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A Relaxing Journey Into 2009

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, January 07, 2009


Greg Poree provides retreat, refresh, and remarkable quintessence of musicality

The long and sometimes tumultuous crossing from 2008 to 2009 is finally over.

We are here...awaiting promise, peace, and healing for ourselves individually, nationally, and globally.

How was anyone to know a main ingredient to that would come in a CD packed with soulful and gorgeous selections by an intuitive Guitarist Greg Poree and his exquisite ensemble?

Greg's latest CD "Inventions" is a collection of imaginative pieces that call for reflecting, reminiscing, restoring, rousing, smiling and celebrating a new year, new beginning and his new CD.

Here's a sneak peak into the gifts presented with Greg Poree on Guitar, Bandoneon, Percussion, Patch Synthesizer, and Programming.

He was joined in his musical enterprise by the following musicians.

Karen Briggs, Paul Cartwright, and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on Violin

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Viola

Frances Livings on Vocals

Robert Kyle on Tenor Sax, Cabasa, Pandera

Zane Musa on Soprano and Alto Sax

Ryan Cross, Ken Wild on Double Bass

Derek Frank, Keith Jones on Fretless Bass

Trey Henry on Electric Bass

Carlos Dominguez on Electric Upright Bass

Patrice Rushen, Bryan Pezzone on Piano

Patrice Rushen on Electric Piano

John Nau on Keyboards

Mumyungo Jackson, Michito Sanchez on Cajon

Mumyungo Jackson on Pandera

David Leach on Bongo, Percussion, Conga, Clave, Triangle, Shaker

Quentin Denard on Drums

Nick Ariondo on Accordion

They have created art that is simply wonderful to experience over and over again.

"Fresh Air" and "Bach Minuet au Poree" are invigorating pieces featuring Paul Cartwright on violin in superb fashion with a hint of forbidden classical mixed into the groove.

"Traveler" and "Bring it on" includes the amazing Patrice Rushen on Piano with a bluesy and spirit-filled message in her lush solos and accompaniment.

Tunes for thought were "A Meianoche", "Fernando", “Its Time for Spring" and "Anti-Biotic" all exemplified sounds with flavors of indigenous and global fragrances and tastes.

The vocal savors of Frances Livings and magical intonation of each percussion, rhythm, and string musician - Michito, David, Nick, Robert, Derek, Carlos, Ken, Munjungo, Ryan, Keith, Trey, Miguel, was euphoric.

Horns, Tenor, Soprano, and Alto Sax, are not to be denied on many of these fabulous pieces. Zane and Robert are priceless in delivery.

Piano addicts are sure to get a rush from Patrice on piano and Electric Piano and Bryan on Piano.

The CD lays out each piece with splendid fervor accenting joy, contemplation and elation in a quiet and fiery way. The contrasts are beautiful and all unique., iTunes and, or Amoeba music, your local, grassroots music store. You will not be disappointed!

Keep groovin' in 2009!

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