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Let The Sun Shine, Toyota Declares

by Ed Attanasio (writer), San Frickin' Frisco, Baby!, January 02, 2009


Toyota is developing a vehicle that will run partially on solar energy. Where's the Big 3 when it comes to projects like these?

Toyota, who’s Prius is the most popular car on the hybrid market today, is upping the “clean and green” ante with a new vehicle in development that will run partially on the sun’s rays. They will also start the long-range development of a car that will run solely on solar. Both vehicles will take several years to design and build, but the sun will be around for awhile, so it’s a win-win.

Sales of the Prius are still huge, but not as high as they were last summer when gas prices spiked through the roof. Here in San Francisco where I live, pro-green residents gobbled up Priuses like jelly bellies or iPods. I saw a guy the other day trying to open the door of what he thought was his Prius, until he noticed that his (same color and year) was parked a few spots over. Consequently, a lot of Prius customization companies are cropping up all over the country -- so that owners can distinguish their Prius from all the others out on the road.

Toyota should be praised for announcing this new endeavor. If only the Big 3 would get on the solar bandwagon – with real projects rather than lip service. And people wonder why Japan is kicking our derrieres when it comes to selling cars!

I saw this yesterday in the Nikkei News:

TOKYO —Toyota Motor Corp. is secretly developing a vehicle that will be powered solely by solar energy in an effort to turn around its struggling business with a futuristic ecological car, a top business daily reported today.

The Nikkei newspaper, however, said it will be years before the planned vehicle will be available on the market. Toyota’s offices were closed today and officials were not immediately available for comment.

According to the Nikkei, Toyota is working on an electric vehicle that will get some of its power from solar cells equipped on the vehicle, and that can be recharged with electricity generated from solar panels on the roofs of homes. The automaker later hopes to develop a model totally powered by solar cells on the vehicle, the newspaper said without citing sources.

The solar car is part of efforts by Japan’s top automaker to grow during hard times, the Nikkei said.

In December, Toyota stunned the nation by announcing it will slip into its first operating loss in 70 years, as it gets battered by a global slump, especially in the key U.S. market. The surging yen has also hurt the earnings of Japanese automakers.

Still, Toyota is a leader in green technology and executives have stressed they won’t cut back on environmental research despite its troubles.

Toyota, the manufacturer of the Lexus luxury car and Camry sedan, has already begun using solar panels at its Tsutsumi plant in central Japan to produce some of its own electricity.

The solar panels on the roofs add up in size to the equivalent of 60 tennis courts and produce enough electricity to power 500 homes, according to Toyota. That reduces 740 tons a year of carbon dioxide emissions and is equal to using 1,500 barrels of crude oil.

Toyota is also likely to indirectly gain expertise in solar energy when its partner in developing and producing hybrid batteries, Panasonic Corp., takes over Japanese rival Sanyo Electric Co., a leader in solar energy, early next year.

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4 comments on Let The Sun Shine, Toyota Declares

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By D. E. Carson on January 02, 2009 at 11:15 pm

The answer to your question of where are the Big Three?  Suffocating under $75 per hour wages they have to pay to the trained monkeys that work on the assembly lines.  Is anybody aware that the Toyota plants in America pay $30 per hour and don't have to suffer the whiny thumb sucking Ugly Auto Wimps.

The Big Three should have been allowed to fall into Chapter 11 and then they could bust up that union and get their payroll costs back under control instead of having to contend with that bunch of stupid trained monkeys.

America made it to the moon in less than ten years and yet we can't build a descent hybrid car.  What a crock of crap!

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By Lucy Ong on January 11, 2009 at 05:59 pm

The author is quite correct about his use of “lip service” to describe the Big 3.  When it comes to a more efficient mode of transportation, the Big 3 just keep recycling their destruction of Tucker and his car death call.

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By Gizela88 on May 23, 2014 at 06:49 am

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