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Brothers, A Son, & Friends Tastefully Cooking At The Bakery

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, December 31, 2008


Ringing in Joy for the season

The Jazz Bakery, located on the edge of Culver City, CA. received a most welcome Christmas gift on a Los Angeles cold and frosty evening, December 20th. The Clayton Brothers Quintet presented one of the most prolific musical gifts of all time, as they prepared an intimate, innovative, intuitive, and awe-inspiring Jazz course.

The following astonishing musicians were the Jazz Chefs of the night.

Legendary and Elegant John Clayton - Bass

Distinguished Jeff Clayton - Saxophone

Unconventional Quincy Davis - Drums

Miraculous Gerald Clayton - Piano

Compelling Terrell Stafford - Trumpet

The first course of the evening was a scrumptious tine entitled, "Bass Face". John Clayton on Bass was tossing and serving creative and delightful bites for us all.

Gerald is complimenting his Dad while throwing in a few tasteful morsels off his own on piano.

This was followed up with a tune, "The Jones Brothers", written by Jeff Clayton. Lots of soul in the seasoning of this tune with Jeff working it on Sax.

A Nathaniel (Nat) Adderly piece, "Jive Samba" was performed with a an incredible energy and ecstasy. Gerald Clayton on Piano driving all to the brink of great joy. Quincy Davis on Drums was constant, caring, and completely in tune with every step each musician made, adding his own unique flavor to the wonderful buffet.

John Clayton captured our breathe, soul and hearts on Bass with Lionel Bart's beautiful yet haunting piece from the musical "Oliver!" "Where is love"? There are simply no words to describe the passion, poignant, and embracement that took the audience in the quintet's musical arms. "Where is love" was found in that moment of musical connection.

"Still More Work" was a Clayton brother and son piece with John taking some inspiration from Nat Adderly's great piece, "Work Song". "Still More Work" stood alone in complexity, beauty, sautéed, and baked in a spiritual, blues, Jazz heartfelt meal.

The rhythm section's joy was totally infectious and we abandoned ourselves wholly to the Jazz plaque that hit us.

Terrell Stafford on trumpet approached each piece beginning with sensitivity and warmth. This heat soon erupted into a blaze that was unable to be contained engulfed every soul in the Jazz bakery and the city!

"Jump in Blues" had everyone in the mix, soaked in Jazz.

One more word regarding Gerald on the hand if you can....and the glorious smile in immersed in the moment, music, sequence of every pulse around him and exuberating from him.

Oh Yes, it was real and yes I was in Paradise!!!

"Jive Samba" was performed with splendor and excellence....

Again, Watch!!! Gerald hands!!! On Piano!!! AHHH!!!

Spellbound on the Drum solo by Quincy Davis!!! OHHHH!!!

Mesmerized by the bass of John Clayton!!! Hmmm!!!!

Amazed with a trumpet of Terrell Stafford!!! YEOW!!!

Stirred by the Saxophone of Jeff Clayton!!! Mercy!!!

The gifts presented at the Jazz Bakery surpassed any jewel that could be given. The gifts were 5

resplendent and remarkable souls name d John Clayton, Jeff Clayton, Gerald Clayton, Quincy Davis,

and Terrell Stafford.

It was an unforgettable performance and one to have as a keepsake in our hearts and minds.

Thank you to the Clayton brothers Quintet in sharing good gifts given to you from above with a thankful and ardent audience of Jazz aficionadas and aficionados.

A Joyous Christmas to all and a healthy and innovative 2009.

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