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Resonating Reflections Of The Season

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, December 17, 2008


Don't let it slip away...

Listen to the sound of the espresso machine, savor the festive decor, enjoy holiday treats, share a hug, holiday drink and much more.

Look!!! Santa's hat, just whisked by the door, a homeless man asks you to dig in the pocket. And give just a bit more.

Live Christmas Carols are played for free, a child all of 3 makes a request for St. Nicholas' best and with less than 2 weeks to go, we may have snow. Who knows? Don't let it go without some memorable resonating reflections that take you into the New Year of 2009.

The "holiday season" should be a spark in the fire that burns all year with passion, goodwill, love, creativity, sensitivity, embracing consciousness and giving. Whatever you do, don't let it slip by like precious time in crowded mall, an hour in a traffic jam, hurried walk through a park, or a shooting star. Take time for those special moments, words, sounds, a touch, a song, a prayer, always aware of the resonating reflections that flow on from January until next year's mistletoe.

Spending time with family, friends, and giving to those around you in a creative way that shares love, faith, goodwill, brings a smile to weary soul, meets the need of a starving heart, touching a lonely spirit, all fulfill the greatest meaning of the season that continues on through the new year.

A joyous, reflective, healthy, fulfilling, and giving of yourself season is my hope and prayer for you and yours.

A Happy and Successful 2009!

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By Kim on December 18, 2008 at 01:53 pm

Thanks, Craig. Just sharing some thoughts and wishing to spread good cheer:)

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By Bonnie Wilson on January 22, 2009 at 06:56 pm

A wise and compassionate story.

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