Monday, December 17, 2018 Gives L.A. a Come Hither

by Charla Howard (writer), long beach, December 02, 2006

Niche-Market Site Appeals to Individualistic Southern California-Style Singles Who Wouldn't Visit Just Any Bar to Find Their Soul Mate

This holiday season, locals can celebrate the launch of ',' a dating site designed to emulate the real-life, organic process of falling in love.

FlirtySomething offers visitors an Icebreaker Lounge in which personalities on subjects ranging from surfing to politics host online discussions. These discussions make FlirtySomething a compelling place to meet others with similar interests, much as individuals discover each other offline. FlirtySomething was designed for Southern California-style individuals who want their virtual world to be as active as their geographic one.

While FlirtySomething is dedicated to providing singles with the benefits of an online dating environment, the site also provides visitors with a way to laugh about dates-gone-wrong through "nightmare date tales" drawn from member-contributed content

FlirtySomething offers an online dating experience that's more than a search-and-find mission. The site gives its members a place to get together, relax, catch up and meet those with similar interests at the end of the day. It's 'Cheers' online. Or think: FlirtySomething is to what Trader Joe's is to Albertsons.

"I sought a site that reflected the dynamic personality of Southern Californians," says Charla Howard, FlirtySomething founder and CEO. "We're not passive and we certainly run much deeper than a check list."

Given Southern California's jammed freeways, Howard provides daters with an online alternative to long commutes to reach a date, as well as other innovative site elements that encourage honesty in member profiles, including community feedback on profile reliability.

In addition to its unique elements, FlirtySomething arrives with many traditional online-dating features.

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