is not the responsibility of the government to take care of anybody -- never has been.  That responsibility belongs to the church.  It's the basic tenent of Christianity -- remember the "love one another" thing?  That wasn't a suggestion.  Unfortunately too many secular-progressive morons have pushed that function onto government because they don't believe in religion.

We also know that most of the recent bail out money, so far, has gone to businesses that can't seem to balance their own check books and not every day working families that have run into recent problems.

I agree with you here (shock of ages!) but the bailouts were the brainchild of Democrats.  I will also agree that there were some members of the Bush Administration who were more than just eager to get the bailout passed -- Hank Paulson being one of them, but let us not forget that the ground work for the current economic disaster was laid in 1977 when Jimmy Carter (King of the Modern Liberals) was president.  The Urban Recovery Act (passed through an all Democratic Congress) removed many of the regulations that were on the banking industry -- regulations that were placed on banks following the Great Depression.  Then last summer Barney Frank and Chris Dodd endorsed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as sound investment prospects when they knew FM/FM were dealing in bad paper.  Merrill Lynch and others were also dealing in bad paper all because the regulations regarding qualifying people to buy houses had been gone for 30 years.  By the time all of this came to light it was too late.  And now you want the government to bail out people who had no business getting a morgage in the first place?  And you want the government to bail out banks who traded in bad paper?  And you want to government to bail out corporations who can't manage their own business?

Yes I am very much a conservative, but I believe in the free market system.  If a business can't manage itself financially, it needs to go belly up not get bailed out by the government.  As for the people who lose jobs and income when that happens, well, I can't do much for them except say that they should swallow their pride and flip hamburgers at McDonald's until they find their new job.

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By D. E. Carson on December 21, 2009 at 06:06 pm


Two questions:

and your point would be?

How does this relate to the article?


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