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by TheFamilyInTheCar (writer), , February 16, 2009

A five-letter word that consumes the life of unsuspecting targets.


Worry is to feel or express great care and anxiety, to fret. To worry is to have something constantly on the mind and agonizing over it. It can give a sick feeling. It can also be expressed through speech and action. The mind is agitated and there are complaints, there is impatience and irritability. In other words, there is no peace.

Sometimes worry can consume hours, days even weeks out of your life. You try to throw it off, but it clings like static. It clings like a tick on an unsuspecting animal.

Then “What If” enters. When “What If” enters, peace leaves. You yearn for peace, but the “What Ifs” overpowers and takes control. It keeps a question on the mind. You’re constantly wondering, what if this, what if that. You want to stop worrying, but the mind seems to find comfort in it.

Has worry every visited so strongly that when the situation was resolved, you were angry for worrying about it? You worried for hours, days, weeks or even years. It consumed your time and energy. All wasted. You had sleepless nights. You suffered muscle tension, and stress you didn’t need; and all for what? It was for no reason at all. The situation came and went without incident. Your “What Ifs” never manifested and your fears never materialized.

You want to kick yourself for what worry put you through. You say within yourself, you’ll never do that again. But does it work?

Before you know it, there’s worry knocking at your door. It’s pleading to be let in again. It wants to be your buddy, your companion, your friend.

Worry takes up time, saps energy and replaces peaces. It leaves you with nothing in return. Nothing is gained. You are no better for it. You’re only left with less.


We can all do without a companion like that.

Cast it down and cast it out.


Brenda Farrar-Ejemai


Author of: The Family in the Car, A Revelation

ISBN 978-1-58909-485-7

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