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Living It Up This Christmas Inspite The Faux Pas

by Chedvah (writer), Greater London-Harrow, December 22, 2008

Aaha!!! Christmas is here...

Uum so where do I begin…? Its Christmas in just a few days…and I am looking forward to Christmas this year…a first in a long time…I am not entirely over the moon but rather so eager for my Christmas presents this year.  After the last few months of frost bite from the credit crunch, coupled with shivering sessions of long days plodding on to make a dime in the winter cold and with the pre climax being getting rid of the one person who caused me more grief than happiness…I am actually ecstatic for every moment that draws nearer to Christmas…

So with all the morose bits out of the way…I can say that the Christmas cheer is now in the air…I began my Christmas shopping about three weeks back because I like to hunt for a bargain…and my hunt only stopped because I am saving it for  I always get an adrenaline high while shopping on Christmas eve, I am not sure if it’s the throngs of people that does it for me or the joyful face I get when I actually get that present that I have been hunting for the whole year and at a fair price.  The internet was my best friend last year whilst I was about Christmas shopping but this year it’s the high street, every retailer seems to have the mission of outdoing their competitors with brazen signs promising a better deal than all others.  So I am hitting Oxford Street from this evening to Christmas Eve, come rain or shine, winter or blizzard…my bank will only be the one to stop me.

The biggest downer so far for me has been the Christmas cake, like I said; I am going all the way this Christmas with all the trimmings.  I ordered for my Christmas cake two weeks ago, the price was hiked up because apparently the credit crunch and petrol and not even petrol the labour and the gas to actually make the cake are at an exorbitant price.  Clever me as I am, I volunteered to buy the ingredients and even deliver them at my cake maker’s place but I only got a £5 slash off the original price…With dignity I mustered my disappointment and settled for a slightly cheaper version of the Christmas cake.  Pickup was today so low and behold, my cake maker informs me that the cake is here but costing double the price.  Of course I am furious, everyone knows we are having Christmas cake but now I am left with the option of paying the full price or having half the cake…at this point I take a bow.  Will give my money to Tesco their cakes aren’t so bad….

Settling, settling, I am not one for settling especially for bulls£$t, I am actually hunting down the next best cake maker and I will get my cake by Christmas Eve.  Cakes aside, the dress has also been an area of contention, the quest for the dress has taken me to shops and websites that I didn’t know even existed until I finally found a dress I haven’t worn in my wardrobe because I was waiting for that right moment-voila!!  That too is sorted and now I guess it’s to fill you in on the goings on after Christmas.

Without totally trying to come off as carnal, of course it goes without saying (but I will say it), Christmas is a special day because we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Son of God, and I always think that cakes, dresses, presents, highs and a few mishaps in life cant surmount to this precious moment.  I hope that even as I bask in the magnificence of this day I remember why we even have this ‘do’ and I hope that so do you.

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